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The Environmental Challenges Of MegaCities By Professor Carolyn Roberts

Faced with escalating population pressure and new construction technologies, western architects are designing cities in the skies, and under the sea. If built, these will sit alongside older metropolitan areas such as London, Tokyo and Shanghai, where more and more people are squeezing into built-up areas. The era of…

Expert Witnesses: A Zero-Sum Game? By Professor Jo Delahunty QC

The use of experts in the family courts can make a significant difference to outcomes. The debate about the use of experts in court cases reflects the conflicted stance society takes on the emotive issue of child protection. It is a gross injustice to the child and parent for social workers, backed by 'expert' opinion, to…

The External Financing Position By Professor Jagjit Chadha

For most of the period since we have had records, the UK has held a positive net international investment positions versus the rest of the world. But the UK is now a net debtor versus the rest of the world. We shall examine the reasons for this extraordinary reversal and what it means for the exchange rate and whether it…

Thu 27 Apr

The Gospel Of Apartheid By Professor Alec Ryrie

South Africa's Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) and the Afrikaner people it served had, since the 17th century drawn a distinction between white 'Christians' and the apparently unconvertible 'heathen' peoples around them. The Afrikaners' identity as a covenanted people was reinforced by the British conquest of 1899-1902. In…

Thu 27 Apr

What Will Happen When Artificial Intelligence And The Internet Meet The Professions? - Richard Susskind And Daniel Susskind

Two futures are outlined for the professions. Both rest on technology. One is reassuringly familiar. It is a more efficient version of what we have today. The second is transformational - a gradual replacement of professionals by 'increasingly capable systems'. In the long run, in an internet society, it is claimed, we…

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