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Temple Pier, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2R 2PN
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8. Naomi Nc8 Jun 2015, 6:48pm5 stars Bar and Co Report

Hired for private party, Peter and other staff were exceptionally accommodating and I appreciate that very much. Everything was lovely the help from staff was great!!!
A surprise 30th birthday party he had a lovely evening to which went sooo well and could not have been done without your help tonight. Thank you once again to everyone at Bar and Co. Naomi

7. Freddy28 Nov 2012, 5:34pm5 stars Bar and Co Report

I don't usually write reviews but couldn't be helped after reading some comments here..
I don't know anything about groupon or even if they do tapas but I went there last week to my mates 30th bday and had an amazing time!!! def. recommended, not many places in London will be a boat on the river Thames open till 3am with BANGING sound system, great views, music, cheap drinks etc!!
I wouldn't mind having my own bday party myself next year!

6. Scb7 Oct 2012, 5:44pm1 star Bar and Co Report

Worst place I have ever been to! My boyfriend and I also got the Groupon Voucher, after a friend of ours could not make it and even though we did not pay a lot, it was the worst 22 Pounds I have ever spent in my life. The food was absolutely disgusting. Out of the 6 tapas dishes we got, the only thing we finished was the bread. When the waitress asked whether the food was ok and we said it wasn't she completely ignored our response and walked off saying "Great, everything is alright". Do not go there!

5. Jordi21 Sep 2012, 3:56pm5 stars Bar and Co Report

I go to Bar&Co all the time and I can tell you there isn't a place similar and closer to a spanish bar than this one. I am a regular to watch the spanish football (on spanish digital box with spanish commentators!) and to the spanish parties last friday of every month. And also it is in a boat and can't be any better located! Not sure what people complain about. Food is like my mother's and not like in one of them big chains (Rueda, Barcelona, etc..) and the staff and kitchen girls are all spanish, everyone really friendly. If you expect sophisticated tapas, this may not be the place and you'll have to pay £100 per head at Fino or Barracuda. But for best value for food and drinks 'el barco' is your place

4. H19L8417 Sep 2012, 5:52pm1 star Bar and Co Report

I utterly and completely agree with the reviews provided by IanPatrick & BOGO2010. My boyfriend and I purchased a Groupon voucher (£20 for a bottle of red + 6 Tapas) along with our friends (also a couple) to enjoy after a long hard week at work... (Well that is what we had hoped for...!)

When we arrived at the boat it was deserted (never a good sign!) so we went downstairs in anticipation of a nice glass of red and some tasty Spanish food

The waitress we had was lovely we were greeted with a smile and her service was both efficient and courteous.

HOWEVER - the food was simply revolting. We received one dish that we could barely decipher beyond;something swimming in something. We all tucked into the bread (which doesnt go far between 4) before giving up and leaving for the top deck in search of some fresh air..

The wine was unpleasant at best - we had a glass each from the first bottle, leaving the second bottle entirely unopened. Suddenly it struck us all - "why the hell are we still here!" - and so we made a run for it.

Under no circumstances would any of us EVER recommend Bar & Co - if you are in search of good Tapas you MUST go to Barcelona Tapas -

3. Brenda O'S9 Aug 2012, 12:09pm4 stars Bar and Co Report

I couldn't disagree more with the previous comments. We went to Bar & Co on Tuesday night, and it's the best tapas I've tasted since I was in Madrid in March. Service was excellent, it's a lovely setting and, compared to some other chain tapas places, was wonderful value for money. We chose 9 dishes for three of us, with a bottle of wine. Plenty of food to go around (also not the norm). Would strongly recommend to anyone who wants a nice meal in a lovely setting

2. IanPatrick5 Jul 2012, 9:51pm1 star Bar and Co Report

WOW. No seriously WOW! It's just a tad bit ashame that the term 'wow' here, is not in a positive way. I mean 'wow' in a negative way. In a 'wow, seriously?' kind of way. Okay okay, you get the jist.

My experience at Bar & Co was was successfully a terrible one. The waitress was lovely. But it was the glint in her eye that screamed 'owh you or customer, paying expensive London prices for the Iceland food we bought over lunch'. I saw it, and I felt it. It's not her fault, she expressed emotions of truth through her Latino eyes.

Regarding the food, I'd rather not talk about it. Ham and Cheese croquettes? Vomit is a roll of batter more like. The only thing my girlfriend and I enjoyed was the potatoes, and they nearly got them wrong - even though that's next to impossible.

In short, or, I guess after this miniature essay, in long, I'd just warm every human being away from here. Bar & Co tarnishes its unestanlished reputation by being something its not. Instead of claiming to be a Tapas restaurant / bar on the Thames, why not just be an edgy cool vessel bar, floating dreamily whilst people laugh joyously to the sound of their own voices and go home safe knowing that they're not at risk of accidental Tapas food poisonging?

I agree with BOGO2010, don't waste your time here or the fun you could've had elsewhere!

1. BOGO201015 Dec 2010, 9:43am1 star Bar and Co Report


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