One Up Records

One Up Records
17 Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JR
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A record shop of the old school, One Up is run by music lovers for music lovers. The only independent record store in Aberdeen is stacked with CDs, posters, and signed memorabilia. Boxed sets are a speciality while downstairs is a den of vinyl and second-hand CDs. Local musicians and bigger bands visiting the city often drop by to play a free set in the afternoons. One Up is a store for music enthusiasts but not music snobs. Its funky but friendly staff will cheerfully help you to find Robbie Williams.

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7. tania stuart16 Apr 2015, 12:03am Report


6. el_tejon30 May 2011, 2:06pm5 stars One Up Records Report

Absolutely love One Up. so many memories of time spent in there as a teenager. a must-visit every time I'm back in Aberdeen.

5. djRayC4 Apr 2011, 11:36am5 stars One Up Records Report

The best place in the NE to find some really good re-cycled sounds, in vinyl or CD - which is something to hold on to, and possibly cheaper than downloading mp3 nothingness. Oh, the new releases are also worth checking out for good deals. 1 UP is truely customer friendly. Keep on keepin' on, Fred and Co.

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3. Ryan Benson11 Jul 2009, 8:41pm Report

Bit of a scandal a city the size of Aberdeen only has ONE independent record store. Actually other than HMV if you want something the supermarkets don't stock music or film wise in our city you're kinda screwed. One-Up is superb though. Can be a wee bit pricey for certain things but it's worth the extra few pennies to engage in an 'old-feel' record shop where the cool people and the casual buyer mingle easily. The downstairs section is a must-visit and if ever i'm on the lookout for a certain item i can't get my hands on this is an obvious port of call to aid the search.One suggestion to make it even better would be for them to introduce a ticket buy/sell/exchange service.

2. Kirsty Menzies20 Apr 2009, 5:45pm Report

one up is an amazing shop, i love it and buy most of my music there and hair dye :D
the staff are sooo nice and help you with anything they can!!
if you have not already been there i suggest goin NOW!!

1. alan mcguire22 Feb 2008, 7:12pm5 stars One Up Records Report

been shopping in here for years its the best record shop in scotland by a country mile.

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