The Alley Cat

The Alley Cat
The Alley Cat
4 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8LP
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1. Nervous Paulvis Eggsley13 Oct 2014, 3:07pm Report

Boycott The Alley Rat
Hi to all you Cool Cats - This is a call to you all to boycott this rotten club because they have no respect for our music, musicians or you punters either. The Sookey Jumps played an early set (for free and even bought our own drinks) at this club last night and after an hour's really hard playing I went outside to get something to eat but was barred from coming back in because I was carrying an (unopened) can of Nourishment. I tried to explain that I was with the band and needed to restore my energy for the next set and even offered to drink it outside (while standing in the rain) but the stupid, ignorant, arrogant, bully-boy bouncer ("Daniel" see pic) told me I was still barred. He then followed me into the bar and kept screaming in my face to pack my gear and leave, when he started blowing his spittle in my face I pushed him back to arms length and he used this as a provocation to throw me to the floor and put me in a neck lock - criminal assault methinx but who gets busted?? I'm glad to say the band and all the customers who were there at the time walked out in protest and we all went across the street and played a storming set at the 12-Bar Club instead (Thanks Vince) I now appeal to (and warn) anyone else, musicians & punters alike, to beware of this evil place and join our boycott until the management change their disgusting attitude, or better still just change the management. This includes you Kool Kat Kev and all who attend your Sunday Rockin' Club nights there… I know you need the money Kev but I heard the way those guys spoke to you and other musicians have since told me they've suffered similar treatment - checking the band's own bags for drinks for fk's sake!! These people have no respect for you, us or our music, so as my outta space friend The Fang once said "C'mon Daddy Let's Find A (another) Hall!!" - That low down dirty (Alley) Rat doesn't deserve us Rockin' Kat's Patronage. If you agree with me, please like this and share with your friends. Thanks for your support and thanks for letting me vent… Nervous (and Angry) Nervous Paulvis Eggsley's One Mad Man? Banned

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