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Queens Road, Sheffield, S2 4DF
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7. Louise Hobson18 Feb 2017, 6:48pm1 star Skate Central Report

Greeted by an obnoxious bloke on the car par who wouldn't let me in although we were attending a party and would be spending money in their establishment and paying to park. Very bad experience. We will NOT be returning. 😡

6. Richard Wilson18 Feb 2017, 2:58pm1 star Skate Central Report

Completely run down, no money spent on it since 1960's. Smells of gone off chip fat. Charge 50p fee if you pay by card. AVOID AVOID AVOID

5. Zoe Entwistle29 Jul 2015, 6:47pm Report

beware old man skating round watching everyone acting like he works there using staff doors and barking nasty comments at ppl because apparently he doesn't work there and if anyone knows who im talking about get a pic coz there are laws against this type of harassment! !

4. Zoe Entwistle29 Jul 2015, 3:02pm Report

My niece was enjoying skating until this old man who works there shouted at her for leaning over the edge and having a drink , I mean we didn't no that you was not allowed to do so , he frightened her to the extend she wanted to leave . So I suggest if u have a child who's a bit sensertive don't go I will not be retuning.

3. Louise Warner14 Jun 2014, 1:35am1 star Skate Central Report

Grubby, smelly and down market. Attracts low life who beat people up outside. Avoid at all costs!

2. James Clarke20 Jan 2014, 3:50pm4 stars Skate Central Report

I've been here a few times and it's always busy. The surface is great, the hire skates are excellent and overall it's cheap including the food. Lockers are a bit pricey (1) and computer controlled so they don't always work well. The music is good too, modern chart stuff and all the way back to 70s disco. The toilets seem fine to me and the staff are generally friendly and helpful.

1. shelly Allen16 Nov 2013, 6:02pm Report

Hi I visited skate central in Sheffield a few weeks ago, I skate regularly at my local rink and I was hugely disappointed in the state of the place itself, as you go up the stairs its dirty and smelly, the actual rink was filthy and I continuously picked bottle lids and other rubbish from the floor, the toilets were less than desirable too.
The most annoying thing was that I had to clean my wheels upon leaving as they were thick with dust...........needless to say I won't be returning!

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