The Grasshopper Inn

The Grasshopper Inn
Westerham Road, Westerham, Kent, TN16 2EU
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1. Matilda11777 Nov 2011, 12:18pm Report

We booked all the hotel rooms at this venue in Feb 2011, the rooms were being refurbished at the time so once complete in May we payed our deposit for all the rooms. This booking was for the night before our wedding and the night of our wedding in a venue close by to the grasshopper inn.
On the 2nd of November we received an email stating that our booking was being cancelled due to there now being a wedding held at the venue on one of the dates we had reserved.
We called the venue straight away to ask what this email was about, surely we were thinking an error on their behalf. The 'Events Manager' informed us that the wedding booking was a priority compared to our booking so ours was now cancelled! We were also informed that the wedding was booked after we had paid our deposit. Not once during this conversation were we apologised to or offered alternative accommodation, as their terms & conditions state they must find us.
We then emailed to ask what was going to happen in regard to this , with no response. We chased this orginal email, again with no response.
We visited the venue to speak to the managers, before going we worked out that due to this cancellation not only would we have to find new accommodation for our wedding night but we would have to get additional wedding cars, pay more for our current car as it would have to travel further, and also print part of our wedding invite again as the brunch we were going to have the day after our wedding would now be at a different address.
We met the manageress and was straight away met with a very defensive abrupt attitude. We where told that they had given us enough notification to find another venue and it wasnt their issue. When we argued that it was their issue and informed them of the extra costs and how upsetting this was they basically argued that we hadn't accepted any help they had offered ( not at one stage had an alternative accommodation been offered) and it wasn't their fault. We didn't receive an apology until we were getting back our deposit and still with a very rude attitude!
After reading another review on this hotel we have noticed this isn't the first time this has happened and I doubt it will be the last...
I would urge people not to book this venue as given what has happened to us, and to others, they would not hesitate in cancelling future bookings at the last minute, if it meant an extra pound in their back pocket !
We have never in our lifetimes been subject to such appalling customer service and by writing this hope others won't have to.

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