Bombay Dreams Restaurant

Bombay Dreams Restaurant
2-3 Sevenex Parade, London Road, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 7HQ
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1. abhilash13 Sep 2011, 2:19pm1 star Bombay Dreams Restaurant Report

We had the most horrendous experience ever at Bombay Dreams! We were insulted and humiliated by both the security and the staff at this place. They have no idea about how to treat customers, and what hospitality and welcoming guests is all about.

We had booked a birthday party table at Bombay Dreams for 5 people. We were a family crowd of 2 gents and 3 ladies. When we arrived at the place on 10th september evening, the security person started telling us rudely that both of us gents were wearing trainers, when the fact was that neither of us had trainers on. I was wearing a pair of very expensive mountain shoes which I have been allowed to wear at all party and dance locations in London I have been to before. My elderly brother in law was wearing special shoes as he had had recent surgery on his feet.

We were rudely told that we will not be allowed inside with our shoes. We were not treated as customers at all. I tried to logically explain the situation to them that neither mine nor my brother-in-laws shoes were trainers. But they were not willing to listen. They were extremely rude and they did not suggest us with any alternative solutions at all. We told them that we would like to speak to the manager, but the security person pointed us to one of his security colleagues and told us that he was the manager. This was totally ridiculous and we told him that how could he be the manager and that he was just another security person. We told them finally that if they want we will not wear this shoes if they give us some alternative solutions. Only then did they suggest that they can give us substitute shoes. They did not take the initiative to tell us of this alternative all this time. Instead they were all focussed on ridiculing us and treating us very rudely. We had to put this alternative suggestion into their mind and only then they mentioned it.

We were then allowed inside where the ladies had to undergo security check. We totally respect the fact that party events have to conduct security checks, but the security lady who was doing it for the ladies was extremely rude to my wife. She told her loudly to hold her bag up. There was no "please" or "sorry" or anything like that. Infact the security lady kept insisting ridiculously that my wife has to hold the handbag even higher and higher. And all this time she kept shouting at my wife. At this stage, i thought I would try to calm down the situation and offered to hold my wife's handbag as high as possible so that the security lady can have her way on this matter. And then the security lady did the most ridiculous thing ever. While returning the handbag to my wife she threw it onto the floor ! This was the biggest insult ever. We were so taken aback by this entire incident that we asked the security people which company they worked for, so that we could report the matter. They refused to disclose the name of the company. And the security lady who did all the above tantrums then ran outside and hid her security badge so that we could not recognize her name and details.

We then tried to talk to the receptionist inside and tried to state our horrendous experience with the security to her. SHe was not even listening to us. We then asked if we could talk to the manager. THen one of the staff came from inside and stated that he was the manager and told us flatly that our booking has been cancelled. He was not at all willing to listen to anything that had happened. We had our own suspicions if he was really the manager given the way he was trying to not listen to us customers at all, and the way he just tried to brush aside the incident.

It was the biggest insult to us family. We were a decent family crowd of 5, with 2 of us elders (above 40). We were well dressed, well mannered, educated crowd, and we were treated with the utmost disrespect and contempt. It was a slap on our face incident for us. And all this for no reason at all. We were subject to total humiliation by the security staff for reasons that are beyond comprehension. Is this the way that we expect a firm like Bombay Dreams to treat its customers?

We are well settled people here in the UK and we have been to many other party events before at various places in and around London. We have never ever faced such an incident before. We thought that for a change we will try Bombay Dreams this time, as we have never been there before. But this has left us such a bad taste in our mouth that we will strongly recommend anyone even remotely thinking of holding a family event at Bombay Dreams to think twice. This is definitely not the place to go if you value your own self respect and dignity.

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