Channel Islands Military Museum

Channel Islands Military Museum
La Grande Route Des Mielles, Jersey, JE3 2FN
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2. JJG on tour20 May 2017, 1:56pm5 stars Channel Islands Military Museum Report

Exceptional Museum with very interesting exhibits, (historical photographs, stories). Would recommend to all. Quiet small but it was and is a strong point.

1. Big D19 Mar 2012, 9:17pm5 stars Channel Islands Military Museum Report

This has to be one of the best military museums anywhere along the Atantic Wall. The bunker complex whilst looking small from the outside is full of hundreds of interesting items left over from the German Occupation of the Island. Some of the rarer items on display range from one of two enigma decoding machines owned by the museum to complete Red Cross food parcels brought to the Island in December 1944 when the Civilian population were starving after 4 years of Occupation. This is a real museum, real artefacts, no gimmicks, lots to see lots to read and a 40 minute commentary to listen to as well.
The best thing about the Museum is the admission price....its ridiculous, ridiculously low, £4 and adult and £2 a child.... family of 4 for £12 thats hard to beat these days. So for a historically interesting and value for money experience go visit this one for sure.

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