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A fantasy escape over four floors, encompassing numerous bars, a restaurant and a unique club space, as well as a multitude of party pods and secret corners to discover.

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  • Largest group: 400
  • Open since: 2009

Comments & ratings

37. DotCom25 Aug 2011, 12:03pm4 stars Hummingbird Report

If we'd read the older reviews of Hummingbird we wouldn't have gone near it, but as we passed one lunch time a nice young man handed us a flier and invited us in just as the rain came on. So, encouraged by the 'two for the price of one' offer on a board outside we decided to try it out.

Inside the decor was fun and the staff very friendly and attentive. We ordered some drinks and the 'original burgers' which were part of the two for one offer. The generous sized burgers were delicious, the salad garnish crisp and the roll fresh and tasty. Arguably the best we'd had in Glasgow.

Far from being a flash in the pan the standard has been maintained on several occassions, as we have rather adopted Hummingbird as our place to eat lunch in Glasgow, organising a girls lunch there and recommending it to friends who also found it enjoyable and good value for money.

The food is cooked fresh though, so be prepared to wait a reasonable time for it to arrive, although we've found time flies as staff make sure you are well looked after while you wait

36. GREENMAN10 Jan 2011, 9:43am Report

Been there twice now.

1st time was a team night out and left after 1 hour. Stuck in a cupboard with no air conditioning which they have the cheek to call a karaoke booth. Couldn't swing a cat in it.

2nd time, dept night out were our company had put £10,000 behind the bar. Staff looked miserable all night and one of the girls had the cheek to make me say please before she would supply me with 2 beers which I had asked for. She was just a stuck up little girl who seemed to think se was better than the people she was serving!
If it hadn't been a work night out were I was representing the company, I would have taken the matter further.


Food was rubbish as well and I spent the rest of the weekend with a sore stomach and frerquent visits to the toilet.

35. Loopy Lou27 Jul 2010, 3:38pm5 stars Hummingbird Report

Well I was at the Hummingbird for my hen night on the 19th of June and after reading all the terrible reviews I was a bit scared about how the night would turn out. Fortunately it was an absolutely amazing night and I had a brilliant time and so did all my other hens. There was 19 of us and we had the posh room booked for the whole night from around 6pm. We got there a bit late but that was ok. When I first walked into the room I could not believe how gorgeous it was, the tables were so beautiful and the whole look of the room was fabulous. We were all blown away. We had 2 girls serving our room alnight and I cannot praise them enough, they were so attentive and just knew what to do alnight with kittys and tables paying seperately etc. They served us drinks alnight and we were never waiting long. The 3 course meal was £25 each and included a half bottle of wine as well. The meal was absolutely beautiful, not too much and not too little and the starter was to die for, just veg spring rolls and a nice sauce but it was so good! Anyway, a really great place to go to, only bad thing was the room got very hot but it was the middle of June so that's to be expected. The toilets are about 30 stairs up as well which is a bit inconvenient if you're running back and forward. The karaoke was not the best either but it did provide some great moments. The cocktails are heaven though but you don't get them in the posh room, you need to go to the bar downstairs. Very reasonably priced for massive cocktails.

34. Good night out23 Jul 2010, 3:15pm5 stars Hummingbird Report

Looking at the other reviews posted there seems to be a total mixed view on this place! I personally like Hummingbird for a night out.
To be fair it is quite swanky but its not really claimed to be anything else.
I often find myself here for after work drinks on a Friday. its always buzzing and the music is upbeat and perfect to get you in the mood for the weekend.
The bar bites are cheap and good for a quick fix!
I enjoy the style of the place and the decor is grand!
overall a nice venue for drinks its definetley worth a visit even if its just for a look at the place!

33. Nice Venue2 Jul 2010, 3:56pm4 stars Hummingbird Report

Love this place for a girly night out!!
Cocktails are half price on a wednesday also.
The decor is glamorous and the music trendy.
The party pods upstairs are also great fun for a works night out or celebration, they have karaoke and dress up.
This is one of my favourite bars in Glasgow id absolutely recommend a visit here!

32. Hummingbird2 Jul 2010, 2:50pm4 stars Hummingbird Report

Great Bar to look at and nice atmosphere!
I normally pop in here with some work colleagues on a friday!Its always busy and i really enjoy it for a few drinks before heading home.
The bar can be quite busy but generally you dont have to wait too long to get served!
Iv only had food a few times and its generally always been nibbles, but it's been more than satisfying.

Its worth a visit even just for a look as it is an amazing looking place!!

