The Argyle Bar

The Argyle Bar
15–17 Argyle Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1JJ
  • Telephone 0131 221 9759
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3. Debs T7 Dec 2012, 12:59pm4 stars The Argyle Bar Report

The Argyle Bar and Cellar Monkey has been taken over by new management of late and there's definitely a buzz about the place! I look forward to seeing what 2013 brings...

2. Ruzenka27 Sep 2011, 12:58pm Report

I have had a very unpleasant experience in the Argyle bar and cannot recommend it to anyone.

I can't really remember why we decided to book the function room in the Argyle bar as a venue for our joint birthday party. I guess we liked the way it looked and it seemed empty, neglected by customers and in need of some business - as a small business owner I try as much as I can to support local businesses – times are not easy and we are all in the same boat – but what a mistake that was!

Weeks of preparations, excitement, time and money all wasted in one moment by an angry man on some sort of a power trip.

From day one of organizing our party we were quite clear about the fact that we will have 2 rock bands playing. The owner/manager did state that the noise might cause a trouble with the neighbours to which we have replied that the bands are important to us and that we need a venue that will accommodate the 2 bands. We asked if we could be considered if we made sure that both of the bands finished playing by 10 PM.

At that moment we started to research other venues as a backup but we really wanted the Argyle bar as it was closer to our homes and just seemed easier to come to. In my opinion this would have been a perfect time for the owner of the bar to tell us that having the bands in his pub was out of question. He did not! Instead he replied that if we do finish before 10PM the venue could be ours.

We have cancelled our backup venues and started to prepare for our big day. 3 people were going to celebrate their birthday and we were going to bring around 50 guests to the empty walls of Argyle bar.

It came to the day and almost the hour of our party. Both bands were set up and ready to go when the man turned up and stated that the bands are too loud to perform in his establishment. When we voiced our surprise he stated point blank that this was not what we agreed to and that he could lose his license and if we were too difficult he would have us all out and that there was not to be any party after all. I must say we were stunned! Discussions about the bands and the genre of the bands were part of every conversation with this man and his staff. There is no way he could somehow think we were bringing a mandolin and bongos.

This brings me to a question. Did this man know from start that he was not going to let the bands play and just lured us in hoping that with such a short time for us to change the venue we would stay, have the party and spend money in his pub anyway? Was this his cunning plan and one a big con? I really hope not as this would make him the lowest of the low, spineless and cheating crook.

But still it escapes me how can someone agree to host a party with 2 punk/rock bands and then sound surprised they bring electric guitars and a drum kit? How can someone be surprised about the above after weeks of toing and froing about the volume of the PA system, and discussions about what time we can come in to do a sound check and set up the drum kit – surely if there was any doubt in his mind he could have put the stop to the whole party then and there. But one hour before the guests were due to arrive? That is something a spoiled little brat who didn’t get his favourite candy would do – not a serious business person – not a man whose word counts and stands.

If you read this far and think that this is not an objective review as I am just moaning about my party – you are right, I am – but tell me what else can I do? A great damage has been done by the owner of Argyle Bar to me and my party and whom can you complain to when the owner of the business is a man you cannot reason with, someone who makes tall promises and delivers nothing, someone who thinks he can treat people like dirt because he owns the place. Not much – apart from this.

For those who want to know how the whole affair ended... we have packed up and left David with his empty walls. The whole party moved to International Bar on Tollcross – they were very happy to have our patronage and we showed our gratitude in spending money like there was no tomorrow. The bands did not play – all the more reason to have another party – never in the Argyle bar though.

Thanks for your time - Rosie

1. Critical13 Apr 2011, 10:35pm Report

This is a great marchmont local, it's a bit wacky,but has excellent staff witH a very unusual range of lagers And ales. Great place for functions in the basement bar. I was in recently and the free buffet was fantastic.

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