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Creative Cookware
89 Rose Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3DT
  • Telephone 0131 226 2117
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2. yfc548 Oct 2014, 11:43pm Report

I've been a regular visitor to Creative Cookware and always had great service. The staff are really friendly and helpful, so to accuse them of being snooty or cold is bad enough but saying that they are racist is not only way out of order but quite frankly pathetic.Get a grip.

1. Fati20 Jun 2011, 7:14pm Report

I went into this store today for the first time and it will definitely be the last time, i will go in there. First impressions: snooty, snobbish, racist or maybe staff who have never seen a black person before - too bad.
On entry i said good morning to the two ladies at the till - no answer, no reply at all, but when a white couple entered just after me and said hello they got a cheery hello in reply - first strike.

I strolled over to check out some tea strainers, which was what i had come in for and the young lady at the till, who had been watching my every movement more hawkishly than a CCTV camera on speed, pretended she needed to get something in the store room next to where i was standing and then suspiciously asked if i needed any help - to which i replied no thank you.

By this time i had made up my mind, not to buy anything from Creative Cookware even if i had a gun pointed at my head. I lingered a little still watched by the two attendants and left. I must say i was really disapointed by their behaviour, in a cosmopolitan town like Edinburgh, which gets loads of visitors each year the ladies at Creative Cookware have lost one very vocal customer, who will warn all her friends and family about their snooty, cold, racist service.

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