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Baba's Song

Armed with a token of love from herdying mother, Vasilisa is on a journey into darkness to discover her own flaming strength. Devised using song and physical theatre, Babas Song is the story of one womans journey into new motherhood. Exploring some of the less talked about themes of becoming a mother, we follow Vasilisa…

Thu 4 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225


Dean joined the army, Danny joined the Islamic State. Bismillah! is their time together as captive and guard.Set in a basement in Northern Iraq, and described as bold and thought-provoking by Mark Lawson in the Guardian, Bismillah! uses humour and compassion to approach an incredibly vital discussion around the…

Wed 10 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225

Thu 11 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225

A Commotion In The Ocean

Its Christmas Eve but Demeter (Goddess of Harvest Agriculture) is having a bad day. All she wants for Christmas is some peace and quiet, but there is too much noise, distraction and plastic!Her good friend Poseidon (God of the Sea, Earthquakes and Horses) means well, but he isnt helping. To distract Poseidon, Demeter…

Sat 8 Dec

£8 / 01275 400 225

Sun 9 Dec

£8 / 01275 400 225


(F.E.A.R.) is a one-man show about constructed fear that asks directly if the world wants us to feel safe. (F.E.A.R.) is a brave, revealing and at times hilarious one-man tour of early childhood memories to midlife identity crisis delivered directly to the audience in a revealing and intimate manner.A clear and ever more…

Thu 8 Nov

£12 / 01275 400 225

Frankie Vah - Luke Wright

We all want something to believe in. Its 1987 and Frankie Vah gorges on love, radical politics, and skuzzy indie stardom. But can he keep it all down?Following the multi-award-winning "What I Learned From Johnny Bevan", Luke Wrights second verse play deals with love, loss, and belief, against a backdrop of grimy indie…

Fri 21 Sep

£12 / 01275 400 225

Giants Of Science

Howard Coggins knows nothing about Science. Stu Mcloughlin knows even less.Nevertheless, they have agreed to give a lecture on the subject, and after enlisting the help of the smartest scientific sages of the ages, thats just what they aim to do.But even with the likes of Albert Einstein, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Charles…

Mon 24 Sep

£12 / 01275 400 225

Tue 25 Sep

£12 / 01275 400 225

Wed 26 Sep

£12 / 01275 400 225

…and 3 more dates until 29 Sep


Jack fell down. Broke his crown. And Jill went tumbling after.Meanwhile, Kinkens, our host, ponders un- answerables from the radio station of Jill's mind. Wherein our story unfolds. (Kinkens: Old Scots for evasive answers to questions of overly curious children).A compelling and complex caper that explores the absurdity…

Sat 22 Sep

£12 / 01275 400 225

Lily And The Albatross

Far out in the wild and remote ocean, there lives a small family on an old fishing boat.While the whims of the water control the daily routines of their little community,Lily has a different perspective and finds herself gazing into the sky where birds swim weightlessly above her head before stealing the precious fish…

Sun 7 Oct

£8 / 01275 400 225

The Little Match Girl

A family show for Christmas inspired by Hans Christian Andersens traditional tale.London. Christmas Eve. The snow is falling. A little girl struggles fiercely through the cold. We follow her throughout the day as she encounters the funny and zany characters of the vibrant city streets.In an attempt to stay warm she…

Sat 22 Dec

£8 / 01275 400 225

Sun 23 Dec

£8 / 01275 400 225

Morning Kashif Album Launch

Stu Mcloughlin has made an album. Thats right, the tall one off of Living Spit. Hes made an actual album. Of actual music. That he wrote himself. And hell be launching it, the night before its general release, by performing a very exclusive, intimate solo gig here at the Theatre Shop.And best of all its totally FREE (in a…

Wed 3 Oct

Free / 01275 400 225

Murder She Didn't Write

Move over, Sherlock!You become Agatha Christie in this improvised comedy as each nightan original murder mystery play is created based entirely on audience suggestions with a festive flavour. So take up your magnifying glasses and don your deerstalkers for a never- seen-before (and never-to-be-seen- again) evening of…

Thu 13 Dec

£12 / 01275 400 225

Fri 14 Dec

£12 / 01275 400 225

Sat 15 Dec

£12 / 01275 400 225


Away in a manger, no crib for a bed…Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. A donkey, a camel and a new born lamb. A tiny baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a makeshift bed in a dilapidated farmyard outbuilding. But enough about what Stus bought Howard for Christmas.After a sell-out 22 night run last Christmas, Howard and…

