193–199 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4HU
  • Telephone 0141 229 1427
  • Opening times Mon–Wed noon–midnight; Thu noon–2am; Fri/Sat noon–3am; Sun 12.30pm–midnight
  • Bar open Mon–Wed noon–1am; Thu noon–2am; Fri/Sat noon–3am; Sun 12.30pm–1am.
  • Food served Mon–Sat noon–9pm; Sun 12.30–9pm.
  • Pre-theatre times Mon–Sun noon–7pm
  • Average price £9.95 (set lunch); £12 (evening meal)
  • Pre-theatre price £9.95 (£11.95 for three-course dinner)
  • Email
  • Website www.thebunkerbar.com
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For such grand subterranean dimensions, Bunker does an impressive job of always feeling busy. Even during quiet afternoons a healthy young crowd fills the bright, airy space. When lights go down and the indie/chart music gets louder, it’s busier still – and advisable to reserve a table if eating. If so, it’s hard to see beyond the hand-made burgers, which take top spot on the menu and come blackened and smoky from a chargrill that surely takes similar pride of place in the kitchen. Even the bandito’s fiery kick of chillies and pepperjack cheese doesn’t overpower the barbecued taste of the meat. Mushroom and falafel versions are available for vegetarians, and the original ‘Bunker Burger’ is on the ‘15-minute meal’ lunchtime menu. Elsewhere, modern pub classics – Thai green curry, monkfish scampi – fill a hole, but by far the most popular choices are the those burgers, with good reason.

  • High point: Atmosphere…and burgers!
  • Low point: Evenings can be a bit 'full-on' for some
  • Average price: £9.95 (set lunch); £12 (dinner)
  • Provides: Children's portions, Children's high chairs, Pre-theatre menu, Outdoor tables, Free wi-fi
  • Music on stereo: Indie, pop and chart music - more upbeat as the evening arrives
  • Capacity: 120
  • Largest group: 60
  • Open since: 2003
  • Number of wines sold by the glass: 8
  • House wine: £13 per bottle

Comments & ratings

10. Regional Director1 Feb 2015, 9:08pm1 star Bunker Report

Our company work nearby and spent many a works night out as well as dining at lunch in there but lately the place has been let down by the attitudes of the "wee man syndrome" female manager (who refused to give us her name or her bosses name following an attempt to complain) She turns calm situations into volatile situations and shouldn't be in the bar/night club trade.

Our company will not be back to spend another penny or book anymore booths and you will find us across the road in moskito every Friday from now on.

9. mrsfojut25 Aug 2012, 6:24pm3 stars Bunker Report

Visited Bunker on Thursday night with a friend for a quick bite to eat. We grabbed a booth near the door but were a bit confused as there were no menus on the tables and no one approached us. After a bit, my fiend asked at the bar and a waitress was sent to our table.
Menu had a good selection and we both opted for burgers. The food was very tasty and very well presented.
The only downside is that it doesn't know if its a restaurant, a bar or a club as all seem to happen at the same time. Not ideal if you are wanting a relaxing meal with a private conversation.

8. Soul Searcher29 Nov 2011, 1:01am Report

LOVE this bar! It has everything! Food, music, comfy seating and its open late. Love going here on a Thursday before we hit Jellybaby, it feels like fri or sat!

7. DoonUnder8 Apr 2011, 12:58am4 stars Bunker Report

I loved this bar! We don't really have anything like this in Australia, and everything about it was great. The atmosphere, the music, the food, drinks promos, friendly staff...nice one, bunker!

6. moonshine6 Apr 2011, 10:58am5 stars Bunker Report

Hi, my partner and myself were going to the theater the other night and popped into Bunker for bite to eat. I was impressed at the service, given that the bar was very busy. One other thing that impressed me was that the girl serving us actually listened to my request for a Gluten Free meal. My experience recently is that either people haven`t heard of Gluten and don`t know what I am talking about so I get a negative response. This wasn`t my experience in Bunker. The girl went off and talked with the chef and came back with some positive suggestions. Well done Bunker!! I will certainly go back and will recommend Bunker to my friends.

