Tyldesley Little Theatre

Tyldesley Little Theatre
Lemon Street, Manchester, M29 8HT
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2. Doreen Lewis15 May 2013, 3:50pm5 stars Tyldesley Little Theatre Report

Went to watch a night on the tiles, thoroughly enjoyed it we going to join to be full time member later in the year xxx

1. Vegan Tornado28 Jul 2010, 2:41pm4 stars Tyldesley Little Theatre Report

This was a great find, lovely friendly staff, a clean comfortable cafe/ bookshop and tasty fresh food. Everything was cheap and as it was made to order there was alittle bit of a wait, but it was well worth it. As it was cheap I ordered a side of fries as I didn't think the sandwich would be enough, but I was pleasently surprised by how big it was. There wasn't a great deal of choice on the menu, otherwise I would have given in five stars. However, what they do, they do well so it is well worth a visit. Where else in Paignton can you fill up on healthy, fresh vegan food for under a fiver? And that included a drink.

Average rating 4.5/5 from 2 reviews of Tyldesley Little Theatre.

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