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162–163 Fore Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 3AT
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The Bike Scratch Night

Every other last Sunday of the month we host a Scratch nights. For companies show the beginnings of an idea to an encouraging audience. This is always an exciting evening, as the work being shown is still in development with lots of room to grow and and feedback from the audience is a crucial tool to aid the success of…


The writer of the award winning Bitch Boxer presents five candid stories about revenge porn and all its many victims. ‘She just needs to understand that it’s not her fault, that she’s not to blame, that she’s not a slut.’ Three women and two men swim in shame. Everyone’s exposed. Everyone wants revenge. No one’s…

Tue 6 Jun

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 7 Jun

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Fri 9 Jun

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Sat 10 Jun

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Bubble Schmeises

Bubbemeises is Yiddish for a grandmother’s story, a tall story, an old wives’ tale. Writer and street performer Nick Cassenbaum and his Klezmer musicians invite you into the warmth of the Canning Town Schvitz, East London’s last authentic bath house. Amongst the steam and ritual Nick will take you on a journey to find…

Tue 23 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 24 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Thu 25 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

…and 2 more dates until 27 May

The Castle Builder

The Castle Builder is an emotional and hard rocking journey into the hearts and souls that exist on the outer limits of creativity and building regulations. It tells the true story of an inmate in a Norwegian psychiatric institute who, over 5 years, built a castle on a remote headland. The show spirals outwards from…

Tue 18 Apr

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 19 Apr

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Thu 20 Apr

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

…and 7 more dates until 29 Apr


Dreamland is about an island, a town and it’s people. It is their response to the current state of the world and the fear of it’s collapse. It is about the kaleidoscope of competing narratives of who we are. It is a love song. Four years in the making, this epic poem for our time is performed live with "eccentricore…

Fri 31 Mar

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Sat 1 Apr

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Ensonglopedia of Science

A song about science for every letter of the alphabet. Expect atoms, Big Bangs and cells. Expect X-rays, Y-chromosomes and plenty of zoology. Expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme. The Ensonglopedia of Science is the brand new show by John Hinton, multi-award-winning writer and performer of the Scientrilogy of…

Sun 7 May

An Evening With Murray Lachlan Young

Join us for an evening of satirical soliloquy, rock-n-roll reverie and devastating-ditty as BBC6 music resident poet Murray Lachlan Young presents his stunning new live up-close and personal show. A delightful and satirical romp into the bizarre facets of fame, fashion, people, politics, a mild erotic folk ballad and the…

Give Me Your Love

Drama about post traumatic stress disorder.

Tue 9 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 10 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Thu 11 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

…and 2 more dates until 13 May

I Am Joan

I Am Joan
by Viv Gordon Beautifully performed by Viv Gordon winner of Judge’s Prize at Arts in Health South West 2015 I Am Joan in a one woman show.
A hopeful comedy about a woman in recovery from trauma finding empowerment by connecting with various inspiring Joans, such as Joan Collins, Joan Jett and Joan of Arc…

Mon 8 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

In Tents and Purposes

Ten years. Two Friends. One fortune-teller. Following their ★★★★★ sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Roxy Dunn (C4’s Babylon, BBCThree’s Top Coppers) and Alys Metcalf (Olivier Award-winning The Play That Goes Wrong) compete with their egos to tell a comic, time-hopping story, exploring whether our lives are…

Mon 24 Apr

Jack Rooke: Good Grief

With a coffin full of sympathy snacks, Jack Rooke and his 85-year old Nan Sicely invite you to the happiest town in Britain, where Dad’s dead and the only thing to eat is lasagne. Celebrating finding happiness after tragedy, Rooke’s critically acclaimed debut blends comedy, storytelling and film to explore how we treat…

Tue 20 Jun

Wed 21 Jun

Thu 22 Jun

…and 2 more dates until 24 Jun

Marcel Lucont’s Whine List

Winner: Chortle Award 2015. Winner: Best Comedy - Fringe World 2013. The finest flâneur brings a new interactive show to the baying masses. A kind of self-help group where everyone potentially leaves more depressed. Expect louche musings, deadpan wit and Gallic superiority. As seen on BBC1’s The John Bishop Show and Sky…

