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The Rondo Theatre
St Saviours Road, Bath, Somerset, BA1 6RT
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Welcome to the Beerey household: Dad's locked up, Daughter's knocked up, Mum's fed up What's this all about? What's going on? Beerey is the true story of one family's fight for justice, and to stand strong together. Honest, raw, funny and heartbreaking. It makes you wonder, how far would you go to prove your family aren't…

Fri 30 Jun

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

Sat 1 Jul

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

A Clockwork Orange

‘I see what is right and approve, but I do what is wrong … Choice is free but seldom easy’ The Actor’s Wheel return with a brave and striking production of this infamous literary classic, which encapsulates a nightmarish vision of youth culture, questions social conformity and challenges our freedom of choice.

Fri 9 Jun

£10–£12 / 01225 463362


A show about memory and making stuff up. Every act of remembering is an act of storytelling. So here's mine. It starts with a spotty teenager at a Motorhead gig and ends up at the cutting edge of Memory research. The bellowing fans, the smell of beer and sweat, the thunderous music. When I think back…

Sat 10 Jun

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

A Doll’S House

By Henrik Ibsen, in a new version by Simon Stephens Presented by Schoolhouse Productions Nora, a wife, mother and silly little spendthrift, has kept a secret from her husband, Torvald for years now. As the truth is forced out into the open the cracks in their happy marriage begin to show. Initially condemned as a…

Wed 28 Jun

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

Thu 29 Jun

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

James Acaster: Classic Scrapes Book Tour

James Acaster is releasing his first ever book this year, James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes, which is going to be a collection of self-deprecating anecdotes about scrapes James has gotten himself into over the years, famed from the slot of the same name on Josh Widdicombe's XFM radio show. Publishers Headline say…

Wed 29 Nov

£16 / 01225 463362

Network Tales

Restless Theatre Company Ever wondered who you are sitting next to on the train? Do overheard conversations, unusual luggage and first impressions make you ponder? Let our Train Conductor carry you away with madcap stories of passion, grief and mystery as he responds to these brief glimpses into the everyday lives…

Wed 7 Jun

£8–£10 / 01225 463362


Bath Opera's touring company returns to the Rondo with a new production of Verdi's 1851 masterpiece, Rigoletto. Packed with glorious tunes and intense emotion, it takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of joy, love, despair and murder. Based around the court of the libertine Duke of Mantua, this…

Fri 7 Jul

£13–£14 / 01225 463362

Sat 8 Jul

£13–£14 / 01225 463362

Robin And Bina Williamson: Songs, Stories And Music

Robin and Bina Williamson work together so well because they create a perfect balance of voices. They draw on a wide variety of original and traditional songs, stories and music from Celtic, English, Indian and Old Timey roots; celebrating the turning year and the mystery of being alive. Robin is legendary worldwide as…

Thu 8 Jun

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

Robin Ince: Pragmatic Insanity

Robin's first new stand up show in three years is a clash of the two cultures: a joyous romp through his favourite artists and strangest scientific ideas. From the work of Stanley Spencer to Niels Bohr, it is ninety minutes fizzing with ideas about creativity in science and art, as well as asking why we believe we…

Sat 2 Dec

£12–£16 / 01225 463362

Rondo Drama Summer Club!

The Rondo Drama Summer School is a unique experience where you're encouraged to share your creative ideas (however crazy or bizarre!). You get the chance to devise a play, improvise it and perform it to your parents and friends under the lights on the famous Rondo Stage. The sessions are run by Paulo Baigent…

Mon 24 Jul

£95 / 01225 463362

Mon 21 Aug

£95 / 01225 463362

Sofie Hagen: Dead Baby Frog

Sofie Hagen is unquestionably one of the most talked-about comics of the moment. A modern legend in her native Denmark, she burst onto the British scene by winning Best Newcomer at Edinburgh Festival 2015; her 2016 follow-up, *‘Shimmer Shatter’, *was a second total sell-out. She’s spoken to millions as former host of…

Wed 1 Nov

£10–£12 / 01225 463362


Presented by Croon Productions A puppet theatre Spaghetti Western. A jail break! 2 gunslingers ride into town, as a Wild West frontier town made from pianos materialises before your eyes! Tumbleweed, the saloon is humming, a bank job, the bell chimes, the coffin maker is busy, the noose sways in the wind. Justice…

Sat 3 Jun

£8–£10 / 01225 463362

Still Doing It

A show full of original songs, poetry and banter that is witty, pithy, and acutely observed. How did popular, talented singer/songwriter, Mike Scott, ex-pupil of Penpole Point Secondary School and David C Johnson, funny, prize-winning performance poet, ex-cadet of the Nautical College Pangbourne, find themselves…

Fri 2 Jun

£9–£10 / 01225 463362

Super Hamlet 64: Parody Dlc

An ocarina, a ukulele and a thirst for revenge. Lecoq trained Edward Day battles four decades of videogame nostalgia in an explosion of Shakespeare, live music, video projection and 16 bit mayhem. Exploring our workaholic culture and addiction to technology, Hamlet drives himself to the brink of sanity in an unending…

Thu 1 Jun

£8–£10 / 01225 463362

Terry Pratchett's © Wyrd Sisters

Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs Presented by Rondo Theatre Company Terry Pratchett© takes Shakespeare's Macbeth and then turns it up till the knob comes off. It's all there … a wicked duke and duchess, the ghost of a murdered king, dim soldiers, strolling players, a land in peril. And who comes…

Wed 21 Jun

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

Thu 22 Jun

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

Fri 23 Jun

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

Sat 24 Jun

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

That Moment

By Dougie Blaxland Presented by Blueleaf Theatre Company How far would you go to achieve your dream? This farcical comedy centres around failing actress Alicia Harding. Alicia regales us with how one audition led her to be landed with the director’s nightmare of a dog, Titus, who not only causes trouble in her…

Wed 14 Jun

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

Thu 15 Jun

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

Fri 16 Jun

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

Sat 17 Jun

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

Tom Stade

Canadian comedian Tom Stade presents his show I Swear: comedy which shows you how to swear properly.

Sat 23 Sep

£17.50 / 01225 463362

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