Mains Castle

Mains Castle
Caird Park Mains Loan, Dundee, DD4 9BX
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14. sujones8 Jul 2012, 9:32pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

My wedding day went without a hitch and it upsets me to read the comments written by someone in an earlier review who was obviously stressed out and jet lagged before, during and after her wedding.

The whole review is pathetic. Why spoil good memories, but hey, maybe that's how they do things elsewhere. Besides there is nothing wrong with quitting smoking need to do it myself very soon.

We chose Mains castle initially for its location however, the help, assistance and great advice from Eva made me realise that it took more than a great location to make a fantastic wedding. Being married for the first time you don't know what to do, have to take advice and consider your budget. Victor and Eva couldn't have been more helpful in their attention to detail. Our guests were very impressed with the wedding meal and the hospitality shown to them by the staff who worked very hard during our wedding.

By the way, our handfasting ceremony was awesome, real Scottish tradition.

Thanks once again Mains Castle, I only have praise for your efforts in making my day one to remember.

13. Ciorstaidh24 May 2012, 11:24am2 stars Mains Castle Report

The castle is gorgeous & looks fab in photos. A fantastic place for a photo opportunity.

However if you are thinking of holding a wedding reception here and have your own ideas about the order of service, are not sure if you want speeches before dinner, etc - then think very carefully.

After paying thousands (no discount for a midweek wedding) I was not happy that the waiting staff turned up to serve at our wedding reception in their jeans! Talk about scruffy.

About the booking - Trying to liaise with someone 12,000 miles away to book a wedding from Australia is hard enough, however the managers Victor & Eva were hell bent on "skyping" us to discuss everything - clearly a massive fail with an 11 hour time difference. We tried to email them & arrange phone calls instead but to no avail. All they wanted to do was Skype us.

For a couple who bang on incessantly about communication it appears they know very little about communication indeed.

I ended up having to send my parents to the venue to once gain re-iterate all our instructions, which were met with total surprise and my poor parents were subjected to the hard sell of all the little extras available at the venue, despite us already having selected and paid for the "princess package".

We were not even allowed to have our own confetti on the tables - apparently it causes too much work for the cleaners! We had to use their own golden petals supplied on the tables instead, clearly the cleaner doesn't have an issue recycling these petals. The DJ was an extra cost we wanted, however having been told the bar would be closed at 12.30am we were not prepared for the DJ to turn the music off & start packing up his gear with no warning! - The staff didn't tell us about that, clearly that wasn't in the communication memo. Nor were we impressed with the DJs limited playlist & penchant for playing requests for the bar staff. We felt the managers were pushy & tried far too hard to try to get us to hold a handfasting ceremony (which we didn't want), they were almost desperate in their attempts to get us to purchase extras for our function. They weren't happy that we wanted an informal do, and when we advised we didn't want a master of ceremonies at our own reception, well, let's just say it wasn't a warm, happy response. I thought Eva was going to faint when I told her I wanted the speeches before the meal. It seems all is good if you go with their way of thinking, otherwise they make things difficult for you.

During the function, Eva was spotted on many occasions smoking her plastic fake cigarette (clearly trying to quit) which was in the middle of the main bar where my guests were drinking. There aren't many seats there, and we weren't impressed that she and her work cronies were sitting around, having a breather on our time.

The buffet was your basic, frozen sausage rolls, etc. sandwiches were very basic too, and we were disappointed in that as well.

Dealing with Victor and Eva and having to argue our point over our own wedding reception was downright exhausting. It was like holding a UN debate every time they spoke to us. If we hadn't had to book our wedding at such short notice, there was no way we would have gone ahead with the circus that was a Mains Castle wedding reception. They are stuck in their ways, confrontational and seem more interested in generating extra cash than making sure the reception went to plan.

I had flown 23 hours to get to Dundee and was grilled by Victor when I had to postpone my viewing of the venue due to jetlag.

Luckily we had a fantastic day, but it certainly wasn't anything to do with Mains Castle.

12. IDG19 Apr 2012, 8:18pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

My friends birthday party was the best party ever! The place is in the middle of a quiet golf course and it's easy to go there thanks the A90 that's running nearby. The castle itself is jaw dropping and tastefully decorated. The professional staff prepared a perfect evening and a superb meal. Profuse care was given to us, from the welcoming to the end of the party. Thank you guys!

