The Astoria

The Astoria
37–39 Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 2RY
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7. Marion Matchett13 May 2017, 10:27pm Report

Appalling venue. My daughter was feeling sick, manhandled out of the toilet and thrown into the streets without her phone or any means to contact her friends in the club. I am writing to the licensing authorities to complain about the disgraceful treatment she received. She was humiliated, shocked and incredibly tearful through absolutely no fault of her own. Have subsequently discovered this is not uncommon. How can this place still be open?

6. Leeann hutchison4 May 2016, 8:14pm Report

I am putting this on here to warn Portsmouth people the best thing to do with this venue is avoid it like the plague the bouncers at library bar and astoria are complete bullys and I am half tempted to go to the paper about them I went into that venue last year to drink on my own as sad as this is I needed to get out the house as my step dad had just died my mum was in pieces and things at home for me was really rough I bought a bottle of wine sat in the corner on my own when the bully bouncer grabbed hold of me hurt my arm pulled me towards the other male bouncer pushed me into him laughed and said my mate wants to tell you something I said no your OK thanks went to walk back in they refused to let me back in left me crying on the door after sufficiently humiliating me in public and when I went down there the next day and asked the bouncer why this had happened was given an apology and said sorry to so I went back to the venue with one of my girlie friends the head door who said he owned the venue stopped me at the door said I couldn't go in said I was a trouble maker embarrassed me in front of my friends made up a story about me wearing a green skirt said I was abusive and swore at him which is a complete lie so his bouncer friends be get away with bullying I don't even own a green skirt been a victim of abuse because he didn't like somebody coming into the venue alone when I asked to see the C. C. T. V of this alleged swearing I had surposively done was told he didn't have it those bouncers like to Bully lone girls and the trauma I've been put through is disgusting last night I tried to go into astoria the club that's linked to there and they refused me entry I think people have the right to know what sort of men run these clubs.

5. Richard Simmons21 Jan 2015, 4:39pm1 star The Astoria Report

I was looking forward to a great night out and all started ok (despite the queing of course!).
Upon entering, the 'club' smelled awful and had a bad vibe - probably due to the many drug users and the cheap drinks offers on a Tuesday night.

I was dancing alone (as my friends had gone to the bar) towards the end of the night - when, what must go down as mistaken identity - three (yes three!) bouncers grabbed me from behind, threw me to the floor and then forced me down the stairs and out the exit doors (face first). They had held my arms up past my head from behind (chicken-winged) and if i had resisted (which i didn't) then I would have snapped my shoulders.

I have of course made an official police complaint for assault which is now pending investigation and relies on the cctv evidence backing my claim of innocence.

An awful experience and one I fear is all too common. AVOID.
Visited January 2015

4. kane n30 Dec 2014, 12:11am1 star The Astoria Report

Visited this club twice now and both times have been terrible first off the club it self is hot it smells of urine and sweat and the floors are sticky and this is down to the fact that when the toilets get so full some people decide to use the corners of the club to urinate I have seen this my self.

Everywhere you go in this club you will see either a drug deal taking place in a corner or you will see someone sniffing some kind of filthy drug I hear this club is for the drug scene and I can see why I made a complaint to one of the door staff whilst in the club and was told it's being taken care of however I noticed it still continued and the bouncer was sat with two of the drug dealers the same night after the club closed in a kebab house.

The music it self is not to bad if you like bad house music that's repetative and gives you a stomping headache.

Overall I feel the club is dangerous, filthy, smelly and is full or drug users and seedy door staff.

Would recommend you stay very clear of The Astoria and not visit even if you are curious!

3. SilenceCardiff .3 Jul 2014, 11:46am1 star The Astoria Report

Bought a £120 bottle of vodka which was taken off me still half full by a bouncer who then kicked me out for no reason. Was denied access to speak to the manager, and was told to 'f**k off' when inquired to make a complaint. They do not care for there customers

2. Raquel Burchell31 Oct 2013, 10:12pm5 stars The Astoria Report

Bring On Saturday Cant Wait!!

1. hayley1 Oct 2013, 2:32pm Report

How do I get tickets or VIP for a group for mates 32 rd birthday

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