Sweet Grassmarket

Sweet Grassmarket
Apex City Hotel, 61 The Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2HS
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2. Mary Aitken13 Jul 2013, 11:29pm5 stars Sweet Grassmarket Report

Hooked by Carolyn Smart performed by Nicky Guadagni...A Moveable Feast.

Crammed into my townhouse on a cold damp November night two years ago in Victoria, B.C. we met up to enjoy a live performance by actress Nicky Guadagni of poet Carolyn Smart's Hooked. That night we were privileged to wine and dine with Smart's “seven infamous women”, whose lives rotate around the twin themes of love and obsession. Nicky arrived early to create makeup and to dress for her first performance, Dora Carrington. Seated for our first drama on the floor in the living room, we were immediately hooked by characterization and by poetry. After Nicky left us to change for the story of Zelda Fitzgerald we waited quietly for our next cue to assemble in my bedroom Thus began this fabulous evening of live and personal theatre real in both content and in setting. One story was told to us huddled around my car in the garage, wrapped in sleeping bags and blankets against the cold November chill but captivated by Nicky's incredible rendition of Smart's Unity Mitford. Then in other rooms, we saw Elizabeth Smart remembered for her amazing novella, By Grand Central Station I Sat down and Wept. We met Carson McCullers, then Myra Hindley who brutally murdered at least 5 children in Manchester England. Finally there was Jane Bowles who was described by Tennessee Williams as “the most underrated writer of fiction in American literature.” It was an enchanted evening: great theatre, great poetry and great audience. It was Theatre Intime at its best: a must see.

1. Son and Mother Go and see it now22 Aug 2009, 11:36pm5 stars Sweet Grassmarket Report

This is the best thing I have saw in a long time. Go and see it..

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