Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge Road, London, SE1 2UP
  • Telephone 020 7403 3761
  • Opening times 9.30am–5pm
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Photo of Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge Exhibition

London's most famous bridge is so recognisable that it's become a symbol for the city itself. A landmark since its opening in 1894, it's just part of the traffic network for most Londoners (and in 1997 an annoying one for Bill Clinton's motorcade, which got split in half when the bridge had to open to let a barge pass through.) At this point, a London-based action movie in which someone or something doesn't fly through the bridge is a welcome relief.

The upper walkway was closed to the public in 1910 because, being only accessible by stairs, it had become a notorious crime spot, but it's now used as an exhibition space. The Tower Bridge Exhibition tells the story of the bridge and how it came into existence, featuring the exciting new glass floor and spectacular panoramic views.

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