Valley International Park

These premises have closed.

Valley International Park
Crossford Clyde Valley, Carluke, ML8 5NJ
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1. Littleauldme18 Dec 2009, 11:27pm Report

I have a son who is now 10 and many moons ago he loved this magical place where you went on a train journey played a little while then when on to meet santa.

A few years on and I decided to take my daughter who is now 2 and to be honest I was throughly disappointed, it's gone all commercialised and all the building work is very off putting. The price was shocking too.

A short (but expensive) train journey which doesn't take into account that your there to see santa (that's an added extra) takes you to a soft play area, where again you have to pay another £4 to enter, then it's over to santa's grotto, well he looked like a slob to honest, couldn't even move off his behind to integrate with our little one who was petrified of him, oh and another £4 for a picture with him!

We left with a plastic bag of so called goodies only to get to them home to realise they were for age 3+ no good for my 2 year old as it was full of small pieces.

I won't back again, a classic case of when their popularity has ruined them!

Be warned take a very large purse or wallet with you!

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