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The Rondo Theatre
St Saviours Road, Bath, Somerset, BA1 6RT
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Barbara Nice: Raffle!

Phoenix Nights actress Janice Connolly's housewife alter ego share her life-affirming stories.

Thu 6 Apr

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

Blooming Out

Presented by NOS Three Theatre Blooming Out is a clown show, interpreted by two Brazilian actresses, that explores in a light and comic way the most intriguing moments of the feminine universe. The fascination of beauty, girly plays, the first time putting on make-up, the body’s development including its feminine…

Sat 27 May

£8–£10 / 01225 463362

Brendon Burns: Black Comedian

Perhaps not one for those faint of heart, the controversial and aggressive Australian stand-up has made his presence felt in the UK, shocking us with his brand of uncensored, unfiltered and utterly unpredictable humour. Laughs are guaranteed, if you're brave enough…

Sat 1 Apr

A Clockwork Orange

‘I see what is right and approve, but I do what is wrong … Choice is free but seldom easy’ The Actor’s Wheel return with a brave and striking production of this infamous literary classic, which encapsulates a nightmarish vision of youth culture, questions social conformity and challenges our freedom of choice.

Fri 9 Jun

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

Colin’S Head

By Phil Booth Presented By Groundswell Theatre Loveless marriage, lifeless job – if Helen ever had a mojo, she’s certainly lost it now. When Dennis turns up, all charm and champagne, it looks as though she may have found her rescuer. But there’s always a catch, isn’t there? Hilarious, poignant, and a madcap…

Thu 30 Mar

£10–£14 / 01225 463362

Fri 31 Mar

£10–£14 / 01225 463362

The Drowsy Chaperone

Merriman Productions present **THE DROWSY CHAPERONE **Music and Lyrics by Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison Book by Bob Martin & Don McKellar Merriman Productions return to the Rondo Theatre after the sell-out success of Acorn Antiques with this hilarious musical comedy - ***The Drowsy Chaperone***, the…

Wed 10 May

Thu 11 May

Fri 12 May

Sat 13 May

Ed Patrick: Junior Optimist

  • 3 stars

Comedian and junior doctor Ed Patrick presents his debut show about what it's like working for the NHS.

Wed 5 Apr

Fragile Man

Presented by Softsod Arts Productions On an isolated hilltop two men must confront their darkest secrets and deepest fears in a chance encounter destined to change their lives forever. An unsettling and insightful drama exposing two men's fight for truth, justice and survival. Developed into an original script…

Fri 26 May

£8–£10 / 01225 463362

Gas Girls

Presented by acta Community Theatre The untold story of the women who made Mustard Gas in Avonmouth, Bristol. ‘How would anyone even know there was a story to tell, if I said nothing? So I passed it on, the story, everything that happened, all about us Gas Girls’. A riveting and moving WWI centenary show. The…

Fri 5 May

£4 / 01225 463362


Presented by Bath Drama A double bill to celebrate the gothic short stories of W.F. Harvey, Robert Aickman and Edith Nesbit. Adapted for the stage by Colin Barnes The Paradise Club The Paradise Club meets regularly to frighten each other out of their wits. But someone has been doing this too well. Could…

Wed 26 Apr

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

Thu 27 Apr

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

Fri 28 Apr

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

Sat 29 Apr

£10–£12 / 01225 463362

John Otway

The punk-rock singer-songwriter has kept his cult following through extensive touring.

Thu 13 Apr

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra

Eccentric and comedy-pop by the four-piece.

Fri 7 Apr

Marcel Lucont's Whine List

Alexis Dubus's quick-witted Gallic alter ego muses on mortality, masculinity and his own magnificence.

Fri 14 Apr

£12–£14 / 01225 463362

Marcel Lucont’S Whine List

Presented by Phil McIntyre Entertainments Winner: Chortle Award 2015. Winner: Best Comedy - Fringe World 2013. The finest flâneur brings a new interactive show to the baying masses. A kind of self-help group where everyone potentially leaves more depressed. Expect louche musings, deadpan wit and Gallic…

Fri 14 Apr

Mark Thomas: A Show That Gambles On The Future (Work In Progress)

Red Shed is the third part in a trilogy that started with the multi award-winning shows Bravo Figaro and Cuckooed. Thomas returns to the place where he first started to perform in public, a red wooden shed in Wakefield, the Labour Club, to celebrate the club's 50th birthday and a political legacy that is still being felt…

Mitch Benn: Don't Fear The Reaper

The comedian performs musical satire and questions whether death is anything to fear.

Sat 15 Apr

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Do Shakespeare

The Earth's funniest footwear duo tackle the Bard, rendering highly original versions of Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Coriolanus and The Two Gentlesocks Of Verrucca.


Presented by Croon Productions A puppet theatre Spaghetti Western. A jail break! 2 gunslingers ride into town, as a Wild West frontier town made from pianos materialises before your eyes! Tumbleweed, the saloon is humming, a bank job, the bell chimes, the coffin maker is busy, the noose sways in the wind. Justice…

Sat 3 Jun

£8–£10 / 01225 463362

Still Doing It

A show full of original songs, poetry and banter that is witty, pithy, and acutely observed. How did popular, talented singer/songwriter, Mike Scott, ex-pupil of Penpole Point Secondary School and David C Johnson, funny, prize-winning performance poet, ex-cadet of the Nautical College Pangbourne, find themselves…

Fri 2 Jun

£9–£10 / 01225 463362

Super Hamlet 64: Parody Dlc

An ocarina, a ukulele and a thirst for revenge. Lecoq trained Edward Day battles four decades of videogame nostalgia in an explosion of Shakespeare, live music, video projection and 16 bit mayhem. Exploring our workaholic culture and addiction to technology, Hamlet drives himself to the brink of sanity in an unending…

Thu 1 Jun

Terry Pratchett's © Wyrd Sisters

Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs Presented by Rondo Theatre Company Terry Pratchett© takes Shakespeare's Macbeth and then turns it up till the knob comes off. It's all there … a wicked duke and duchess, the ghost of a murdered king, dim soldiers, strolling players, a land in peril. And who comes…

Wed 21 Jun

Thu 22 Jun

Fri 23 Jun

Sat 24 Jun

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