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3. Viola4 May 2013, 3:11pm Report

I just want know if there really is a UK Apple Mobile this true or is just a"SCAM"? Thank you.

2. Viola4 May 2013, 3:08pm Report

I just want to ask and know if there is such a UK Apple Mobile Promo..Please let me know if this is true or only a "scam"

1. Chief22 Feb 2012, 8:44pm1 star Apple Store Report

Since I got this iphone 4s I have had a problem with the Mic on the phone as whenever I make out going or incoming calls are received the other person can not hear me, which happens most of the time, but I can hear them clearly. First I thought that it might be an O2 network problem but since last 2 month the problem has got worse, so last week I decided to book an appointment with the Apple store so that they can fix the problem for me as the phone is still less then 4 months old.

This afternoon at 15:10 I went to your Apple store in Regents Street, London for my appointment with the Genius Bar staff, where I was seen by a Mr Brian (Employee No:1386024656), I explained the situation and first thing he did was call me on my mobile number from their land line to see weather he could hear me and he was able to hear me but as I had already said to him that it does not happen all the time but most of the time with which he suggested he should take the phone at the back and open the phone to see what the problem was and to see if he could fix it. He returned with the phone 5-7 minute later accompanied by his colleague Mr Toby Ewers ( his manager) and Toby gave me the phone back DEAD and said to me that my phone has been tampered with and he can not fix it for me as the inside of the phone was not as it should be i.e.the battery was loose and some plastic components were loose as well and because of this they can not repair or replace the phone for me. I was absolutely shocked and gobsmacked at hearing this because the phone is brand new like I said less than 4 months old and the only fault was the mic so to have been given my phone back DEAD and then to be told that that there is nothing that can be done was also heart breaking.

I yet again explained to them that its a brand new phone and no-one has tempered with the phone and said that the phone is still under warranty so why would anyone want to open the phone and tamper with it is just craziness. I am a big fan of all apple products, I have 1 iMac G5, 1 Macbook pro, 2 iPhone 4S's, 2 iPhone 3G,1 iPod all because I have trust and confidence with your products quality and service, so to be treated with this kind of treatment was mind boggling to me. They both suggested that I go to my network provider which is O2 as they might have sold me an refurbished phone but I know for a fact that my phone was a brand new phone and I was the one to open the seal when I received it but just to make some sort of sense of this situation and as I was still in shock .

So I decided to go and see the manager who was a Mr Michael Coogans and explained situation to him from the beginning, after hearing me out he decided to see if he could speak to Mr Toby but unfortunately Mr Toby had finished for the day and had left the store. Mr Micheal then decided to open the phone and see the fault for himself to see if he could help but the strangest thing was that this time he came back with a different problem all together, he said that the battery wire has been cut and that other pieces in the phone are not in the right place and that is why my phone is dead. Well you can imagine my shock and horror on hearing this because if the battery wire was cut how comes my phone had been working from the day I had received it till the time I walked into their store today and then suddenly the wire has been cut once Toby or Michael or whom ever brings the phone back.
So I was left without a phone and had to contact apple care over the phone who found this issue very strange and not acceptable so they offered me a new replacement phone and a Magic Mouse worth of £60 quid without any further questions.
Turst me, if you are planning to buy an Apple product never go to Regent Street store as this bunch of IDIOT GENIUSES are ruining Apple's Credit.

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