31. Hummingbird - Great Night2 Jul 2010, 12:15pm4 stars Hummingbird Report

I have to disagree with alot of the reviews i have read below. I visited Hummingbird recently for a friends birthday.
We were booked into one of the party pods - the glitter room.
We all met in the main bar for a drink before heading upstairs.
The staff were all really friendly and the cocktails delicious (id recommend the strawberry and cream)

In the pod we had a buffet and cocktails all which were served quick and the whole party were pleased with the food!
Theres a bar on the same level as the private rooms which meant we could wander back and forth and order drinks, which the staff would bring through!
The pod itself is modernly decorated and comfortable. The karaoke is fun and easy to work. overall i had a great experience of Hummingbird i thinks its an attractive venue and offers you something a bit different from anywhere else in glasgow.

Well worth a visit id say, as i was there recently i dont know if there has been a change in management but i would recommend a night out here especially for larger parties!

30. Trent McClenahan23 Jun 2010, 6:34am Report

Easy way to some this place up. RUBBISH!! I think you would struggle to find anyone who knew what they were doing when i was in. I was taking a few friends from Edinburgh out for the evening and decided to visit some of Glasgows better bars (shouldve dodged this place) decided to sample the menu in this "greasy spoon" only for the food to be cold and definitly not as described in the menu, when asking to speak to the manager to complain i was informed "no, he'll just say what've ive told you." I was incensed at this, i tried to approach a fellow who i thought was a senior bar staff (weasley looking chap) only to find out he was the manager and he refused to here my complaint. Definitly a place not to visit in Glasgow

29. LD6 Jun 2010, 8:01pm5 stars Hummingbird Report

Having been at a hen do in the hummingbird last night i have nothing but glowing comments to make. ten of us arrived at six and had booked out the 'glitter room' until 9pm. Included in the £35 was two cocktails, a glass of champagne, three hours of karioke and a three course asian themed meal. the staff were friendly, efficient and helpful. not only did our food and drink arrive promptly staff popped into our pod to check that everything was up to standard and to enquire if we needed anything else. regarding hen night dress codes i was informed on the phone and via the website that hen night attire could be worn when in the pod but not outside of it....which suited the blushing bride to be no end.

we hadn't booked or reserved a table in the main bar prior to our booking but when we asked if we could reserve one staff were able to accomodate us and we were given a table that was perfectly situated and the right size for our party. the waiting times at the bar were reasonable given it was a saturday night. the staff in the main bar were as friendly, helpful and efficient as the waiting staff that we had encountered in the glitter room. when popping out for cigarettes there was great banter from the security staff (although whether they found it as brill as we did as the night went on is another matter). the manager was helpful and accessible. he was visible throughout the evening and ran a tight ship.

overall...we had an excellent experience in this unique venue.

28. Vonnie21 Apr 2010, 9:16pm4 stars Hummingbird Report

Yup at the risk of sounding un-inventive Hummingburd really is humming! One of the bouncers in particular almost went out of his way to ruin my sisters 21st, he wasnt going to let some of the party in due to the 'dress code' then he told some of the group they would need to keep their jackets on for the whole night!
The service was slow, drinks overpriced, music not great, and bar staff looked scruffy and even unwashed and they had the cheek to go on about the 'dress code' the manager came out to speak to us dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (very upmarket eh?)
Absolute trash will never be back!!

27. mia20 Mar 2010, 2:48pm1 star Hummingbird Report

This is one place that I wont be recommeding. It is an overrated, expensive playground run by a manager who needs a lesson in customer care. Each time I challenged him about the "rules" ie dress code his only reply was "read the website". He refused guests at a private function (ie birthday party) entry because of the "dress code" although at the time of the booking this was never metioned, had it been then we would not have gone to this place. The drinks were very expensive and it lacked atmosphere. Not quite sure what they are trying to achieve, just a bunch of immature people trying to play at grown ups!! If you are considering it, DONT, it is a waste of money run by an obnoxious .............! Oh and they tried to confiscate the birthday presents.

26. mia20 Mar 2010, 1:05pm Report

One of the worst places in Glasgow. Had my nieces 18 birthday in the penthouse. The bouncers at the door turned away half her friends who had travelled 50 miles to get there. They said it was due to inadequate id and dress code.
The dress code was white for the 18th birthday party and people turned up in white but were turned away by the doormen.
We complained to the manager but he was none too bright.!!!
Doormen were even worse.
After spending 2 hours decorating the penthouse stairway with balloons and photos we were told to take them down by the manager even though he had been in and out of the penthouse and was aware we were decorating the stairwell.

