The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre

The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre
17 Duke's Road, London, WC1H 9PY
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2Faced Dance Company Present Dreaming In Code

A physical theatre piece, choreographed by Eddie Kay.

Tue 10 Mar

Wed 11 Mar

African Contemporary With Akosua Boakye Open Level: Course

An informal and energetic class to introduce the aesthetic values of African dance, with tutor Akosua Boakye.

Amy Hodge

Work in progress by the director featuring five women from the ages of 7 to 75 sharing their experiences and hula hooping skills to explore being in the shoes of a generation they might not understand.

Wed 29 Apr

£15 (£12; Children £12 under 18s) / 020 7121 1100

Chalk: Theo Clinkard

Dancer and choreographer Theo Clinkard is joined on stage by composer James Keane in a physical work inspired by the iconic chalk cliffs of Clinkard's hometown.

Thu 16 Apr

Sat 18 Apr

Contemporary Ballet With Michael Walters: Course (Level 1-2)

Develop your knowledge of contemporary ballet, build confidence and improve technique in the barre, centre and travelling.

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Contemporary Ballet With Michael Walters Level 2-3: Course

Refine your skills at the barre, centre and travelling in both traditional and contemporary ballet. With experienced teacher and Juliard graduate Michael Walters.

Cuban Contemporary With Shelley Maxwell Open Level: Course

Combine contemporary movements with the sensual rhythms and music of Cuba, explore movements of the body and work towards a routine to end the class on.

Dance East: Promises Of Happiness

  • Written by: Robert Clark

Humorous, emotionally charged, intricate and detailed dance from Robert Clark based on the simple pleasures that encourage happiness.

Fri 15 May

£15 (£12; Children £12) / 020 7121 1100

Sat 16 May

£15 (£12; Children £12) / 020 7121 1100


Young choreographers from The Place's youth dance company Shift join students from Wimbledon College of Arts to present Divided; a unique performance installation to a live soundscape.

Mon 30 Mar

£5 (£3) / 020 7121 1100

Tue 31 Mar

£5 (£3) / 020 7121 1100

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Robbie Synge in a solo performance exploring the idea of interconnectedness.

Sat 25 Apr

£15 (£12; Children £12 under 18s) / 020 7121 1100

Forest Fringe

Performances, encounters, installations, conversations and experiments in art, co-curated by Forest Fringe and The Place.

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Contemporary South Asian dance and digital technology are combined to offer a peek into the world of online and offline identities, directed and choreographed by Divya Kasturi.

Tue 12 May

£15 (£12; Children £12) / 020 7121 1100

Gaga Dancers With Chisato Ohno: Course

Discover the movement language of Gaga and gain knowledge and self-awareness through your body. Dancers are encouraged to explore their weaknesses and break old movement habits.

Sat 18 Apr

£15 per class / 020 7121 1100

Sun 19 Apr

£15 per class / 020 7121 1100

Gaga People With Chisato Ohno: Course

Discover the movement language of Gaga and gain knowledge and self-awareness through your body by connecting conscious and unconscious movement.

Sat 18 Apr

£15 per class / 020 7121 1100

Sun 19 Apr

£15 per class / 020 7121 1100

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Hofesh Shechter Company 3 Day Residency Level 2: Course

Students of contemporary dance are welcomed to experience an insight into the edgy style of dance from the Hofesh Shechter Company.

Horton Technique With David Blake Level 2-3: Course

Discover the Lester Horton technique and how to develop strength and flexibility to allow for greater freedom of movement when dancing.

Sat 18 Apr

Sun 19 Apr

Horton Technique With Hopal Romans: Level 1-2: Course

Discover the basics behind the Lester Horton technique and how to develop strength and flexibility to allow for greater freedom of movement when dancing.

Sat 18 Apr

Sun 19 Apr

Jasmin Vardimon Company: JV2 2015

  • Directed by: Athanasia Kanellopoulou

Jasmin Vardimon Company presents work performed by JV2 and choreographed by ladies who have worked within the company.

Fri 1 May

£12 (£9; Children £9) / 020 7121 1100

Sat 2 May

£12 (£9; Children £9) / 020 7121 1100

Jasmin Vardimon Taster Workshop Levels 1-2

Develop skills and technique in contemporary ballet by learning the dynamics of movement phrasing.

