British Airways Heritage Collection

British Airways Heritage Collection
Hounslow, TW6 2JA
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1. Active 193521 Aug 2012, 4:01am Report

Hello, I am a retired Qantas flight Engineer in Australia. From Feb, 69 till Feb, 71 I was London based. During I think prob summer 1970 when in a 707 from New York /London in daylight we & other a/c saw a large semi funnel shaped UFO above us & sighted by Shannon radar! About 6 months later the same shaped object was reported by a BA crew in the South Atlantic enroute from LHR to RIO & was written up in your arcrew Magazine "Horizon" ! I have described this event numerous times in radio & other interviews & from some ridiculed & scoffed at !
I wonder if your archives could be searched for that report & a copy passed to me. Thank you Active 1935 (Alan).

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