Staff were all stern faced not welcoming at all.
Someone mentioned earlier it was a posh place!!!!! Dont think so. Nothing posh about this place at all.

Would never recommend it to anyone.
Dull, lifeless no atmosphere. Go to ORAN MOR if you want a good party/event. They know how to run a good venue.

25. clairefg21 Jan 2010, 11:34am5 stars Hummingbird Report

Attended a hen party there on Saturday and a fantastic time was had by all.
Admittedly communication was a bit slow after the initial booking but after dropping by and introducing ourselves we met Andrew who assured us that he would personally make sure we had a great time. The menu was sent to us the week before and the food was very very good. If you ever have the chance, try the chocolate brownie with wasabi ice cream. (I was in chocolate heaven for at least an hour afterwards).
We had the posh room booked for 23 of us and we were even allowed to stay in there until 3am. The staff were great, always in and out checking what we would like and although there were several looking after us a special shout out to Andrew for the great banter and Ryan for taking such good care of us.
I have read the earlier reviews about hen parties and can say that I too cross the street when I see big, loud, groups of scantily dressed women. Our theme was 'Pure Class' and thats exactly what you get at Hummingbird in the 'Posh Room'.
Not to say that we didn't all have an amazing time, playing games and fighting over who sings on the karaoke next, we were by no means a quiet group but in the privacy of the room we could make as much noise and have as much fun as we liked.
I would recommend this venue for anyone considering an elegant, fun hen night. I would however suggest that you stick to the wine package and buy cocktails separately. The cocktails are excellent but much better value purchased in individual glasses.
I will return with my friends in the future and hope to sample some of the other dishes on the menu very soon.

24. gabriella gonzales7 Jan 2010, 4:49pm Report

I would not recommend the hummingbird having been there on my staff night out. The staff were rude,lazy and the level of service was terrible. We were all well dress and friendly, we were not a hen or stag party , it was in fact trainee solicitors night out. We ordered champagne which never appeared although when the bill came we were in fact charged for it. Main courses were cold and I have tasted better cocktails elsewhere. Just seems to be another run of the mill G1 bar, not what we had in mind when booking.

23. GlasgowSue7 Nov 2009, 11:27am4 stars Hummingbird Report

Booked a function for work in the Penthouse at the Hummingbird. The pre-event communication was absolutely awful, having to chase up responses to emails, turning up for appointment with someone who was on a day off etc etc. Didn't read the reviews first so needless to say I was more than a little concerned about the whole thing.
However, we had a great night! The staff were aware of the issues I had had and therefore I think extra attention was given. The event was on a Thursday night which I think helped as they were not as busy.
Food was delicious, drinks great and on the whole, the staff were helpful. Special mention to Andrew who was just fantastic the whole evening.

22. Lisa Loo6 Nov 2009, 10:44am Report

Dont you just hate it when people who work there defend there place. See above. I think his comments were spot on except for the fact you leave feeling slightly ripped off for the poor food & drink. Not even worth a visit

21. Tiara5 Nov 2009, 11:13pm5 stars Hummingbird Report

Hummingbird is brilliant!

To the above comment... SHUT UP!!!!!!! Why don't you just stick to the garage (or any other pish haunt with DJ's who deliver the same mainstream noise week after week) instead of "insulting" real beats which your body can't move to - because you're shite.

Great atmosphere, great food, great service and GREAT music!!!!

Come join us...

20. bd25 Sep 2009, 4:26am2 stars Hummingbird Report

Well I was in this place for the first time tonight and I have to say the bar staff were friendly and attended to me fairly quickly, the atmosphere upstairs was good. There were about 15-20 people in my party and they all seemed to enjoy themselves until....

we went downstairs, which was absolutely freezing because the door was being left open for smokers, but worst of all, we got our hopes up when we realised there was a dj on. He was shit, I mean really absolutely downright awful. Does he do requests? Not a chance, he was so far up his own back passage all he would play was utter crap that no one was dancing to. No wonder the place emptied pretty quickly. Someone told me this is one of Mr King's places, if it is I hope he takes mine and other people's negative comments about this place on board because this could be a great place to chill out if only the pretentious wank of a dj got the boot.

