Cavendish Conference Centre

Cavendish Conference Centre
22 Duchess Mews, London, W1G 9DT
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2. GilesChristie26 Jul 2013, 6:13pm Report

I am not actually a customer of this company. I did phone them today to ask if could write to them about working with them shooting some video at their events. I thought that I was talking to somebody who was employed to answer the phones and was having a bad day. It is a long long time since I have heard somebody speak like this. The person I spoke to could not have packed more derision and contempt into his voice, as though I had made the most stupid suggestion in the world, an idea which other events companies operate as part of their business at great profit a lot of the time. I was very surprised at this negativity and said so. I later decided to circumvent what I thought was difficult employee only to discover that I had been talking to one of the directors of the company, somebody called Dermot whose rudeness has been remarked upon on other feedback boards. Needless to say if anybody asked me about this company I should say that they sound like a pretty nasty outfit, not even taking the trouble to be merely polite on the phone and lacking the imagination to even briefly discuss a business idea that works well for other people. My advice to you would be to not use them, I don't see that they have a right to be that arrogant to people who merely call them up.

1. DRP16 Dec 2011, 3:54pm1 star Cavendish Conference Centre Report

Rude and indifferent staff was told that something I definitely left behind wasn't there (I wasn't the only one this happened to) and then person who said they'd ring me back didn't. I was then told by the Group Operations Director Dermot, that my complaint amounted to horse sh*t.

A classic example of their indifference was when they were meant to turn up at 8am on Saturday to let the film crew in, they turned up at 9 with absolutely no apology.

I will never recommend this to any of my clients again and I would suggest to anyone looking for a decent conference venue to search elsewhere.

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