Tia Maria

Tia Maria
126 South Lambeth Road, London, SW8 1RB
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Brazilian Jazz Nights Presents - Alex Rossi Invites Ramiro Nocelli (brazil/spain)

BRAZILIAN JAZZ NIGHTS PRESENTS - ALEX ROSSI INVITES RAMIRO NOCELLI After an illustrious career as a pioneer of the SouthAmerican blues circuit, Alex Rossi,  a Brazilian harmonicamaster throws his hat into the international Jazz ring with the effortless virtuosity of the seasoned artist that he is.Rossihas performed and…

Wed 19 Dec

£11.37 / 020 7622 3602

Brazilian Jazz Nights Presents - Benji Kaplan & Rita Figueiredo Ft.jansen Santana (brazil/usa)

BRAZILIAN JAZZ NIGHTS PRESENTS - RITA FIGUEIREDO & BENJI KAPLAM FEAT. JANSEN SANTANA Partners in life and in music, they are also partners in songwriting, with Benji’s outstanding compositions blending perfectly with Rita’s compelling and visually expressive lyrics. Likewise, Benji’s virtuosic guitar fuses…

Wed 5 Dec

£11.37 / 020 7622 3602

Brazilian Jazz Nights Presents - Brasil Oceano (france/brazil)

Brazilian Jazz Nights presents - Brasil Oceano  Cléa Thomasset, Vitor Celestino in 2015 she joined Club de Choro UK (founded by Gaio de Lima) as a project manager, then in 2016 created her own structure TransversArte, to promote Brazilian and French music, organizing and teaching the London Choro workshops in…

Wed 31 Oct

£11.37 / 020 7622 3602

Brazilian Jazz Nights Presents - Female Voices of Brazil (cyprus/brazil/france)

BRAZILIAN JAZZ NIGHTS PRESENTS: THE FEMALE VOICES OF BRAZIL (CYRPUS/BRAZIL) A music event celebrating some of the most influential Brazilian female singers, such as Elis Regina, Elizete Cardoso, Dalva de Oliveira, Alaide Costa, Joyce and Clara Nunes. A musical journey from the ‘Radio Era’ of the 1930s to the birth…

Wed 24 Oct

£11.37 / 020 7622 3602

Brazilian Jazz Nights Presents: Mario Bakuna & Giuliano Pereira Play JoÃo Gilberto & Stan Getz (brazil)

BRAZILIAN JAZZ NIGHTS PRESENTS: MARIO BAKUNA & GIULIANO PEREIRA PLAY JOÃO GILBERTO it also became the first non-American album to win one for Album of the Year, in 1965. Mario Bakuna ★★★★ is a London-based Brazilian composer, singer and guitar player, with over fiftteen years of professional experience. He is a…

Wed 28 Nov

£11.37 / 020 7622 3602

Brazilian Jazz Nights Presents - RogÉrio Botter Maio & Sam Watts Plays RogÉrio Botter Maio Songs (brazil/england)

BRAZILIAN JAZZ NIGHTS PRESENTS - ROGÉRIO BOTTER MAIO & SAM WATTS PLAYS ROGÉRIO BOTTER MAIO SONGS Musical work is based on a variety of Brazilian rhythms comprising jazz elements, South American flavors and music from other parts of the world. The duo marks the recent encounter and new collaboration with the…

Wed 12 Dec

£11.37 / 020 7622 3602

Brazilian Jazz Nights Presents - Roman Gomez & Andria Antoniou (cyprus/argentine)

BRAZILIAN JAZZ NIGHTS PRESENTS: Roman Gomez & Andria Antoniou The Roman Gomez & Andria Antoniou duet is a fresh collaboration between the Argentinian multi-instrumentalist and composer, Roman Gomez, and the Cypriot jazz vocalist, Andria Antoniou. After their first productive collaboration in Athens where they…

Wed 14 Nov

£11.37 / 020 7622 3602

Brazilian Jazz Nights Presents - Samba Azul (usa)

BRAZILIAN JAZZ NIGHTS PRESENTS - SAMBA AZUL Samba Azul is a rhythm-centric, Brazilian-inspired jazz outfit that brings the spirit of Brazil to the heart of London American drummer and bandleader Adam Osmianski formed Samba Azul in 2012 while on tour in Malaysia with singer/pianist Joy Ellis.  In 2013 the pair moved…

Wed 7 Nov

£11.37 / 020 7622 3602

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