Galletly & Tubbs

Galletly & Tubbs
431 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G4 9JA
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Interiors, furniture, wall-hangings, vegan handbags, candles and art deco birthday cards. Oh, and jewellery, Christmas decorations, ceramics, soft furnishings and the occasional ashtray shaped like Chairman Mao's head. The fully comprehensive range of stock in this slickly-designed store is all sourced by its owners, so the crammed shelves feel a lot more individual than those of your average gift store

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Glasgow - The West End

16 Apr 2009

Independent Shopping Guide

Glasgow - The West End Leafy, artistically inclined, fashionable, but not in a corporate way, dear me no, the West End is one of the most beautiful – and thoroughly self–contained – areas of Glasgow. It is fed into by the students of the nearby…