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Avant Garde
34 King Street, Glasgow, G1 5QT
  • Box office 0141 552 7123
  • General enquiries 0141 552 7123
  • Opening times Mon–Sat 11am–midnight; Sun 12.30pm–midnight.
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  • Website www.avantgardemusicbar.co.uk
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The Big Thursday Night Quiz with VFE

Quiz night hosted by James of VFE Quiz Nights.

Thu 21 Sep

Free / 0141 552 7123

  • 20:30 – 22:00

Thu 28 Sep

Free / 0141 552 7123

  • 20:30 – 22:00

Thu 5 Oct

Free / 0141 552 7123

  • 20:30 – 22:00
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Blue Lane

Jazz group playing well-known standards and pop songs, as well as tunes by the likes of Cannonball Adderley, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Horace Silver and Thelonious Monk.

Fri 29 Sep

Free / 0141 552 7123

  • 20:30 – 23:00

Fri 10 Nov

Free / 0141 552 7123

  • 20:30 – 23:00

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5. expat24 Nov 2011, 1:57pm Report

Fantastic bar, run by exceptionally nice and helpful team. The Ceilidh's on a Saturday night are great - and free, which makes it even better. I used to go to The Riverside club when I lived in Glasgow, so I was really happy to find the new venue.

Bar prices are also low, so an inexpensive night out. Will be recommending to friends

4. Moosecready4 Jan 2011, 12:51pm Report

How NOT to run a Hogmanay event!!!

I don't think I could be any more disappointed with the Hogmanay ceilidh at Lauries.... Having attended a Hogmanay ceilidh at Lauries a few years back I recommended it to some friends.

The deal was £25 for a meal and a ceilidh, we arrived just after 9 and had to approach someone to take our order about half an hour later..... 10 came and went but no food, as the Bells were approaching we decided to ask Mr Laurie about our order, he was less than helpful (and that's being kind) when it got to almost 11 and we still had no food we asked for a refund or even some drinks as compensation and his reply was most definitely in the negative, his attitude quite frankly left a lot to be desired. We were fobbed off with excuses about staff not turning up and told that he had already paid for the food so a refund was not on the cards..... Feeling very disappointed and very annoyed our enjoyment was at a minimum. Our soup eventually arrived (at approx 11.30), needless to say it stuck in the throat a bit!

In addition to the food fiasco the music was quite underwhelming, from a pub that regularly hosts music events one accordian player on Hogmanay was stingy to say the least, where were the fiddlers or even a wee bit of percussion?!?! Saying that, the man with his accordian did a valiant job....

As the crowd started to get restless (understandably so) rather than apologising or offering a refund Mr Laurie saw fit to call the police (a rather unnecessary overreaction). One group were ejected from the establishment for doing nothing more than ask for their money back. The festivities did continue but with less fervour and when the Bells came there was no count down or rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

All in all a very disappointing night where hospitality was thin on the ground and food even thinner! Would I return? That's a resounding NO!

3. CologneVixen4 Jan 2011, 12:38pm Report

On Hogmanay this year my friends and I decided to splash out £25 on tickets for dinner and a Ceilidh at Lauries Bar. This turned out to be a terrible decision and the worst Hogmanay celebration I've ever been to!

We arrived at the venue at 8:45 and took our seats. By 9:15 we still hadn't been asked for our food order so I asked behind the bar and eventually 10 minutes later a waitress came to take our order. We ordered six soups and six steak pies - a simple enough order one would think! An hour and 15 minutes later we still didn't have our soup. The most annoying part of all of this was that we couldn't relax and enjoy the Ceilidh as we were hungry and getting annoyed waiting for our food.

When we complained to the owner of the bar, his response was "It's nothing to do with me I outsourced the food", when I pointed out that it was in fact something to do with him as it was him who had taken our £25, he simply shrugged his shoulders dismissively. We eventually got our soup at 11:15pm and never did get a main course!

When I asked the owner if he would perhaps be able to offer us something to compensate us for our wait such as a round of drinks his response was "Aye right, it's you that should be buying me a drink the money I'm losing on this".

To top all of this off the bells weren't even counted down and then we had to sing Auld langs Syne ourselves as they didn't play it!!!

I could continue to catalogue the many other minor irritations of the evening but I think everyone gets the gist... The thing that really got me was the attitude of the owner, this could all have been saved by some acceptance of accountability and good old customer service instead the whole experience left a very bitter taste in my mouth and those of the other guests. I was thoroughly ashamed on behalf of my country as there were lots of tourists there expecting a traditional Scottish Hogmanay and instead they got this shambles.

2. Pete The Postman3 Jan 2011, 12:16am1 star Avant Garde Report

Good music spoilt by a very poor event organisation :-(

Myself and several friends decide to fork out £25 a head for the Hogmanay Ceilidh, which basically comprised of a meal + music.

Whilst I can't fault the music, which in truth was very good, the accompanying "meal" was a shambles to say the least.

1. The staff didn't seem to know who had and had not been served, which resulted in people who arrived later being served first. Our table had to wait over an hour before some one took our order.

2. They then brought the wrong order twice, and on the third attempt one of the meals hadn't been heated up properly (it was microwaved food).

In fairness when we complained, as did the table next to us who also suffered a similar fate, we did receive a partial refund of our tickets.

However, I would rather have had good food and good music, rather than just the music and a partial refund.

I got the impression that the meal part was simply something that the pub tagged on in order to bump up the ticket prices.

Would I go back? Judging by the number of other venues within the city which offer similar events at a much more reasonable price I would have to say no.

1. Looneytune3 Jun 2008, 1:54am Report

What a great venue! I have had some of the best times in Lauries Bar and the venue lends itself to a variety of events. It has the main bar area and also a small function room through the back. The acoustics are great for a session and a good sing song, and its a decent pint of Guinness in there. Its also got a stage area set up with lighting etc for gigs in the main bar area. I hope that its popularity continues to increase among the many musicians in Glasgow and afar.

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