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Crime And Punishment: 'Guilty Until Proven Innocent?' - Professor Jo Delahunty Qc

The issue of Shaken Baby or Natural Cause will be examined, using a case study involving a bereaved parent, the transformation of a family home into a crime scene, with the pregnant mother facing a murder trial and her baby removed at birth. Exoneration and reunification, despite a jury acquittal, did not happen until the…

Debt And The Household Balanced Sheet - Professor Jagjit Chadha

The period since the start of the financial crisis has been dominated by talk of the "balance sheets" of households, the banking system or the government. We shall concentrate on the evolution of the asset and liability position of the UK's household, firm and government sector prior to the financial crisis and where we…

The Rise And Fall Of Sourdough: 6000 Years Of Bread - Professor Eric Pallant

The lecture will cover the history of the western world as seen through the food that nourished builders for the Great Pyramids, free men of the Roman Empire, the expansion of Christianity, and the development of Europe until modern science and technology replaced complex ecosystems of sourdough cultures with monocultures…

Two Kingdoms In The Third Reich - Professor Alec Ryrie

Nazism was not a Christian movement in any meaningful sense but German Protestants of the 1920s and 1930s shared many Nazi assumptions and voted disproportionately for the Nazi party, partly in the hope that they might use it for their own ends. One result was the 'German Christian' movement, which tried to create a…

Thu 9 Mar

What Will Happen When Artificial Intelligence And The Internet Meet The Professions? - Richard Susskind And Daniel Susskind

Two futures are outlined for the professions. Both rest on technology. One is reassuringly familiar. It is a more efficient version of what we have today. The second is transformational - a gradual replacement of professionals by 'increasingly capable systems'. In the long run, in an internet society, it is claimed, we…

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