Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle
94 Parkway, London, NW1 7AN

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Bandits Of Stature

Bandits of Stature-Nouveay garage sounds with lots of clattering drums and chant along vocals- a bit like Earl Brutus meets The Cramps via The Three Johns.plenty of punk attack but not cornball punk. Mr Screwjack-Driving indie rock with edgy guitar lines, there's a bit of a nod to The Strokes in the vocal and guitar depts…

Thu 10 Nov

£4.40 / 020 7485 1773

Church Of Confidence

Church Of Confidence- Berliner punk rock malestrom whose Damnation Of The Non Believers album has won them much love across the globe. Furious funtime. Viva Las Vegas- The King and Punk, Punk and The King. It's a beautiful thing.. Thee Creepfreaks- psychobilly gargenik stalwarts kick up a storm

Fri 18 Nov

£7.70 / 020 7485 1773


Dinges- grunge and street punk combine beatifically for some humour invigorated wigging out. Temper Cartel - cinenatic indie noir with a hint of Shadow Puppets. Fresh from the studio with Ride's Mark Gardener. LSD Jam like taut and muscilar post punking pop rock with punky intent. A three piece who play offceach ither…

Sat 22 Oct

£5.50 / 020 7485 1773


Dusk-Female fronted Synth pop noire, lovely vocal and dynamic soundscapes, that give way to something more hard edged as the songs build, nods to London Grammer and Massive Attack in their more cerebral moments. Hoshino- Intricate prog infused electronica with a pop sensibility, female vocal sits nicely atop a clean n…

Wed 9 Nov

£4.40 / 020 7485 1773

Elvana- Elvis Fronts Nirvana

ELVANA - THE WORLD'S FINEST ELVIS FRONTED TRIBUTE TO NIRVANA! From the bowels of Disgraceland, Rock & Roll icons of the afterlife are raised from the dead! Rock & Roll meets Grunge as Elvis fronts Nirvana and gives the band the front man it's been missing since '94. Elvana tear through Nirvana's catalogue…

Sat 4 Mar 2017

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The Eversons Album Launch Party

The art pop act perform to celebrate the release of their new album. With support from Man Made and others.

Thu 17 Nov


Everywhere- Lighters-aloft sooper dooper stadium indie from Stockholm, a distillation of Coldplay, Keane and Springsteen at his most chestbeating and bombastic, stirring stuff indeed. And very well turned out, singer is ex model, so yeah could strike paydirt baby as Benny said Bjorn. Monyo Project-Redolent of Garbage…

Thu 24 Nov

£4.40 / 020 7485 1773

The Flicks

The Flicks-All girl pop punk, really catchy tunes, bags of charm and all good players, a brit update of The Runaways, good stuff Calcium-Tight cyclical riffing with a proggish (Primus, King Crimson) from sharp, duelling guitarsit's like a Verve/post baggy stoner indie band getting off on old JBs and other funk tunes with…

Thu 3 Nov

£4.40 / 020 7485 1773

Foo 5ighters

Foo 5ighters-That Foos Feeling without the broken legs and ticket touts! Four musicians at the top of their game, performthe biggest hits from your favourite rock band the Foo Fighters! Kingz of leon is a celebration of music for the band that shares a similar name!From the early youth and young manhood album right up to…

Fri 13 Jan 2017

£11 / 020 7485 1773

Fundraiser For The British Heart Foundation

In memory of John Westlake. Live music, record auction with celebrity auctioneers and BHF info stall.

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Gimp Fist

London Calling and Bug Bear Presents: Gimp Fist (1st London Headline Show) United Bottles (Belfast) Wolf Bites Boy (Stoke) Street Punk Showcase Supreme handpicked by those good London Calling peeps.