19. Rachy B15 Sep 2009, 1:12pm Report

Dont go out your way to visit. Went on Friday for drinks, was dead although the staff still tried to avoid serving me and my 2 girlfriends, the guy behind the bar who eventually served us was friendly and helpful, Cosmo was good but the wine was warm. Wont be back any time soon. Overpriced and a bit pompous

18. Jordan12438 Sep 2009, 10:19am5 stars Hummingbird Report

I cant say I agree with the previous negative comments. We went for a staff night out and we booked out the room at the top. The booking process was easy and the satff were all very friendly. So much so that we are returning again this week. On previous visits the music has been good and the drinks are no more expensive than anywhere else on Bath Street. I would definately recommend hummingbird.

17. Paul Crawford7 Sep 2009, 8:46pm4 stars Hummingbird Report

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening in Hummingbird. After a rocky spell the place is back on track delivering something special in Glasgow City Centre. It's relaxed dining so don't expect crisp linen and the unique touches are really appreciated. Keep it up!

16. Rachael B31 Aug 2009, 11:04am5 stars Hummingbird Report

What a place! Hummingbird is the new place to be seen... It's trendy without you feeling uncomfortable. I booked for dinner on Saturday night and was warmly welcomed by a door host who directed me through to the main bar. We were seated at the window and even though there was a few drinkers beside us l felt it only added to the great atmosphere. Hummingbird is relaxed dining which l know isn't to everyone's taste, however, if you want to dine in great surroundings then this is the place...Food was quick and our drinks were delicious. We sipped Victorian Mojitos for the rest of the night after being told by the waitress that it was their "Cocktail of the Week". We had a wee wander round the place to only realise that the decor gets even better. The beach bar was busy so we headed to the mezzanine level and sat ourselves on the swinging basket seats. They have to be seen to be believed!! Hummingbird just had such a great atmosphere on Saturday night. If Hummingbird is bottling that type of atmosphere l want some. I'll be sure to return...

15. Antony Gerard Patrick28 Aug 2009, 12:28am4 stars Hummingbird Report

was in for the first time on friday, had a great nite. we were on the main floor and although it was busy there was still decent seating available and the waitresses were great giving table service so we didn't wait at the bar. really nice building sure someone said there were folk in the hot tub as well! banter

14. Antony Gerard Patrick28 Aug 2009, 12:13am4 stars Hummingbird Report

was in for the first time on friday, had a great nite. we were on the main floor and although it was busy there was still decent seating available and the waitresses were great giving table service so we didn't wait at the bar. really nice building sure someone said there were folk in the hot tub as well! banter

13. Lisa Loo26 Aug 2009, 3:17am Report

0 Rating this place is a joke. I went for dinner here on Friday, booked it on the Thursday, although when we arrive we are told our booking doesnt exist?!? We are eventually seated and then ignored fo 20 mins before someone asks us for a drink a further 20 mins pass before we get them and then a further 20 minutes for our food order to be taken?!? 1 hour to even order!!!When explaining this to the staff she just shrugged her shoulders. The staff were rude, unhelpful and seemed to just stand about talking to each other. The food was bland and drinks were ok, but wont be returning here anytime soon. Before we left i asked for a comment card the employee laughed and said we dont have things like that, no wonder, dont want to see what customers really think. Its the pits!!

12. Hannah23 Aug 2009, 8:19pm4 stars Hummingbird Report

Couldn't have put it better myself Watty! I went out last night for my mate's 21st and we ended up in Hummingbird and had an awesome night, great atmosphere!! Had to wait a wee while on our drink but was understandable as it was a busy Sat night :-) ! Beware Hummingbird, we shall be back!!! xxxxxx

11. Watty21 Aug 2009, 2:46am4 stars Hummingbird Report

Ha Ha! Hilarious!!! Hummingbird's a great club and the less overweight, badly dressed and foul mouthed hen parties the better!! great music and cocktails...I go all the time and always get friendly service. Maybe these hens should go somewhere a bit more suited to their level...and leave those of us with an ounce of class to enjoy our night. keep up the good work Hummingbird.

10. Ann R4 Aug 2009, 9:22pm Report

Hummingbird more like a CROWS NEST,who do they think they are, looking down there nose @ us as if we were droppings from the hummingbirds ar**.. I didn't travel all the way from Nottingham for my future nieces hen night to be treated like a piece of sh** we were put into the CROWS NEST and told not to come out because we were in fancy dress bearing in mind we were not informed of a dress code 5 months prior when it was booked and a deposit of £250 taken, (who has a hen night & not dress up) i ask you, I was disgusted @ The couldn't care less attitude of the Manager and staff, the service was appalling @ the food not much better, the karaoke machine like the air con was a hit or a mis (maybe a visit from health & safety would be beneficial) when we opened the window for ventilation we were told to close it, Wait for it... the police were complaining of the noise... The centre of Glasgow, Bath street, wall to wall in night Clubs, and the police are complaining.. Do they think our heads Zip up the back this place is a joke, I have a large circle of friends who often travel from Notts to Glasgow/ Edinburgh for wk-ends party's etc. this is one club they wont be visiting, and I am still spreading the word.