11. olly2119 Apr 2012, 2:22pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

Just had my Wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mains Castle is a gem! incredible value for a money!The setting, the food, the service and staff are second to none!
Thank you so much everybody who made this day happened, my family and friends, who made effort to come and very special thank you to the staff of Mains Castle , and Eva & Victor of course!
Love you all!
God bless you.

10. unhappy customer2 Apr 2012, 9:50pm1 star Mains Castle Report

Im just writing this review to try and prevent anyone from making the same mistake as we did. We were wowed by the fact we could get married in a castle. But sadly we were very disappointed with the service we received. We would not recommend anyone planning any important/special occations to have them at mains castle. The castle itself is lovely but the service does not match. We decided to cancel our wedding there and look for somewhere with a more professional attitude and service.

9. safariboy5 Jul 2011, 10:26pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

I attended a wedding last month as a guest and also found it stunning.
I have made some enquiries as i actually proposed to my girlfriend last year. I was very surprised that we could be married in a castle at an affordable price! The venue speaks for itself and the attention we were given was fantastic!

8. Margaret M26 Jun 2011, 1:20pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

I have just organised a wonderful evening in Mains Castle for a group of delegates from the USA and 19 European countries. We were treated to an excellent evening of wonderful food and hospitality. Eva and Vic were generous in their attention to deal and the feed back from all who attended was of a memorable evening. It was, in fact, the highlight of the visit. The main room was decorated so beautifully, it looked like something out of a fairy tale. Many many thanks.

7. jessicastanford7524 Oct 2010, 7:41pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

I recently attended my cousin's wedding at Mains Castle, and after attending several weddings at large venues such as the landmark and apex hotels, was somewhat apprehensive about what to expect. However, I could not have been more impressed by the service provided here. The castle presents a warm, friendly yet professional atmosphere, with picturesque surroundings and a stunningly beautiful interior to match. The staff were very well trained, and the whole event ran effortlessly smoothly, five-star service all round. I would recommend this venue for anyone planning a function, and am currently considering it for my own wedding.

6. sarahjane24 Oct 2010, 7:06pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

My partner and I were recently married at Mains castle and could not have imagined a more perfect day. Every detail was perfect, from the beautiful courtyard ceremony to the delicious meal. The staff were extremely attentive and made sure all our guests were catered for to the highest standard. The owners Eva and Vic were so helpful in planning every aspect of the day, and we cannot thank them enough. I would recommend the castle to any couple, especially if your looking for great value and an extra special day. Thanks so much!!!

5. kerris7412 Jan 2010, 7:15pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

We recently held our wedding at the mains castle and was extremely impressed with everything, the staff were polite and tidy and did everything possible to ensure the day went smoothly and the food was fantastic and i just couldnt beleive that it didnt cost us a lot more we couldnt have been happier and the whole family was made to feel so at ease and relaxed through out the day , and it was all done for a whole lot less than we had ever expected, we cannot thank Vic and Eva plus all the staff for making our special day a lot better than we could ever have imagined keep up the good work guys much love xxxxx

4. shirley10 Jan 2010, 1:13am5 stars Mains Castle Report

my sister had her kids christening at the castle and it was the most perfect day I have ever seen. Vic and Eva made us feel so at home and the kids had a brilliant day we couldnt have asked for a better day. When I heard about this guy taking them to court the first thing I thought was he is just a cheapskate who didnt want to pay, what a loser

3. sandrad9 Jan 2010, 3:35pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

I recently attended a wedding at Mains Castle and found it to be the perfect venue. Romantic, picturesque surroundings coupled with great service and a fantastic atmosphere. The bar is a not cheap, but not a scratch on what you'll pay at the likes of Glamis etc. I was saddened to hear about recent court actions and can only think, pay peanuts and you'll get a monkey. I would highly recommend this venue to any potential newlyweds and anyone else planning any special occasion.

2. superman9 Jan 2010, 2:54pm5 stars Mains Castle Report

My sister's wedding day was awesome! We had the fantastic time and Mains castle is an absolutely stunning place.

1. snowqueen22 Oct 2009, 2:02am5 stars Mains Castle Report

Mains Castle Dundee was the wedding venue chosen by my friend for her wedding this year.
It proved to be one of the most romantic weddings i had ever attended.
Beautiful atmosphere,Romantic surroundings,excellent service from very attentive and professional staff.The traditional scottish hand-fast ceremony was unique and very emotional.
Superb venue for a wedding.

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