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Our 5 STAR apartments are located right in the heart of Cambridge and offer the highest possible standard of serviced accommodation available in Cambridge so much so that they have been awarded the prestigious 5 star GOLD AWARD. They are truly luxurious. Just close your eyes and dream Each apartment has been carefully designed using the most exquisite materials, such as very high-spec hand-printed wallpapers, silk curtains, hand-picked designer furniture and crystal chandeliers. Each is different and some include restored antique beds and award winning mattresses. The bathrooms are ultra modern and the kitchens are exceptionally well equipped. There is a huge flat screen TV in each apartment and free broadband, washing machine and dryer and microwave. Limited secure parking is available on request and costs £10 per day. NOBLEO is situated on a quiet side street between the 2 main shopping centres which are less than 5 minutes away and near all of the main colleges. There are restaurants just a few minutes walk all around and you are conveniently located right in the very centre. It is also very conveniently situated for the airport buses, which are 2 minutes walk away. Sometimes dreams come true after you have stayed with NOBLEO there is no alternative. Please note that there is no reception desk. Therefore please call NOBLEO thirty minutes before arrival to arrange keys. Telephone number will appear on your booking form.

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2. Mr stayelsewhere16 May 2016, 8:52am1 star Nobleo Report

Do yourself a favour and avoid this cowboy operation.

Everything about them is geared towards them as a business, with some of the worst customer care you will come across.

Expect to wait at least 30 minutes before you will even be let into your “luxury serviced apartment” where you can expect temperatures stuck at 31 degrees, damp peeling wall paper, pieces falling off the shower and an under equipped kitchen. During your stay try to make a single coffee sachet and one loo roll last for an entire week, and you won’t be disturbed by any cleaning staff as they never visit the room. Wifi was previously included but now isn’t as “if it breaks you’ll just be phoning us all the time to get it fixed”. Any previous promise of discounts discussed in advanced will be ignored. Expect to call at least a dozen times before you can speak to anyone, but that’s your only option as answer phone, text and email messages all seem to be ignored.

Cambridge is a great place to visit and with plenty of places to stay you're best of spending your over £100 per night somewhere other than this.

1. aissams ms13 Jul 2015, 12:47am1 star Nobleo Report

BEWARE! I booked 3 nights via and gave my visa card details for reservation. I arrived too late for the check-in (after 10 pm) and, the next morning, Nobleo:
- unilaterally cancelled my booking for the 3 nights and cashed in the payment for those 3 nights
- refused to let me stay for the 2nd and 3rd night 2, whereas they were not fully booked.
- refused to refund me those 2 nights, until I made it clear that I would reveal those practices and take all the actions necessary to put an end to them.

They kept on saying, this is normal practice, so beware!

Note that they only have 1 mobile phone number to be reached on and it has been picked up 5 times out of 19 attempts. I was told their day start at 10 am and they’re not available prior to that.

Note also that nowhere is it written that Nobleo are allowed to cancel the booking for late show. As a matter of fact, the Nobleo Ts&Cs state “Nobleo reserve the right to cancel bookings in rare and exceptional circumstances. In such a case, Nobleo will make all reasonable effort to offer a suitable alternative”.

Well, they had rooms available, and refused to let me spend my 2nd and 3rd night in there, and I had to quickly find another place to sleep.

A note in the website states that Nobleo can charge the full amount of the booking in the event of no show. But that does not give them the right to cancel 3 nights, just because of lateness on the first night and to cash in all the money for those 3 nights.

The first staff member I got to speak to, laughed at me explaining I wouldn’t get my money back and hung up on me. Then I spoke to the director, Hans Grunert who was incredibly rude and yelled at me when I suggested that his posture was not commercially wise and told him I would take action (which he took as a threat, as opposed to a promise). After finally accepting to refund me for Day 2 and Day 3, he said that he would never let me stay a night in at Nobleo and if he saw my name on the systems, I would be ignored.

I spend a 1/3 of my time in hotels (for work) and this is my first ever negative review as I usually can raise any concerns with the staff, but I regard Nobleo’s practices as dishonest and predatory. I have reported Nobleo & Mr Grunert to the relevant regulators so hopefully, in a few months, no one will have to worry about their practices.

To finish on a positive note, the customer service have been wonderful and extremely supportive in ringing Nobleo and they even paid me 50 pounds for the embarrassment, though they were not responsible for the trouble.

The personnel of the emergency hotel I stayed at was wonderful too. They witnessed my dealings with Nobleo and did their very best to find me a room for Day 2 and Day 3… and Cambridge is a lovely place.

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