Dalton Rooms

Dalton Rooms
14 Dalton Square, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 1PL
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1. not impressed12 Sep 2010, 11:50am Report

on saturday evening after a fantastic meal in the sun cafe myself and my wife decided to visit the dalton rooms .
the place is not much different from the former walkabout apart from a lick of paint and a few comfy chairs , we were under the impression it was aiming at a more mature clientell but unfortunately the place was full of the younger drinkers !
our nite was enjoyable untill my wife who unfortunatelly smokes went outside for a smoke and was rudely asked to move away by one of the doormen , we were not impressed with the place or the attitude of the doormen and we shall not be visiting the place again ,
if you are middle age with hard earned spare cash in youre pocket go spend it in the borough across the road it is a much nicer place with out the need for doormen outside ,perhaps the dalton rooms could learn a few tips from them !

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