PS.. can someone please tell me if they have a policy of no fancy dress, why was there a basket of feathered masks, bunny ears, and fairy wings which we found and was messing around with?? To****s

9. vonnie,d3 Aug 2009, 11:17pm Report

i had my hen night here on sat, it was booked for 7.00 and when we arrived around 7.15 they were still setting the tables, we then had to wait around an hour and a half to be served our starter, the staff were very rude, we were restricted to one small room with a karioke machine that didnt work properly, the staff complained we we singing to loud and closed the windows! we had silly hats and saches on which they made us take off if we wanted to use the toilet! if we wanted a ciggy we had to move down the street a bit because of our hats and saches (they have a reputaion apparantly) when my bridesmaids tryed to complain the manager was rude and basically told us tuff sh**.. hummigbirds is a total waste of time and money.

8. Teresa3 Aug 2009, 4:58pm Report

If you want a Hen Night to remember with lots of fun, good food, polite cheery staff and a warm welcome then avoid this place. They only specialise in making your night out as miserable as possible by being unwelcoming, don't care attitude when you complain, providing broken karaoke machine and endless waiting for mediocre food.

7. Jenny d3 Aug 2009, 3:47pm Report

TOTAL DISASTER!!!dont no where to begin, the staff are totaly inconsiderate, and incapable of any customer service.

we had booked a private room for a hen party of 30. we advised the staff at time of booking (5 months before the party)that it was a hen party!!but were not advised of any dress code what so ever. when one of the girls noticed very small print on the website stating that fancy dress was not allowed we called the manager who then could not explain why this was not advised to us before. the manager then agreed to allow the fancy dress(cowboy outfits, hats and sachets realy). however, on the night when some of the girls were having a cigarette they were asked to move from the premises because of the dress code.

we arrived at the room after 7pm, it had been booked for 7pm and was not ready, we waited until 9pm for the menu's to even be handed out and the choice was terrible. one waiter then offered to take orders from the main menu but when we where actually advised of this we were then told it was too late to order anything else.

i spoke to the manager on the night to ask why on the website it cleary states you will be given the choce of 3 set menu's the manager said this should have happened however theirnew cheif can only cook a very very small choice of food. when i questioned this he then back tracked to say we should not have a choice and that it was an error on the website.

the manager did however offer to give us a half a bottle of wine per person nice...only this was already included in the price of the meal something he convieniently forgot!!


6. Vicky3 Aug 2009, 10:31am Report

Rude staff!! Pathetic service! And clearly there is a training issue when it comes to customer service.

I really do not know where to start on expressing how disappointed i am with Hummingbird.

1- Room wasnt ready when we arrived
2- One waiter to serve 30 people
3- Waited an hour and half for our food menus and what a JOKE that menu was!
4- On the time of booking i was told there would be 3 menus to choose from.. this was not the case and staff & manager where incompetent and basically told take it or leave it.
5- 9.20 we where still waiting on our main courses and again i complained but got the "dont give a sh!t attitude"
6- When some of the party went out for cigarette they where told off staff to move down the street because of their fancy dress outfit.
7- Also... I booked this for a hen party 5months ago and was not advised in any way about their strict no fancy dress policy, when calling to confirm details about the night 3weeks prior to the evening they then decided to tell me about this policy! I then asked why this was not explained to me at the time as i would have went else where but no-one could give me an answer. All they said they could do was try find me another venue with G1 Group. This did not happen either, promise after promise about staff calling me back failed everytime. The manager then called me back the next week and told me i could continue with the booking if we stayed in out private room. I then accepted this because it was now to late to get anywhere else. On the night of the hen night i asked him what he can do for us for all this inconvience and he said "nothing i can do". The reason we picked hummingbird was due to the fact we had our own private room for the beggining of the night and then access to the nightclub when the meals where finsihed. All the manager said he can do was let us have the private room until 3. This was not good enough and i explained i will be writing a complaint to head office as we would be treated better being lions in a zoo. He showed no remorse and told me i can do what i want.

The mananger was very inconsiderate to the whole situation and i and the other 29 girls will NEVER set foot in this place again!