Sat 3 Dec

£16.50 / 020 7485 1773

Grow Your Own Mini Festival


Sat 26 Nov

Grown Your Own Records All Dayer

'Grow Your Own Records' Label Showcase All Dayer Hagar The Womb- Yelping buzzsaw pop punkers with the DIY Anarcho ethics to the fore and lotsa alluring angst outta the multi woman singing frontlinegive the Ramones a run for the ramalama money'Razor-fuzzy, female-fronted punk band: Part of the U.K. Anarcho-Punk scene from…

Sat 26 Nov

Halloween Horror Punk All Dayer-

HALLOWEEN HORROR PUNK ALL DAYER- Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons- The finest feline punk rock garage rocknroll anywhere on the planet, with Dirty Jake's overdriven furious guitar,the vocal prowess and super sassy stage craft and added twang and kerrang of Puss upfront and the solidest backbeat imaginable from the Ant…

Sun 30 Oct

Hearse Pileup

Hearse Pile Up- grunge and punk with a desert psych realization. Somewhere between Husker Du, Trail Of The Dead and QOTSA. Das Fluff- dark and deviant electro gothique with a sassy poetic leaning via the intriguing female vocal prescence. Dirty Thumbs- Noise core, sounds like the more outre side of Nirvana via the stooges…

Thu 27 Oct

£4.40 / 020 7485 1773

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I Am Aquitaine

I Am Aquitaine-Anthemic rock-pop tunes with an undertow of funk, whilst referencing the blusier end of 70's rock Fleetwood Mac maybe, and later 70's new wave especially Blondie Strum-The emotive charge of Elbow coupled with the dramatic Flourish of Nick Cave, also nods to Bowie in places Doves in others, really strong…

Sat 5 Nov

£5.50 / 020 7485 1773

JD Kelleher

The London-based singer-songwriter performs atmospheric alt pop. With support from Sam And The Black Seas and Coyote.

Fri 11 Nov

£5.50 / 020 7485 1773

The Klik

The Klik- Outta Essex and putting the Sex in there without doubta saucy blend of slinky reggae and rum rapping, all done in an accessible and up for it Plan B styleegood tunes- working with those excellent Jackson's Warehouse peeps on their labe, so there's a seal of quality tool. Smokin'Dogs- Garage punk n roll, like a…

Fri 25 Nov

£5.50 / 020 7485 1773

Lord Numb

Lord Numb- Back to their spiritual home (yes, others have claimed the DC as their spiritual home, from Madness to The Libertines, but The Numbsters have the actual Jesus in their line up so spiritually speaking), always a joy to have Lord Numb rocking the bollocks off our top drawer sound system. With a big kick ass sound…

Fri 4 Nov

£5.50 / 020 7485 1773

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Mr Clean (tribute To The Jam)

Fresh from headlining the Brighton Bank Holiday Mod Weekender, and recently described as the UK's most exciting and energetic tribute to the Woking 3, Mr Clean stand out amongst other tributes, and are now the most sought after Jam tribute band in the country because of their authentic and energetic sound and performance.

Sat 14 Jan 2017

The Nightingales

Post-punk rockers. With support from The Flaming Stars and MX Tyrants.

Wed 26 Oct

£12; £10 adv / 020 7485 1773

Oasis Vs Coldplay

Rubbish Oasistributeband, Tim Poland Redux and Mylo Xyloto perform. The former is a tribute to the 90s Britpop band and the latter is a tribute to the long-running indie band.

Sat 12 Nov

£5 / 020 7485 1773

Oxjam - The Dublin Castle, Camden

Come and support us at this Oxjam Music Festival: Music acts will be: DJ Cable - 3x DMC Champion, BBC 1Xtra Resident and multi award-winning DJ, playing Hip Hop and Bass Music. https://soundcloud.com/djcable Ragged Flags - Alternative Folk - https://www.facebook.com/TheRaggedFlags/?fref=ts Tom Owen (Modern 80s…

