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Inverurie Garden Centre
Oldmeldrum Road, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, AB51 0TP
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Nestling in the relatively unglamorous-sounding Inverurie Garden and Machinery Centre, actually an old engine shed, Potter’s Kitchen is a pleasant in-house café which trades in food made from locally sourced ingredients including salads, soups and wraps. With an in-store bakery and its own baking team, it prides itself on its selection of cakes and pastries, while kids are well catered for with snack boxes and a play area.

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7. Jennifer Ross25 Nov 2016, 6:57pm Report

Won't be using your shop again. And will be telling friends and family to boycott too. No need for real fur in this day and age. Shocking just shocking.

6. Kareen Fraser23 Nov 2016, 12:58pm Report

Not even deserving of a one star after seeing you sell real fur. Wont be back as long as you do

5. Roksana Boldys23 Nov 2016, 12:55pm1 star Inverurie Garden Centre Report

selling animal fur... i am disgusted

4. Robin Pixie22 Nov 2016, 9:50pm Report

No stars. A shop with owners who benefit from the suffering of animals deserves no positive credit at all. The owners appear to be moral less individuals lacking humanity and compassion. Remember owners when counting your Christmas profits you have blood on your hands. What truly disgusting people the owners of this shop must be - the real vermin in the world, perhaps they should be scalped whilst alive to make hats.

3. Ian H. Thomson22 Nov 2016, 8:35pm Report

Extremely sad and disgusted to see that this place has taken the retrograde step of selling clothing items trimmed with real raccoon and fox fur. They seem happy to perpetuate this outdated fashion and profit from the misery and cruelty of countless animals farmed and cruelly slaughtered for the vacuous fashion victims who think it makes them "look cool". Watch some of the PETA videos which actually show how millions of animals are horrifically killed, sometimes having their skins torn off while still alive! I will get my gardening requirements elsewhere from now on!

2. Gordon Wright22 Nov 2016, 7:35pm1 star Inverurie Garden Centre Report

Horrific practice of selling real fur knick knacks as Chris as frippery.

Racoon and fox. Apparently it's "owner policy" to do so and they won't be changing.

1. Moira Robbie9 Apr 2016, 4:43pm5 stars Inverurie Garden Centre Report

How to cheer up a wet day, a visit & coffee at Inverurie Garden Center.

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