Paul Dodman

Paul Dodman
200 High Street, Newburgh, Fife, KY14 6DZ
  • Telephone 01337 840606
  • Opening times By appointment
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Photo of Paul Dodman

Creator of hand-painted silk scarves, sold by appointment.

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Inspired in his youth by Titian and Cezanne, and now by the landscapes of North Fife and of France, Newburgh’s Paul Dodman creates unique silk scarves which have been imported from China and painted by hand. He uses different silk-painting techniques from around the world, such as gutta, wet-in-wet, batik and shibori to create delicate and colourful pieces, sometimes with metallic detail. Describing what he does a ‘hobby job’, Dodman sells at North Fife Open Studios and to by-appointment customers, or he will also deliver if a customer knows what they require.

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