Why is this place still trading for business?

5. Kirstie2 Aug 2009, 1:43pm1 star Hummingbird Report

I would rate this minus 5 star

I would NEVER recommend anyone to go to Hummingbirds for any occasion. An absolute nightmare.

We had organised a party of 30 (cowgirls) for my cousins hen night and were all looking forward to a great night with great food.
As soon as we arrived we were told that they have a strict policy on dress code and could refuse us entry because we had all dressed up as cowgirls. This was the first we had heard of this and the start Hummingbirds shocking service, for example:

* We were not allowed anywhere else in the club due to their strict dress code
* The room was still being set up as we waited for 30 minutes on drinks
* The menus did not cater for all our party and were told 'tuff' their new chef could not cater for anything else
* We were still waiting on our deserts at 10.30pm
* The manager was clearly not taking on board anything we said
* The karaoke machine did not work properly and staff could not work it
* A staff member came in a closed the windows and complained about the noise

etc etc etc

An absolute disgrace. I cant express how disappointed we all are (especially the hen) and will never be back.

4. Kirstie2 Aug 2009, 1:41pm Report

I would NEVER recommend anyone to go to Hummingbirds for any occasion. An absolute nightmare.

We had organised a party of 30 (cowgirls) for my cousins hen night and were all looking forward to a great night with great food.
As soon as we arrived we were told that they have a strict policy on dress code and could refuse us entry because we had all dressed up as cowgirls. This was the first we had heard of this and the start Hummingbirds shocking service, for example:

* We were not allowed anywhere else in the club due to their strict dress code
* The room was still being set up as we waited for 30 minutes on drinks
* The menus did not cater for all our party and were told 'tuff' their new chef could not cater for anything else
* We were still waiting on our deserts at 10.30pm
* The manager was clearly not taking on board anything we said
* The karaoke machine did not work properly and staff could not work it
* A staff member came in a closed the windows and complained about the noise

etc etc etc

An absolute disgrace. I cant express how disappointed we all are (especially the hen) and will never be back.

3. Poison__Pixie3 Jun 2009, 7:25pm Report

I was really looking forward to going here, I thought it looked amazing, and I liked the sound of the fish bowl cocktails too. When we arrived we went into the restaurant and sat at an empty table. We were told that the table was reserved - no signs though. There were really big tables with only 2 people sitting at them - complete waste.
We were told to go upstairs to get a seat as it was quiet - we went upstairs and couldn't move.
We decided to head down to the basement, and again were moved as the tables were supposedly reserved - I do not understand the point of having a bar/nightclub/restaurant if no one can get a seat.
We stood at the bar waiting to be served, and were completely ignored. There were no menus for drinks. I was going to order a fish bowl cocktail, but I noticed that these were actually no bigger than the Ultimate cocktails you get from TGI Fridays - but they wanted £10.95 each for them - what a complete rip off!!!
After 25 minutes of being moved around and being ignored at the bar, we left and didn't have a single drink!!!!

I would NEVER return to this sh*t hole as long as I live, it is full of pretentious snobs, and the staff think they are something special and look down their noses at you - they seem to forget they work in a bar for crying out loud.


I headed to Revolution instead, got a seat straight away, and served in 2 seconds.

2. Loz B27 May 2009, 11:55pm Report

Our night out was a complete disaster due to the incompetence of Hummingbird staff. I also know of 2 other hen night parties who have been appalled by the service or food in this place. Just wish I'd found out sooner before we turned up at the weekend for a supposedly fab night out. The 17 pre-ordered bottles of wine took over 30 minutes to arrive, the glasses arrived sometime later and were dirty or warm. The waiter muttered under his breath 'oh for f#@k sake" when my friend returned her burnt nachos and he put them down in front of someone else instead!. They still made us pay most of the bill despite the fact we left before deserts, the starters were below average and the mains were appauling. My friend sent her steak back 3 times as it was undercooked but the raw prawns and chicken took the biscuit. The veg green curry tasted of air-freshner. Pretty poor for the G1 group's new baby! We have all been used as part of their opening up training exercise at our expense and misfortune! The manager e-mailed me personally on Monday to say a booking for our party of 36 should never have been taken in the first place as the place just isn't suitable for large parties. Go here at your own risk. Humming bird more like HUMMING.!

1. Jillius20 May 2009, 11:58am Report

I wouldn't give it any stars

The service was appalling, food revolting and a evening a complete hassle.

Do not recommend organising an event or party there. Waste of time and money.

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