Sun 2 Apr

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Modern Cautionary Tales for Children

From the moment Murray Lachlan Young bounds onto the stage, hair wrapped in a towel, dressing gown flapping, you know you’re in for a good time. His poetry is funny, observational and entirely silly. His audience banter is even funnier. And with Young, audience participation for both children and ex-children (as he calls…

My World Has Exploded A Little Bit

A logical, philosophical guide to managing mortality. This new play is part true story, part farcical performance with an enchanting live piano score. Through a darkly comic 17-step guide to bereavement, Bella tells a deeply personal story of loss and love. Mixing tender intimacy and unflinching honesty with…

Tue 13 Jun

Wed 14 Jun

Thu 15 Jun

…and 2 more dates until 17 Jun


A showcase of new ideas in comedy, clowning, fooling, slapstick, mime, audience participation, mischief and general tomfoolery.

Sun 23 Apr

Pay what you decide / 01392 434169

Sun 28 May

Pay what you decide / 01392 434169

Sun 25 Jun

Pay what you decide / 01392 434169

The North! The North!

A dark contemporary myth about England featuring highly physical storytelling, film and animation by the former director of our Associate Company, Rhum and Clay (64 Squares, A Strange Wild Song, Shutterland). “In 1985, a fissure formed at England’s centre and split the north from the south. A giant tear through the…

Tue 2 May

Wed 3 May

Thu 4 May

…and 2 more dates until 6 May

Smurthwaite on Masculinity

1 hour show, 40 mins Q&A Left-wing, highbrow, feminist, atheist comedian Kate Smurthwaite finally takes on the issue right at the very heart of women’s rights: men. And she’s taken “getting inside the subject” to a new level - performing the whole show in drag as her male alter-ego Milo Standards! From the cage…

Sun 14 May

Spokes Amaze April 2017: SEXY by Vanessa Kisuule

SPOKES AMAZE presents: SEXY by Vanessa Kisuule Oi, you. Sentient flesh owner. I have some questions for you. Do you think you're sexy? What do you find sexy? What does sexy even mean? As a young woman who loves poetry, smashing the patriarchy and a well timed slut drop, this has been a question that has plagued…

Super Mega Rockin’ Rock Show

Kid Carpet invites you to rock out! Kid Carpet will guide you through everything you need to know to be able to rock out big time. Even if it’s your first gig! Join in with stories, games and songs whilst playing ping pong, catching a lost sandwich in space and taking part in a grand dance contest. The best bits…

Sat 1 Apr

Sun 2 Apr

Sat 8 Apr

…and 6 more dates until 29 Apr


Developed as part of a residency at The Bike Shed Theatre whilst performing The Beanfield, Breach Theatre’s Tank went onto receive critical acclaim and a Fringe First Award in 2016. In 1965, an American scientist lived with a dolphin for ten weeks to try and teach him to speak English – part of a NASA-funded research…

Tue 4 Apr

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 5 Apr

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Thu 6 Apr

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

…and 7 more dates until 15 Apr

Tell Me Anything

David is 15. He’s doing OK. His girlfriend has an eating disorder but he’s doing OK. He knows he can make her better. A tender, raw, brutally honest boy-meets-girl story about a boy who’s trying to be a man and a girl who doesn’t want to be rescued. Tell Me Anything is an award-winning show about love, intimacy and…

Tue 16 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 17 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Thu 18 May

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

…and 2 more dates until 20 May

This Is What Men Do

Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari stare unblinkingly into the bareface of world history and see something dark and shameless that noone seems to want to mention. Lets just say the thing that’s not being said and see what happens… Performed by the people of Exeter. “Brutal, searing.. incredible. Totally slain” Megan…

Thu 30 Mar

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

What If The Plane Falls Out Of The Sky?

What if how I feel about the world and myself at 4am, what if that is the truth? What if I get killed in an avalanche and most people are slightly relieved that they now don’t have to read my novel? What if the only reason the plane is able to stay in the sky is because I am thinking really encouraging thoughts about the…

…and 2 more dates until 3 Jun

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