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Brady Arts And Community Centre
192-196 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5HU
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'A' Team Arts Presents Rapture

You see a hijab - I see a rapper. Rapture is a dynamic youth theatre performance which uses rap music and spoken word to tell the story of a young Muslim woman who wears her hijab as an actual and metaphorical veil to her true identity. Our heroine is AJ. She longs to belong and writes amazing rap lyrics, but her talents…

Thu 3 Nov

£5–£8 / 020 7364 7900

Fri 4 Nov

£5–£8 / 020 7364 7900

Sat 5 Nov

£5–£8 / 020 7364 7900

ADDA Presents Maya's Honeymoons

Maya's Honeymoons is an exploration of domestic violence, child sexual exploitation and gambling within British Bangladeshi contemporary life. It conveys a serious message through a humorous use of proverbs and dialogues to highlight the problems faced by women in abusive relationships, but also how they can help…

Sun 20 Nov

Bangladesh Udichi Shilpi Ghosti UK Sangshad Presents Jihadir Ma

This is a story about motherhood, the role of women in society and the devastation and estrangement caused by the very real threat of radicalisation in today's society. The main character is a woman in her 40s living in UK. She is a housewife with no real dreams or expectations but equally, no complaints. She is happy…

The Cycle Of Care

This exhibition presents a series of portraits drawn by Ruhul Abdin of children and women from Dhaka's Kamalapur Railway Station. It is focused around the vulnerable urban children whom have been supported by local charity LEEDO which ties in with the overarching themes and aims of Paraa's work with an emphasis on how the…

Thu 3 Nov

Fri 4 Nov

Sat 5 Nov

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DK Bose-er Diary

'DK Bose-er Diary' is a funny but poignant story of Dr DK Bose, a successful and high profile Bengali doctor in UK who has attained the honour of an NHS Gold Award. While being interviewed by the media, he recounts key episodes and escapades from his life where politics, ideology, humour and human interest all come to the…

Fri 25 Nov

£5–£8 / 020 7364 7900

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A Kid For Kids Presents A Thousand Cranes

Young people have completely planned and directed this play, based on the harrowing true story of a young girl, Sadako, who survived the Hiroshima bomb. The play is set 10 years after this happened and focusses on the horrific mistakes made by adults, the love within families and the power of hope as conveyed by the…

Mohila Ongon Presents Sunday Is Saree Day (Women Only Event)

A variety of entertainment, stalls and activities including saree workshops and a fashion show as well as a drama performed in Sylheti.

Monchoshoilee Presents Spordha (The Audacity)

Conflict among generations is exposed whereby the allure of money over responsibility results in the erosion of moral values, the neglect of elderly parents and the terrible consequences of corruption. It focuses around the plight of an ageing couple; the fundamentally honest retired government officer, Mr Ahmed and his…

Sun 6 Nov

Muktomoncho Cultural Society Presents Buro Shaliker Gharey Ro

This classic 19th century farce exposes the religious hypocrisy and widespread prejudices of the time, which unfortunately, are still prevalent today. Bhaktoprashad is an elderly Hindu landlord, who makes s great show of being devout, but secretly lusts after young women, and in particular the wife of his poor Muslim…

Music Rumpus: Catch A Sea Star

Sam Glazer musical director/arranger Zoe Palmer librettist Sophia Lovell Smith designer When Lyra follows her dog in search of her missing toy star, their adventure leads them to an underwater kingdom that desperately needs to get its sparkle back. A spellbinding adventure for babies and toddlers bubbling with the magical…

Purbanat CIC Presents Bangla Brummies

Set in the Small Heath area of Birmingham, Bangla Brummies challenges Asian stereotypes by exploring the institution of marriage, and points of connection as well as points of difference across both cultures and generations. It begins in the 1970s and centers around two young Asian bachelors. One, Hashim, ends up marrying…

Sat 12 Nov

Troupe: The Empty Chair

TROUPE Collective Catherine Carter voice Jessie Maryon Davies piano Sophie Rivlin cello Two people find their world turned upside-down by the mysterious silence of an empty chair. Aided by the whirling Keeper of Noises, they gently get to grips with this puzzling object through music, poetry and on-stage sound effects. A…

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