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Are You There?

By Lucy Bell Directed by Beth Shouler The bus sign says, “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. NOW STOP WORRYING AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE.” But what if you’re not enjoying your life? What if you know, in private, that it’s a blessed nightmare? Then it’s time to connect with God, even if He has an irritating habit of keeping one on…

Tue 1 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 2 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Thu 3 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

…and 2 more dates until 5 Nov

Beneath the Blizzard

For a long time, nobody has ventured above ground. Since the disaster, it’s not safe. An icy wind screams between buildings and drifts of snowmen haunt the streets. The city is forgotten. But down in a secret bolthole, the music beats on. A band of survivors and misfits, chancers and outcasts, dance in the dark. And…

Thu 8 Dec

£6–£12 (£6–£10) / 01392 434169

Fri 9 Dec

£6–£12 (£6–£10) / 01392 434169

…and 24 more dates until 7 Jan 2017

Beth Vyse: As Funny As Cancer

Beth Vyse is back with an extraordinary look at her battle with Breast Cancer. ‘But then, as comedians go, Beth Vyse doesn’t have much time for the expected.’ THE GUARDIAN A bodacious and ballsy look at her battle with breast cancer. Hear the tale of her Stoke-on-Trent family; The Waltons on Alcohol, her time with…

Sun 6 Nov

The Bike Scratch Night

Every other last Sunday of the month we host a Scratch nights. For companies show the beginnings of an idea to an encouraging audience. This is always an exciting evening, as the work being shown is still in development with lots of room to grow and and feedback from the audience is a crucial tool to aid the success of…


Settled …. Until suddenly you’re not… Candid, poignant and intimate, this new play by award winning playwright Ali Taylor offers a timely reflection on the social and personal impact of spiralling housing costs, gentrification and the challenges of the forced relocation away from London. Acclaimed Theatre Company…

Tue 22 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 23 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Thu 24 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

…and 2 more dates until 26 Nov back to top


‘I woke up early with the birds to hand up sturdy planks of words to my speech-slave, my tongue, to build echoing halls of praise, light-filled….' A Viking poet from Iceland sails around the North Sea, fighting, escaping, and delivering unforgivable insults in thunderous verse. Egil is the greatest of the Viking poets…

Mon 7 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Tue 8 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Wed 9 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169


"Bienvenue. Kalosórisma. Welcome. We are so happy to see you all here. Some of you we know rather well, some of you we don't. But it doesn't matter, you all look… stunning." Two performers – one Greek, one French – dance and shout, cry and sing, agree and disagree, about life in the Eurohouse. A darkly comic look at…

Thu 10 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Fri 11 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Sat 12 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Eurohouse Baby Friendly Performance

"Bienvenue. Kalosórisma. Welcome. We are so happy to see you all here. Some of you we know rather well, some of you we don't. But it doesn't matter, you all look… stunning." Two performers – one Greek, one French – dance and shout, cry and sing, agree and disagree, about life in the Eurohouse. A darkly comic look at…

Fri 11 Nov

The Forever Machine

The Forever Machine A collaboration between The Bike Shed Theatre and The Wardrobe Ensemble with Farms for City Children On a farm in the heart on the country In a rusty red shed Lies a machine with a mysterious power It buzzes and clicks and whirs It's waiting for you… Join The Wardrobe Ensemble for a wild…

Wed 26 Oct

£6–£10 (£6–£8) / 01392 434169

Fri 28 Oct

£6–£10 (£6–£8) / 01392 434169

Here I Belong

Meet Elsie, she lives in the countryside, it’s her 90th birthday and you’re invited to celebrate. Elsie has lived in this village all her life. She has seen elections, weddings, wars, people coming, people going. The village is where her daughter grew up, it’s where her husband died and it’s where she’s going to…

Mon 14 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Tue 15 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

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Josh Howie’s Messed Up

Fresh from creating and starring in his own BBC Radio 4 sitcom and having performed his unique brand of painfully honest stand-up at the top comedy clubs and festivals in the UK and internationally, Josh Howie is embarking on his first UK tour. It might not be easy living with him and it’s not easy being him, but it is…

Sun 20 Nov

Living With The Lights On

Meet Mark. The thing is I’ve got myself into a bit of a mess… Mark’s an actor. I keep forgetting my lines. I’ve left my girlfriend and I’m beginning to stink. Mark was an actor. And to make matters worse I’ve met the Devil. Hilarious, touching and utterly bonkers, a gripping story of a life lived at the edge. Mark…

Tue 29 Nov

Wed 30 Nov

Thu 1 Dec

…and 2 more dates until 3 Dec


Join your effervescent host Deirdre Me, and let your Nincompoop loose on the stage or off as we get ready for some of the newest, nakedest, gorgeousest, wonderfully ridiculous, often heart-warming, sometimes, side-splitting offerings, performed live in front of your eyes. Nincompoop is monthly a night where brave…

…and 3 more dates until 26 Mar 2017

The Preston Bill

Andy Smith & Fuel presents The Preston Bill Written & performed by Andy Smith The story of a life. The story of our lives. Welcome to The North   A story from Preston. About Preston. A story that will make you stop and think about where you, and we, are in the world. Award winning theatre maker Andy…

Wed 16 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Thu 17 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Fri 18 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Sat 19 Nov

£12 (£8–£10) / 01392 434169

Spokes Amaze November 2016: Big Show Season

Apples and Snakes Presents: SPOKES AMAZE: Big Show Season. A new series of spectacular spoken word solo shows with a warm up quick fire slam. Hosted by the effervescent Malaika Kegode When: Sunday November 13, 7.30pm Featuring: Melody by Jemima Foxtrot & Unholy Mess A lyrical exploration of music and…

Wonder & Dread: Slavic Tales of Foreign Lands and Wild People

The gypsies of Romania, the magical shapeshifting underground inhabitants of Russia and the crying dolls of Poland will be conjured in Exeter as part of the Being Human Festival. Bringing together local, national and international artists to reimagine the mythic tales of wild people and uncanny creatures popular in Slavic…

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