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Half Moon Theatre
43 White Horse Road, London, E1 0ND

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Anatomy Of The Piano

Will Pickvance presents Anatomy of the Piano (for beginners) Will asks Father Christmas for a space ship, but he gets a piano instead. As he tries to work out how he might use it to reach the moon, Will is drawn into a fantastic pianistic adventure that sees him finding Bach in a cave, meeting a bad-tempered Beethoven and…

Boys Don't (Ages 8-12)

Through a series of funny, familiar and sometimes heart-breaking stories, the performance delivers insights into male experiences of growing up and perils of showing your true feelings.

Mon 20 Mar 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Tue 21 Mar 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Wed 22 Mar 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

…and 2 more dates until 24 Mar 2017

Bright Sparks

Links and Rex are like light and dark, left and right. Links is logical - she likes order and fact. Rex is different - she is imaginative, a daydreamer. Watch these two opposites get their wires crossed and their noodles in a muddle as they strive to find ways to work and play together. With humour and mesmerising…

Sat 18 Feb 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Chester Tuffnut

Chester Tuffnut isn't your ordinary treemole - in fact he is one of a kind! Chester likes wearing jumpers and sitting in his armchair, but most of all he loves adventure! The curious creatures in Woodland have gone so long without excitement they've forgotten how to have fun. Luckily, Chester is on hand to bring happiness…

Sat 25 Feb 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

The Colour of Me

A rainbow of colours, live music and projection accompany this interactive dance performance.

Sat 7 Jan 2017

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Duvet Day

We're staying in bed all day. So put on your snuggliest pyjamas, grab your favourite toy and crawl inside the blanket fort to play - it's duvet day! An ideal introduction to the joys of theatre and group play for babies, Duvet Day is full of fun puppets, interactive games and gentle storytelling. There's also plenty of…

Sat 11 Feb 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

The Elves And The Shoemaker

One day at the bottom of his garden a lovable retired shoemaker is visited by two magical friends who help him to recall the old days in the shoe shop, re-living the hard times, the good times and the magic. The Elves help him to remember his glorious past and eventually he realises that a little bit of elf magic is all…

Sat 8 Apr 2017

Family Folk Show

Get ready to sway, dance and feel the rhythm as a live music event takes centre stage with an organic, authentic and fun folk concert for big and little music connoisseurs performed by award-winning folk duo Megson.

Sat 25 Mar 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Friends For All

8 year old Lexi doesn't make friends as easily as some. If only her school would allow a non-school uniform day then she could be herself and find others like her. Inspired by Grandad's hippy stories from the swinging 60s, she decides to fight the powers that be, namely her class teacher Mr Marsh and the class bully…

Sat 11 Mar 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

The Girl and the Giraffe

The story of a girl and a giraffe, performed using puppetry and sound.

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her house is gone her home is destroyed her world has changed …I am her A girl comes home to find her house has disappeared. The neighbours have fled and the streets are deserted. her is a compelling story of a 15 year old London girl who inexplicably finds that conflict has made her an alien in her own country. Drawing…

Thu 2 Feb 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Fri 3 Feb 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Sat 4 Feb 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

…and 2 more dates until 7 Feb 2017

Pat-a-Cake Baby

Are you ready? Grab a spoon! Because it's pat-a-cake time! Pitter-patter - get the butter! Glitzy-glossy - whisk in sugar! Jokey-yolky - add the eggs! Based on the book written by Joyce Dunbar and illustrated by Polly Dunbar, Long Nose Puppets offer up a marvellous moonlit show full of riotous rhyme, zany puppets and…

Sat 21 Jan 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

People Are People

Half Moon presents People Are People a Floods of Ink production "I don't know how I see myself. I don't feel like a victim, but I don't feel like I'm special, unique, like a snowflake, but I do feel like a freak sometimes. I don't know. It changes." Genderfluid, trans, asexual, cisgender, ze and hir - what do these terms…

Fri 9 Dec

Mon 12 Dec

Princess And The Pea

Once upon a stormy night, while the wind and the rain were howling outside, the Royals were all tucked up warm in bed. Suddenly there came a knock at the door and a very wet, very untidy girl was brought inside… Become part of this playful and comic story of a prince in search of a 'real' princess, a clever queen, a girl…

Sat 1 Apr 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

A Real Alien Adventure

A rip-roaring, intergalactic space adventure! Join intrepid explorer Amelia Buttersnap on an intergalactic mission to find out if aliens really do exist. With her translator device and her teleporter machine she sets off on an exciting space journey. Can Amelia rescue her trusty cat, Tibbles, and save the planet from…

Sat 4 Mar 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Sammy And The Snow Leopard (Ages 5-10)

A high-energy show involving stuffed animals, evil neighbours, school projects and limes. Little Sammy, unable to have a pet of his own adopts a snow leopard and ends up with more than he bargained for.

A Square World

An honest, touching and quirky story of three friends and what happens when an unexpected change throws everyone into disarray, leaving one of them left out in the cold. Together they decide to redefine the rules of the square world in which they live and soon discover their lives won't be square ever again! A Square…

Fri 27 Jan 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Sat 28 Jan 2017

£7 / 020 7709 8900

Wow! Said The Owl

Based on the acclaimed children's book by the award-winning author Tim Hopgood. Explore a world of colours with an owl that is determined to stay awake and see daylight.

Sat 14 Jan 2017

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