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The Laundry
2–8 Warburton Road, London, E8 3FN
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1. Alex Buttonhead17 Nov 2014, 11:18am1 star The Laundry Report

The worst security I have ever experienced in 10 years of going out to clubs and gigs. From the moment I tried to walk into the venue and got forcibly shoved IN I knew it was going to be pretty bad but it just got worse from there. Pretty much every time I saw a security guard they were bullying or pushing around someone. Male or female, the alleged infraction minor or major, they clamped down on people with the same level of violence. Pushing people, physically restraining them, grabbing people from behind, and, in the case of one young lady, twisting her arms behind her back and then chasing her off when she got upset and started retaliating (I saw several people recording that incident). This all culminated with the headliner walking off when security tried to throw out his girlfriend(!) Her crime? Trying to get on the stage to see him. They were subsequently both thrown out the moment he stopped playing.

Bouncers are meant to be there to look after your safety and help you. Who do you turn to when they're the ones causing trouble and making you feel unsafe?

Other than that the drinks were overpriced (4.50 for a 33cl bottle!!!), and despite the ticket price being quite high (20.00 on the door, 15.00 in advance) The Laundry seemed to offer little more than an unfurnished concrete box with a soundsystem in it by way of an actual venue. The bar was also selling glass bottles, which seems like a stupid idea given this fact. The smoking area was poorly managed with queues of up to 15 mins despite the fact that it was just a fenced off area that could have been expanded with no more than 2 mins effort.

All in all, this is absolutely atrocious. If I knew of a standards agency to report this to I would. As it is I can only boycott the venue and encourage others to do the same. They do not deserve custom.

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