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Peterborough Museum And Art Gallery
Priestgate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE1 1LF
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Disease, Doom And Death: The Ills Of The Tudor Age

A talk by Sue Okubadejo. Find out about some of the unpleasant diseases that plagued Tudor people. Discover how the attitudes of the time affected the way people viewed illnesses and the ill - and the extreme and sometimes bizarre lengths they'd go to, to achieve a cure! Early booking is advised as there is limited…

Forgotten Funeral: Peterborough & Mary Queen of Scots

A talk by Stuart Orme We commemorate annually the burial of Katharine of Aragon in Peterborough, but often forget that she was not the only Queen buried here in the Tudor period. But what were the circumstances of Mary's death? Why was she buried here, only to be later exhumed and moved to London? This illustrated talk…

Henry VIII: The Quest For An Heir

A talk by Dr Peter Jones. Producing an heir obsessed all the Tudor monarchs, for the future of a fragile dynasty was at stake. In the case of Henry VIII we usually focus on the pregnancy history of his wives, but not on Henry's own issues with fertility. This lecture will look at his anxieties, and the resources-medical…

The Queen's Champions: Katharine Of Aragon And Her Ambassadors Lauren Mackay

Perceptions of Henry's first queen are often influenced by his Great Matter, but Katharine of Aragon's relationships with her ambassadors, recorded in their numerous reports, reveal the true Katharine - her wit, vulnerability, and passionate nature. This talk will explore the Tudor queen through the eyes of these…

The Temptation Of Elizabeth Tudor

A talk by Elizabeth Norton. It is late 1547 and Henry VIII is dead. His 14-year-old daughter Elizabeth is living with the old king's widow Catherine Parr and her new husband, Thomas Seymour. Ambitious, charming and dangerous, Seymour begins an overt flirtation with Elizabeth and is eventually arrested for treason. The…

Tudor & Stuart Peterborough Talk

A talk by Don Chiswell. The reign of the Tudors and Stuarts marks one of the most turbulent times in our city's history, with the closing of the Abbey and the English Civil War. Discover how we faired during these years - plus hear Peterborough's connections to royalty! Early booking is advised as there is limited…

Tudor & Stuart Peterborough Walk

Discover the fascinating, dramatic and often gory stories from one of the best-known and most turbulent periods in our history! Accompany your costumed guide around the streets to discover the often hidden buildings that still survive from this period, hear stories of the Queens buried in the Cathedral, and grimace at the…

Sun 19 Feb

£5 (Children £3) / 01733 864663

Sun 19 Mar

£5 (Children £3) / 01733 864663

Tudor Peterborough Walk

Starting at Peterborough Museum. Explore Peterborough's historic city centre with a costumed guide and find out what the city was like during the time of Katharine of Aragon. The tour then enters Peterborough Cathedral where you will hear about the funeral of Katharine of Aragon and other stories from its Tudor history.

Sun 29 Jan

£6 (Children £4) / 01733 864663

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