Mon 26 Nov

£12 / 01275 400 225

Tue 27 Nov

£12 / 01275 400 225

Wed 28 Nov

£12 / 01275 400 225

…and 3 more dates until 1 Dec

A Necklace Of Raindrops

A necklace of raindrops that keeps its owner dry in the heaviest rainstorm; a house that stands on one leg and a granny who sews magic into every stitch - these are just some of the objects and characters that delight and entrance in these spell-binding stories.Dynamic physical storytelling, live music, shadow puppetry…

Sat 27 Oct

£8 / 01275 400 225

Over The Wall Picking Apples

Happily married with a nice house onthe Somerset Levels, Richard could have settled down to life as a withy weaver, cider maker or llama farmer. But then the fish tank started singing to him the same song over and over, day after day. It was enough to drive him mad.This is the story of Richards responseto all this: his…

Wed 19 Sep

£12 / 01275 400 225


Set during the first years of World War I, this poignant dark comedy follows the story of two innocent and enthusiastic men who volunteer their services to Britain after Kitchener's call for a New Army. Their experience of life on the Western Front isa stark contrast to what was promised by the officers signing them up…

Wed 31 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225

Parlour Games

Sharp Teeth and The Wardrobe Theatre present a right royal romp through British history, exploring politics, passion and parlour games; a cross-dressing comedy for all those with a taste for Victoria's Sponge and who enjoy playing with their Prince Albert.PARLOURGAMESIts 1848 and Europe is revolting. As foreign royals…

Fri 5 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225

Sat 6 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225

Sarajevo Big Bang

How could that fatal gunshot in Sarajevo change everybodys life even yours, even today?Through stories, songs and a crazy cabaret, meet characters who really only want to live, laugh and love and follow them on a surprising journey through power struggles and secret machinations.This Scandanavian company bring us…

Thu 18 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225


A trio of delightfully thrilling new ghost stories, set to the haunting sounds of the violin."The Book of Darkness Light" contains within it some of the most chilling tales ever told. Supernatural mysteries stir from its pages.You feel a prickle on your neck. Your blood stills. A monstrous thing creeps in the shadows. Is…

Thu 22 Nov

£12 / 01275 400 225

Fri 23 Nov

£12 / 01275 400 225

The Star Seekers

Have you ever dreamt of flying to the moon? Meeting an alien?Becoming an astronaut?Join star seekers Alph, Betty and Gammo on a journey through space where you take the steering wheel.Inspired by our childhood wonder of the universe, The Wardrobe Ensemble and The Wardrobe Theatre have created a unique theatrical…

Sun 14 Oct

£8 / 01275 400 225

Super Hamlet 64 Parody Dlc

Inspired by films like 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World' and with references to almost every videogame ever made, Super Hamlet 64 is a fast paced re-telling of Shakespeare's most famous play, full of retro animation, spoken word, live music and comedy songs.

Sat 13 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225

Three Kings

Have you ever seen such a night as this? So many stars, so many stories, which one is yours?THREEThree weary travellers from far off lands meet by chanceas night approaches, all looking to the darkening skies. As shadows draw in, they eventually overcome their suspicions of each other and exchange stories; stories of…

Sat 1 Dec

£8 / 01275 400 225

Two Little Ducks

Matt Abbott was volunteering at The Jungle refugee camp when his native Wakefield voted 66% in favour of Brexit. Using his unique personal insight, he explores the reasons behind the working-class Leave vote, whilst also exposing the harsh realities of the Jungle. Personal, political and fiercely relevant spoken word…

Tue 6 Nov

£12 / 01275 400 225

University Centre Weston Double Bill

FIGHTING TALKSNATCH THEATRESara and Sara want to talk about feminism. But the conversations gotten messy. Everyones talking butno ones listening. And frankly, theyre confused. 'Fighting Talk' is a comedic romp into Sara and Saras world, as they try to explore why feminism and feminists have got a bad reputation.LOOKING…

Sun 9 Sep

Free / 01275 400 225


#IsTestamentWOKE?The twin juggernauts of hip-hop and feminism are on a collision course. And Testament reckons hes the guy to sort it out.A rapper and World Record Holding Beatboxer, he thinks hes a right-on kind of guy. Hes made theatre shows and had his poetry on Radio 4.Then his daughter is born and suddenly hes not so…

Fri 26 Oct

£12 / 01275 400 225

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