The Bedroom Bar

The Bedroom Bar
62 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3AY
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1. Henry B2 Oct 2012, 5:23pm1 star The Bedroom Bar Report

Hey Frida Kahlo lookalike waitress:
- you are in the wrong job
- spilling beer and cocktails over clients and their food is not good service
- not apologizing when you do so means you don't care
- giving bad attitude to your client because he asked you to be careful and not drop the drinks on him means that you really don't give a damn and have no standards on your job

- how you can mess up an order so much that people wait 1 hour for a hamburger is ridiculous
- the fact that said hamburger comes with three (3)(yes, 3!) chips means you are taking the piss out of your clients
- employing people like the Frida lookalike, not training her on service and/or not caring that she treats customers like shit means you are negligent
- I know you run a comedy club but honestly, it seems that the comedy is observing you and your staff


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