The Scotsman Steps

The Scotsman Steps

Before they're anything else, the Scotsman Steps have been a handy shortcut from the north edge of the Old Town to the southern perimeter of the New Town, running as they do from the side of the Scotsman Hotel on North Bridge down to the south entrance of Waverley Station. By 2009 they had fallen into serious disrepair, but the Fruitmarket Gallery (with the support of generous private donors and some public money) commissioned artist Martin Creed to find a way of renewing them, and Creed's simple and elegant solution was to replace each of the 104 steps with a different piece of marble from 26 countries around the world with Italy providing 45 different types.

Nine other countries, not represented with a step or two, also have marble including Britain, Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico, Oman, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United States of America.

The result – for all that it usually smells of either wee or disinfectant – is a genuinely beautiful and useful piece of public art.

Step Marble Country
0 Black Forest Gold Pakistan
1 Bianco Gioia Italy
2 Pierre Bleu Belgium
3 Picasso Green Light India
4 Fior de Pesco Carnico Italy
5 Rosso Alicante Spain
6 Arabescato Cararra Italy
7 Pietra del Cordoso Italy
8 Crema Valencia Spain
9 Lipica Unito Slovenia
10 Calacatta Oro Vagli Italy
11 Rosso Verona Italy
12 Verde Jasmine India
13 Giallo Siena Italy
14 Brown Fossil Morocco
15 Brecia Sarda Italy
16 Nero Belgio Belgium
17 Rosa Norvegia Norway
18 Grafite Iran
19 Giallo D'Oriente Turkey
20 Grigio Tao Tunisia
21 Rosso Daniel Spain
22 Fior di Pesco Fantastico Italy
23 Giallo Reale Rosata Italy
24 Arabescato Rosso Orobico Italy
25 Botticino Classico Italy
26 Fossil Green Turkey
27 Arancio di Selva Italy
28 Caramel Brazil
29 Breccia Aurora Italy
30 Nero Portoro Italy
31 Verde Giada China
32 Rosa Flavia Egypt
33 Crema Imperiale France
34 Breccia Paradiso Italy
35 Bardiglio Fiorito Italy
36 Rosa Tea Turkey
37 Emperador Dark Spain
38 Azul Bahia Brazil
39 Pinta Verde Brazil
40 Nero Lakis Greece
41 Giallo Silvia Oro Medio Egypt
42 Calacatta Vagli Italy
43 Irish Green Ireland
44 Giallo Provenza Morocco
45 Bianco Laser Afghanistan
46 Grey Saint Laurent Italy
47 Rosa Jasmine India
48 Chocolate China
49 Bianco Sivec Macedonia
50 Pietra Ducale Italy
51 Arabescato Grigio Orobico Italy
52 Rosa Corallo Italy
53 Fantasy Gold India
54 Brecia Venezia Italy
55 Lapislazuli Bolivia
56 Playa Stone Croatia
57 Ebano Tunisia
58 Botticino Fiorito Dark Italy
59 Verde Lemon Greece
60 Nero Michaelangelo Pakistan
61 Rosa Peralba Italy
62 Pietra Orsera Italy
63 Breccia Damacata Italy
64 Verde Rolex Greece
65 Picasso Gold India
66 Grigio Carnico Italy
67 Terrasanta Italy
68 Roso Francia France
69 Rosa Portogalo Dark Portugal
70 Picasso Brown India
71 Violita Italy
72 Veselye Unito Croatia
73 Bardiglio Nuvolato Italy
74 Rosa Sabrina Iran
75 Midas Gold Turkey
76 Rosso Amaranto Darl Italy
77 Repen Italy
78 Verde Italia Italy
79 Azul Cielo Argentina
80 Giallo Daniel Guatamala
81 Paonazzo Italy
82 Lipica Fiorito Slovenia
83 Rosso Lepanto Turkey
84 Trani Italy
85 Piasentina Italy
86 Bianco Namibia Namibia
87 Nero Marquinia Spain
88 Sunset Gold Lebanon
89 Verde Gressoney Italy
90 Breccia Capraia Italy
91 Verde Aquamarine India
92 Rosso Levanto Italy
93 Giallo Reale Giallo Italy
94 Rosso Inferno Italy
95 Fior di Crema Bosnia Herzegovina
96 Picasso Green Dark India
97 Giallo d'Istria Croatia
98 Grigio Antracite Italy
99 Verde Pavone Iran
100 Rosso Asiago Italy
101 Bianco Carrara C Italy
102 Verde Guatamala India
103 Silivia Oro Egypt
104 Azul Macaubas Brazil

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