Kinning Park Complex

Kinning Park Complex
Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1AA
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Kinning Park Complex

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Community projects: Glasgow's flourishing Southside

6 May 2014

The Southside Fringe, Glad Cafe and Locavore are among the area's thriving community initiatives

Something good is growing in the Southside of Glasgow. It took root when local residents occupied the marked-for-closure Govanhill Baths in 2001 to turn it into a community-run venue. It’s in the independent spirit that last year drove local gig…

Community projects: Glasgow Southside's Kinning Park Complex

6 May 2014

The artist-friendly venue thrives on 'community focus with a heavy dose of common sense'

‘One of the most important things for us is being able to provide space for people. People are multi-talented and creative, they have the ideas and know what they want to do, but what they often lack is the physical space, and the money to do it. One of…