158–166 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4TB
  • Telephone 0845 166 6031
  • Opening times Tue & Thu 10pm–3am; Fri & Sat 9pm–3am.
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  • Website www.kushionglasgow.co.uk
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For the last eight years Kushion has been at the forefront of the Glasgow clubbing scene, providing the masses with a completely unique experience at the heart of the city centre, in our elegant Bath Street location.

With a fresh new look, Kushion has managed to maintain all the qualities from the previous architecture and presents itself in a much more sleek and lustrous finish, refining the club into an intimate yet majestic party house.

Kushion boasts two private suites, and three rooms each offering complete diversity from one another with some of the countries finest DJs. The sophisticated bars and lavish décor make Kushion an extremely exciting and welcoming environment.

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6. rachael924 Apr 2014, 12:52am1 star Kushion Report

Night was overall good. However, the bouncers very rude and aggressive. Told me to leave and said I had to much to drink even when everyone in the club was very drunk and juicy Tuesdays are supposed to be 'wild'. I asked for a further explanation as to why I was being thrown out as I wasn't doing anything wrong but did not get one. It was very cold outside so I asked if me and my friend would be able to get our jackets and he said no. He even swore at me and all the bouncers stood around laughing. So unprofessional and rude, if I acted like that in my job I would be sacked.

5. Nad Kahn3 Feb 2014, 12:59pm1 star Kushion Report

Three of us were driving across Scotland for a week, and ended up in Glasgow on Sat, 1st Feb eve. So, we decided to go out to one of the few places that our host in the hotel suggested. However, we were refused entry into this one to start with on some excuse of guestlist only or some special student event happening. Even though, speking to several locals and regular people there at the entrance it appeared none of them were aware of any special event happening that night!
I wouldn't go as far to say that, we were refused entry because of our look (we were smartly dressed though), or skin colour! I've lived in London for over 10 years, one of my friend in Wales for 7 years with third friend travelling in the UK for few weeks. I've to say, this is a treatment I'd probably expect in Russia, Ukraine or countries there, certainly not in London, or even in UK. I'm afraid, but I feel there are pockets of Scotland, especially Glasgow I don't think yet have been able to embrace fully the diversity of culture and race that UK is proud of. This club is certainly one of them. Being a big city, and living in London this was very unexpected and unpleasant experience, and I'd really hope some areas of Scotland, especially Glasgow would go beyond the look, race and these shllowness to unite everyone from all background as one. This is even more imperative now that Glasgow2014 is knocking at the door.
Being refused entry in two out of three places only because I look different and talk with an accent is not what I want to see in the UK I've been living in; and clubs like Kushion should make a start as they have some way to go to embrace a positive culture.

4. reachforthelasers11 Sep 2011, 8:29am Report

Yet another - if there was a zero star option I would not hesitate.

When are the G1 bosses and staff going to get how badly the Kushion bouncers are treating folk, and giving their club such an awful reputation?....

So just 2 weeks ago now me and my friend tried to get in with a very rude and unprofessional knock back. Dressed smartly and sober. But not before hearing the big tall shaved head muscley aggressive bouncer shout at the girls in front of us that they were "rotten" and then continue to scream it up the street at them in front of the rest of the Bath Street. No shame. But thats nothing....
So we heading into that wee club up just up the stairs a bit, flat010 where the staff were great. (Also a G1 venue) Had a great wee night. We went outside for a fag and to phone our pals, where we watch the same aggressive bouncer throw a guys phone about. Smashing it off the pavement atleast 10 times, looking about laughing to see who else was laughing. He even went as far as to smash it off the pavement and pick up those big heavy metal que post things with the rope and smash it up under it a few times. I could not believe what I was watching. I had even overheard them talking about being on the phone owners facebook and leaving comments.

I've heard the stories of friends getting knocked back, and them given racist abuse, laughing in peoples faces and and what not. It's not on at all and in no way should be tolerated.
These guys should be sacked at the very least.

My pals and myself (and what looks like a hell of alot of other folk) will never return to this venue with these disgusting aggressive men on the doors.

Sort it out please.

3. minnie869 Mar 2011, 2:05pm1 star Kushion Report

This night club is a complete disgrace. Staff are completely miserable and up themselves and bouncers are violent. WOULD NEVER GO BACK!!

2. annie769 Nov 2010, 12:52am Report

This place is an absolute disgrace. The stewards (who should be regarded as bouncers - that's how they behave) are aggressive, violent, and rude. It hardly sets the tone for a fun night out. The staff inside are stressed and miserable....they can hardly crack a smile. And the music...oh the music. Its a bit like the emperors new clothes...supposed to be sophisticated and cool.....but in reality it is dross. And for a place that's named after the comfortable cushion I have never had such an uncomfortable night in my life. Kushion thinks its something that its not. Personally I'd like to see it closed. If the police do their job...and the licensing board do theirs...it may well do. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY. IT IS RUBBISH.

Have I made my point yet? (Note the absolute zero star rating please).

1. gabriella gonzales7 Jan 2010, 4:56pm Report

I would say its a ok night depsite the bouncers who think they are better than everyone else which is sad really. Leftt the disgraceful hummingbird and headed up here for a night out,we got in fine but the rudeness from the bouncers was apalling, full of teenie boppers from private schools (and before you say I went to hutchie) either that or very orange neddy women. Left here and ended up in bamboo.

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