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A1 Pets
165 Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, EH6 5LG
  • Telephone 0131 467 2928
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Family-run animal-friendly hub with a huge range of stock, and a brand-new aquarium room. They're also very community-minded, sponsoring all sorts of local events, like doggy walk extravaganza Bark in the Park.

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2. S Bell22 Apr 2019, 2:57am3 stars A1 Pets Report

Oh gracey! Rocking up demanding a change under an “act” won’t get you anywhere Doris. Surely you are old enough and wise enough to understand that, doris? Bless. Poor pussy didn’t get a good scratch

1. Grace Brownlie5 Nov 2015, 5:26pm1 star A1 Pets Report

Awful shop. Some nice staff, but management rude and unhelpful. I bought a cat scratching post there a few months ago, and came to realise that my cat wasn't using it, hence why she had reverted to scratching up my furniture! I realised that she wasn't using it as the base, which is round, was not heavy enough, or wide enough so it just toppled over when she scratched on it. This product is therefore not fit for purpose (under the Sale of Goods Act 2015), which I explained when I tried to return it and exchange for a larger more sturdy post (which I was wiling to pay the extra for), but they refused to offer an exchange just because 'I had changed my mind'! They also do not provide receipts.

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