5. Quigs5 Apr 2011, 2:12pm5 stars Bunker Report

Great venue, friendly helpful staff, good food and great. Drinks promo's, what more could you ask for!
As a member of the fire service football section Roughly once a month we play against colleagues from south of the border and after the match bunker is were we take them. The staff easily cater for the large group and couldn't be more friendly or helpful. The good food, great drinks promo's lend towards the laid-back socialble atmosphere which makes for a great evening. Every team that we have taken to the venue couldn't sing it's praises highly enough and have made return visits to the place when they have visited Glasgow with friends or partners outwith work, which is a great reflection on the service provided by the bunker staff. Keep up the good work!

4. Giles5 Apr 2011, 1:39pm4 stars Bunker Report

I was on a rare night out in Glasgow yesterday (monday), catching up with old friends. We popped into Bunker early on to grab a table and a few quick beers to get us started. Very reasonable prices meant that we decided to stay for some food. The menu featured a few generic bar items, nachos, scampi etc but also advertised an incredible range of burgers and some original sounding dishes. I ordered from the list of Burgers and was not disappointed! Service was efficient and friendly and we were all more than satisfied with the portions.

It seemed surprisingly busy for a Monday evening but his only added to the already great atmosphere and the bar staff seemed to cope well; I don't remember waiting more than about 4-5 mins to get served. The main attraction of the night was the quiz. A healthy turnout made for more competition and we were pleased with the quiz master's manner and questions. The music between rounds was fairly decent and not too overpowering, with the DJ happily taking several requests.

I'd definitely recommend Bunker to anyone who enjoys a night out with good service and value for money in a cool place with a very sociable atmosphere. We'll definitely be back.

3. Hilary8 Mar 2011, 1:56pm Report

Myself and my partner visited Bunker last night and were really upset by the way we were treated. My man went to the bar and waited 10 mins to get served where other people were coming up, who hadn't been waiting (standing right next to him) and getting served before him. Now, while this is all slightly annoying and wouldn't normally merit a complaint and I am sorry to do so, but when he asked the barmaid to serve him next and pointed out that other people were being served who hadn't been waiting, the barmaid was extremely rude to him. She told him he was rude and out of order (he is the quietest man I've ever known and I've never known him to be rude to anyone). We work in customer service industries and I'm appalled. I was so annoyed at the way he was treated, I went up and asked her name (name - deleted). She then stood and shook her head at me! I couldn't believe it! Now my man is Mexican so I'm very protective if anyone is rude towards him as he suffers a lot of racism in GLasgow. Then, when I asked to speak to the manager, someone who pretended to be the manager told us she was the best barmaid! Really? Cos that doesn't really say much for the rest of the staff. I'm really offended, to be honest, as I hate bad manners. I don't normally complain but that was really nasty and I won't stand for it, especially against someone who is so sweet. Not even an apology was offered, which would have sufficed and that's all we asked for. Then the quiz master swore at me - he asked me what my team name was(as you have to do this), I told him and he told me my name was shi**. I couldn't beleive it! Terrible customer service, rude staff, please asfe yourself the trauma and avoid this bar!

2. JCCC12 Feb 2011, 5:04pm Report

Don't go!!!!!Was attending a birthday party here last night. Stood at the bar with my husband and my friend, ordered drinks took one sip, put drinks on bar and turned around to chat to friends. Within a split second a barmaid came and took our drinks away. We were gobsmacked but rather than cause a fuss we bought replacement drinks. When it happened for a second time we complained but to no avail. When it happened unbeleiveably for the third time my husband demanded that his 'stolen' pint be replaced. The barmaid wanted him to pay and he quite rightly refused. The manageress ( a small spikey haired blond with a disgraceful attitude)came over and snarled at him that customers should look after their drinks. She seemed to think that its okay for her and her staff to steal drinks from paying customers. She then called over a steward and when my husband explained what had been happening the steward admitted that this bad practice does indeed go on, presumably so that she can increase takings. We then observed the staff 'stealing' untouched drinks from unsuspecting customers all night. I will be taking this further she will not get away with this. I can only urge all of you good people to not throw your money away in this pub. Go to one of the more honest bars.

1. *..Tinkerbell..*20 Dec 2009, 2:30pm5 stars Bunker Report

Great bar to go to when you want a quiet drink or a chat with your mates. Free entry on most nights (excluding special events) and cheap drink. Really modern and nice inside. Love to go here.

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