Sir Harold Hillier Gardens And Arboretum, Ampfield

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens And Arboretum, Ampfield
Jermyn's Lane, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QA

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1. Tobypaws2 Jul 2010, 6:30pm5 stars Sir Harold Hillier Gardens And Arboretum, Ampfield Report

Hello, all !
They say there are no comments on this page, and invited me, yes ! Little old ME ! To be the first.
Well, how could anyone refuse such a delightful offer?
I'd like to say that I have been to Hilliers Arboretum several times over the last 20 years, and always there is something beautiful to see.
We had a tiny picnic one afternoon in your gorgeous meadow area, and I am longing to spend a bit more time there.The grass is so lush and green, and the trees are interesting.
I got married recently, in what must be a world record for
'economy', register office, casual clothes, only 8 guests (they wouldn't be put off !) then up to Hilliers for a 'cuppa', and the guests bought their own cakes....we did offer, but they knew how mean we are, so they bought their own...
We hope to invite other folks who couldn't get to our special day, to have a little picnic (nothing grand, of course : EVERY expense spared!)in your lovely picnic area, which is so relaxing and pleasant.
No litter gets dropped there by visitors : it just shows you that the public are not all careless ! Compare Hilliers with any town centre....say no more ! That's gardeners for you - we care enough not to leave litter and spoil a place.
I had a honeysuckle from Hilliers in about 1985, and it has been glorious : still going strong. It is perfect now in my fourth garden, which I built from bare clay (and entrenched brambles), because it is mostly shady.
Your staff spent some time identifying two unknown trees for me :
they are so helpful and knowledgable .
Hilliers is one of my favourite places, and I hope to visit a lot more.

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