St Albans Organ Theatre

St Albans Organ Theatre
320 Camp Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 5PE
  • Telephone 03003 656565
  • Box office times 9am–6pm.
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Photo of St Albans Organ Theatre

St Albans Organ Theatre isn't so much a theatre as a cross between a museum and a concert hall. It features two working theatre organs, a 1933 Wurlitzer Model 220 Special which used to belong to the Granada cinema in Edmonton, and a 1935 Rutt from the Regal in Highams Park, one of only three theatre organs made by the Spurden-Rutt company, and these instruments are used in the recital programme. There's also a collection of mechanical organs and sundry other items such as player pianos, musical boxes, a vintage gramophone and that workhorse of 1960s rock, a Hammond C3.

The Theatre gives regular concerts and the shop sells a wide variety of organ music recorded on instruments from the collection.

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