Sun 19 Apr

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Jasmin Vardimon Taster Workshop Levels 2-3

Experience taster sessions of the Jasmin Vardimon Company through exploration of repertoire and the Company's creative process.

Sat 18 Apr

Jasmin Vardimon Youth Residency: Workshop (Ages 12-16)

Classes with a choreographic and directorial style combining physical theatre, quirky characterisation, innovative technologies, text and dance.

Liz Aggiss: The English Channel

A new solo performance from the choreographer.

Fri 24 Apr

London Contemporary Dance School: Postgraduates

Choreographic and performance work from the postgraduate department at London Contemporary Dance School.

PanicLab: RIOT

Dance theatre show based on the idea of superheroes. Ages 12+.

Wed 27 May

£15 (£12; Children £12) / 020 7121 1100

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Professional Class With Azzurra Ardovini

Learn how to maintain a strong yet relaxed body while shifting in space and going in and out of the floor.

…and 2 more dates until 13 Mar

Professional Class With Mickael Marso Riviere

Work with professional dancer Mickael Marso Riviere and explore conditioning, company repertoire and movement phrases.

Professional Class With Stefano Fardelli

Explore the concepts of space, weight and fluidity to develop knowledge of the body's structure. Combine movements and work towards sequences.

…and 2 more dates until 27 Mar

Radhouane El Meddeb - When The Arabs Used To Dance

Tunisian choreographer Radhouane El Meddeb harks back in a bittersweet production to a glory age. Performed by four men, and pared down to existential intensity, the gyrating hips and compulsive flirting celebrate as much as they provoke.

Wed 15 Jul

Release Floor Technique With Matt Lackford Level 3: Course

Advanced students of contemporary or ballet dance are welcomed to learn about and develop movement sequences to stretch your versatility.

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Richard Alston Dance Company - Alston At Home

An exciting programme of work which involves young emerging choreographers.

Wed 10 Jun

Thu 11 Jun

Fri 12 Jun

Sat 13 Jun

Robert Cohan At 90

Celebration of the founding father of British contemporary dance, featuring performances from the Martha Graham Company, Liam Riddick of Richard Alston Dance Company, and many others.

Fri 27 Mar

£18 (£12; Children £12 under 18s) / 020 7121 1100

Sunday Cohan Sessions

A series of events will look at the life, style and influence of choreographer Robert Cohan.

Sun 8 Mar

£5 / 020 7121 1100

Sun 22 Mar

£5 / 020 7121 1100

Two To Tune / Ten Tracks For The End Of The World

  • Written by: Lola Maury

Double bill featuring the work of Lola Maury and Riccardo Buscarini.

Unwrapped Workshop With James Wilton Level 3

Discover the practice and creative process of the James Wilton Dance Company through a release-based technique class and exploration of the current production.

Thu 16 Apr

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Unwrapped Workshop With Panic Lab Level 2-3

An insight into the PanicLab practice and creative process, explore the current production RIOT and learn devices to create movement and material.

Fri 17 Apr

Unwrapped Workshop With Robert Clark Open Level

Explore relationships between happiness in art and dance, and in life, how happiness is pursued and the influence it has over decisions.


Contemporary dance works choreographed by celebrated artists Kerry Nicholls, Theo Clinkard, Douglas Thorpe and Luca Silvestrini and featuring 12 dancers trained at some of the world's leading conservatoires.

Fri 22 May

£8 (£5) / 020 7121 1100

Wimbledon College Of Arts: Divided

Performance installation with a live soundscape presented by seven young choreographic talents from The Place and twelve second year designers from Wimbledon College of Arts.

Yoga For Dancers With Claire Cunningham Open Level: Course

Learn steady postures, breathing techniques, repetitive cleansing actions and relaxation for dancers.

Youth Workshop (Ages 5-8)

This imaginative and stimulating class introduces young movers to the basic principles of dance and music by exploring lively movement phrases and creative exercises.

Sat 18 Apr

£15 per class / 020 7121 1100

Youth Workshop (Ages 9-11)

A fun and invigorating session guiding young people through the principles of contemporary dance technique.

Sun 19 Apr

£15 per class / 020 7121 1100

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