National Trust: Florence Court

National Trust: Florence Court
Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, BT92 1DB
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1. Rachael8916 Jul 2012, 8:20pm Report

i was out for a walk today at florence court and went around the yellow trail and instead of ending up back at the car park we ended up on the road a mile away from cladaglen. I think it is a discrase that after the logers have been up and knocked down the signs and moved signs that they havn't yet been fixed, we didn't know where we had ended up and had to ask at a house where we were. the man we spoke to said that about once a week he gets people knocking the door lost because the signs are wrong. and the scale on the map at the end of the road we came out from said we were 15kms away from florence court house when it was only 5min drive away, so that as well the scale was wrong. i think this should be sorted out ASAP so other people don't get lost, we walkd for about 3 1/2hrs before we came to a map were the trail ended.
the man we asked for directions said that a few weeks ago he had a man and 3 children aged between 4 and 9yrs that had been walkin for about 6hrs before he came to the same house we came too. he thought the walk was going to take a couple of hours, they ran out of water and the children were starving and tierd.
This should be sorted out! It shouldn't take much to make sure the signs are right for the forest trails, it should be in the interest of the trust to make sure the public are safe..
It puts me off going again or even mentioning it as a nice place to walk to other people now that this has happened.

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