The Goldmark Gallery

The Goldmark Gallery
The Goldmark Gallery
14 Orange Street, Uppingham, Leicestershire, LE15 9SQ
  • Telephone 01572 821424
  • Opening times Mon–Sat 9.30am–5.30pm; Sun 2.30–5.30pm.
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Photo of The Goldmark Gallery

This is the Goldmark Gallery. A triptych of Lichtenstein paper plates waits in bubblewrap for dispatch, 1940s school print original lithographs on a plan chest waiting for the framer. That’ll be our framing workshop, two doors down. Nothing goes on behind the scenes here, unless it’s accounts, coffee making or searching the stock rooms for a Chagall etching. We’re not precious, we’ll encourage you to handle the ceramics. And that’s another thing – pots of pots, shelves filled with the latest works by Ken Matsuzaki, Svend Bayer, Lisa Hammond. If they’re the best we’ve got them, all stared at myopically by an Elisabeth Frink sculptured head or two.

A batch of fresh screenprints suddenly blows in, so fresh that you realise they must have been produced as locally as the famous Baines’ Battenburg around the corner. And so they have, down on the old Uppingham station yard at the Goldmark Atelier. Overlooking the trees of the railway embankment a master printer masterminds big silkscreen presses, etching tanks and, remarkably, a set of finely-ground lithographic stones. Atelier, framing workshop, gallery, customers. Sometimes the Uppingham traffic gets heavy.

Books remain at the heart of what we do and our art reference library can be found at the heart of the building. You could spend half a day in the A section alone! Only at Goldmark will you find 24 of the best British potters gathering in one place for a book launch. Every one of them having signed 250 copies of Modern British Potters and Their Studios. Or Brian Aldiss being helicoptered in to launch Walcot, a Goldmark book taking its place in a list kicked-off with Iain Sinclair’s first book White Chappell Scarlet Tracings. It’s the one thing leading to another that we look for. John Piper prints on the wall, the launch for Frances Spalding’s biography John Piper Myfanwy Piper: Lives In Art, the DVD documentary John Piper – An Empty Stage (a Goldmark Film of course) culminated in Piper Fest, that had lovers of bright buildings against gloomy skies punching the gallery postcode into their Satnavs.

Sometimes the word ‘gallery’ simply isn’t enough. Yes, it’s the core of a business dedicated to the best in painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics. But here the books turn into paintings, the paintings turn into films. A casual visitor sitting down to lunch turns into the catalyst for a new project, chance conversations become exciting new paths into uncharted territories. The patently obvious is never quite what it seems. John Lennon had a notice above the door of his house in Ascot that said, in typical Lennon fashion, ‘It is not here’. The reverse could be said of the Goldmark Gallery. After all, on the wall outside is a sculptured plaque with a pig on it. Flying.

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