Sun 23 Oct

The Pogue Traders

The Pogue Traders- As approved from within the actual Pogue Mahone family ranks, the greatest possible alternative to catching the actual Shane McGowan and co… fabulous players all these Pogue Traders, and they give the legendary London Irish punk folk troupe a run for their money with wonderful readings of all those…

Fri 2 Dec

£6.60 / 020 7485 1773

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Sun 30 Oct

£8; £5 adv / 020 7485 1773

Reggae Riot Iv

'Reggae Riot 4' will hit Camden on 10/12/2016 when King Hammond & The Rude Boy Mafia, Roddy Radiation, Millie Manders & The Skapones come to London Town to blow The Dublin Castle apart with a cocktail of Skinhead Reggae, Ska, Bluebeat & Punk Rock.

Sat 10 Dec

£11 / 020 7485 1773

Rubbish Oasistributeband

RubbishOasisTribute- Thus named after them Gallagher bruvs infamous responses to dickhead journos back in the day please don't let the nomenclature put you off. As you'll already know if you're one of the throng who have attended our previous Oasis concept nights with these Italian Brit Rock enthusiasts at the helm, they…

Sat 12 Nov

Scout Killers

Scout Killers- Groove based heavy rockings with emotive vocals a la Soundgarden/Pearl Jam Blitzkrieg City- post emo melodic rock pop with punk undercurrent- influenced for sure by the U.S bands of punk popness from Bowling For Soup to Green Day and there is a bit of Ramones in there too. Daily Thompson- German punker…

Sun 6 Nov

£4.40 / 020 7485 1773

Shout Sister Shout Reunion Show!


Sat 11 Feb 2017

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The Skalectrics

Snappy 7 piece SKA covers act all yer 2 tone faves from Specials, Selecter Madness etc, played with verve and panache

Sat 18 Feb 2017

£8.80 / 020 7485 1773

Taped Off Peel….

The Nightingales- The legendary post punk Country n Midlands combo fronted by Robert Lloyd, like contemporaries in all things cerebral and agitated and post punk The Fall and Pere Ubu, only move forward, don't look back….new material always stretches the envelope as well as pushing the little fooker, hence last year's…

Wed 26 Oct

£11 / 020 7485 1773

Terry And Gerry

Terry and Gerry - Brum's very own kings of skifflecore pop punk rocknroll indie return, always a pleasure to host Terry and Gerry, the fastest, fieriest, most loved up and lovable Buddy Holly, Lonnie Donnegan luvin' stand up bass, washboard and harmony combo you'll ever encounter… so many sensationally singalongable songs…

Sat 29 Oct

£8.80 / 020 7485 1773

The Top Fuellers Christmas Party

The Top Fuellers- London/SouthEnd band playing punked up rockabilly/psychobilly-that's got a Ramones like quality above and beyond the rocknroll nuances. Ex Klingonz/Highliners 'Enjoying psychobilly music, beer, rockabilly music, beer, drag racing and hot rods, dubs and scooters'..Amen. Good rocking tonite. Jay Vee And…

Fri 9 Dec

Unknown Pleasures

Unknown Pleasures- Longest standing Joy Division tribute act on the block, these boys have been saluting the glacial majesty of Curtis, Morris, Hook and Albrecht (sic) for 20 years and are better than ever. Have been known to throw in a real cool curveball occasionally too, Magazine fans ahoyenjoy. Stella Grundy Band…

Sat 19 Nov

£5.50 / 020 7485 1773

Unknown Pleasures + Stella Grundy Band + Black Doldrums

The Joy Division tribute act, the electronic act from Manchester and the guitar and drums rock duo perform.

Sat 19 Nov

The Vibrators

The Vibrators- From Pure Mania in 1977 onwards The Vibrators set out their stall as the accomplished but still utterly kick ass end of Romantic punk n roll, showing the upstarts how it's done. Still the case…and former frontman Knox should be on hand tonight to hop up on stage and give us all goosebumps. Automatic Love…

Sat 17 Dec

£8.80 / 020 7485 1773

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