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Book Of Dust Reading Group

One month on from the launch of the biggest book of the year, we gather to discuss the new book in this very special book group. ***The Book of Dust Volume One: La Belle Sauvage*** is the first in a new trilogy which returns us to Lyra's world and the first novel in the His Dark Materials universe for 17 years. There…

Mon 20 Nov

Free / 0115 947 0069

Commercial Writing With Caroline Bell Foster

You will learn how to develop your writing muscles in this fun, interactive six-week course, with exercises and advice throughout. We will explore all those elements that will make your novel commercially attractive for publishers and agents, from character development and settings to dialogue usages, and how to make…

Mon 29 Jan 2018

£120 / 0115 947 0069

Cromwell At War

Oliver Cromwell is one of the most important and divisive political leaders of early modern history, he was also a military leader with a number of battlefield victories to his name. Here, Professor Martyn Bennett presents the first authoritative military biography of Cromwell the General. ***Cromwell at War** *covers…

Wed 22 Nov

Free / 0115 947 0069

Ebooks & Beyond With Pippa Hennessy & Niki Valentine

Self-publishing is easy these days, - it seems everyone's doing it. It's one of the quickest ways of getting your writing to market. But it comes with it's own problems that the writer has to navigate. Pippa Hennessy will teach you the basics of publishing your writing as an eBook while Niki Valentine will show you how…

Sat 27 Jan 2018

£70 / 0115 947 0069

Editing With Victoria Villasenor

Every writer has unique issues they have to weed out of their manuscripts. Point-of-view problems, character conflation, even the dreaded adverb problems. This course will help you identify the potential issues in your manuscript so you can make your story come to life. This course is suitable for those who already…

Sat 17 Mar 2018

£140 / 0115 947 0069

Novel Techniques, Developing & Sustaining

Once you've started your novel keeping the idea going can be an uphill struggle. Writing a novel can take a long time and it's often difficult to keep motivated and stay with a story once the initial burst of creativity subsides. This short course will help you deepend your characters while building tension and drama.

Thu 18 Jan 2018

£160 / 0115 947 0069

Short Stories, - Writing On With Megan Taylor

This course will offer further exercised and prompts to provide inspiration to help you fine-tune your craft. There will be advice and techniques to help you write brand new short stories as well as revising and submitting your drafts. Suitable as a follow-on to our previous course on short story writing but also for…

Sat 3 Feb 2018

£120 / 0115 947 0069

Small Acts Of Kindness

Making the world a better place, one small act of kindness, at a time. Open submissions from Nottingham Peacebuilders have been edited and compiled into this fabulous new book, launching at Waterstones Nottingham, join us for drinks, music and an evening of readings. Special guest speakers at this event include…

Sat 25 Nov

Free / 0115 947 0069

Voice: A Book Launch

Written by a collective brought together by Age Concern Carlton and District, the group soon realised that their anthology of stories and prose deserved a wider audience. After a hugely successful theatre production, based on this work, at New College Nottingham in 2015 the group decided to publish these stories in a…

Fri 24 Nov

Free / 0115 947 0069

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