The Polo Lounge

The Polo Lounge
The Polo Lounge
84 Wilson Street, Glasgow, G1 1UZ
  • Telephone 0845 659 5905
  • Opening times Mon, Tue & Thu 11pm–3am; Wed & Fri–Sun 9pm–3am.
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Polo Lounge is Glasgow’s (and some say Europe’s) best gay and lesbian party. Located in the Merchant City, Polo has an enviable reputation of offering outstanding entertainment. Polo really does offer attitude free clubbing and after years of success, Polo Lounge is established as the leading Glasgow club for camp pop fun.

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10. Some dude15 Jun 2016, 2:58pm1 star The Polo Lounge Report

Avoid this place. It is one of the most discriminatory places I have ever had the misfortune to try to go into. The female bouncer is on a massive power trip, if you are an older gay male you won't even get passed her. This place is run by bigots. If you are young and beautiful you will get passed her. If you are a young straight female she will let you in, just don't be older than 35. I've heard people being refused entry based on their disability as well. If this bar was in London, New York or LA where us gay people have a chioce it would not last five minutes. Glasgow is better than this.

9. S J M25 Dec 2015, 2:46am2 stars The Polo Lounge Report

The gay scene deserves better but unfortunately this city is ruled by a monopoly. After travailing around parts of the world and the UK I unfortunately and confidently say that this place just doesn't care about it's custom because they just don't want to listen to any real time issues. The staffs attitude will leave you thinking you were doing them a favour, which unfortunately can't be challenged in such a smalll Gay scene by normal market forces. 70% of the time you will be without any issues, but if you do have an issue you will be left sorely disappointed by the poor quality of customer service and leadership from (non existent) management.

8. Kelli Holsfeld21 Apr 2014, 3:44am Report

The bouncer, Lauren, completely ruins the place

7. 0500114 Mar 2014, 12:31pm1 star The Polo Lounge Report

Wouldn't go near the place supposing I was paid to. there's always a problem somewhere in the shambles of a place. takes each and every customer for granted. management are old and tired need a good revamp including staff.

6. sigma800014 Apr 2012, 1:22am1 star The Polo Lounge Report

Would not recommend this place. I was on a visit up to Glasgow from London with friends and we queued to get in and the bouncers apparently thought they knew me and had banned me before and told our entire group that we were not allowed in!! Extremely embarassing. We will head to Edinburgh the next time. The other club that we'd heard of in Glasgow, Bennetts, did not seem to be there anymore. I'd advise people to go somewhere else for gay city break.

5. Magic7711 Mar 2012, 7:16am1 star The Polo Lounge Report

Polo Lounge is one of the most racist gay clubs known to the gay community. I am Black American living in Glasgow with my Spaniard husband and I have never felt such racism since my existence. My husband and I have travelled extensively all over world and Polo Lounge’s racism towards minorities is horrendous. If you are visiting Glasgow area for business or pleasure or have recently resided in Glasgow area - PLEASE BOYCOTT and AVOID THIS PLACE. On 3rd of March, 2012, a small group of us from Spain and Miami attempted to enter Polo Lounge and were refused entry by the guards stating that the club was overcrowded. Nonetheless, while standing shocked outside we witnessed presumed “NATIVES” entering without queries or hesitations. Despite the viewing of this, we ignored and decided to celebrate our friend’s birthday at another club. Exactly a week later, my spouse and I arrived at Polo Lounge again by cab and were refused entry once more. The security asked my Spaniard spouse, “Is this the first time here?” Nevertheless, before responding to his query, we were immediately refused entry once again. I asked the guard what’s the reason for refusal and his response was, “We don’t know you so move away cause you are blocking the entry.” My spouse and I stood there astonished while watching other “NATIVES” entering freely. It was so apparent that it was owing to our races why our entry was refused once more. In these times where LGBT communities have struggled tremendously for our rights – I would never believe that racism existed so prominent in our own community. I strongly URGE gay foreigners who are visiting and living in Glasgow area to avoid this place. Presently, I am the process of making a report with the LGBT community in UK and USA.

4. Mars22 Jan 2012, 4:49pm1 star The Polo Lounge Report

I used to be a regular here but it's gone downhill, certainly not helped by thuggish new male door staff who snatched my phone as I tried to record an altercation and then deleted the video and spent some time scrolling through the menus before throwing it on the ground (Although it wasn't the male staff who deleted the content, but a female bouncer who was handed the phone by them). The police confirmed this was illegal and that I could pursue a case against them but that it would be 'my word against theirs' and that their CCTV has a tendancy to 'go missing' in cases like this (funnily enough), and that public CCTV was not in the area due to the Polo being located on a very quiet backstreet. This is not who you want on your door, Polo, unnecessarily aggressive staff who will then act illegally to cover their own hides. Very disappointing,

3. Mr.Man20 Apr 2011, 12:56am3 stars The Polo Lounge Report

Been a Polo regular for a few years. Mainly because there is no where else to go for a "gay night out". I find the bar staff decent but sometimes cheeky and disrespectful to customers. Waiting times for drinks are shocking and the state of the place with empty glasses and bottles is just disgusting and dangerous. I have never had a problem with the door staff. Many people tend to post negative things about them on similar review outlets. I have seen them take abuse and violence including being spat on and they still remain dignified. I wouldn't like to be on the recieving end of them. They may look like a rag-tag bunch but they seem to look after themselves pretty well. As a smoker I am always outside and tend to see a lot of hassle they get. The homophobic abuse they recieve from passers-by and people they reject is beyond belief. On an other note, I have heard the managers tell them to reject peole then the managers run (actually run) off back into the club. Weird!?
The management team has changed recently and sadly the only changes they have made are changing of DJs (apart from the guy in the Trophy Room) and increasing the bar and door prices. The DJs all play the same cheese and commercial chart dance stuff anyways. I don't see the point of changing them unless they want pretty boys behind the decks? Which suits me :P
In my opinion they should concentrate on getting the toilets fixed because we all know what an absolute disgrace they are and a total insult to us, the customers. I do like the toilet attendant. He seems to do his best, but I don't want to have to pay £1 for a sheet of paper to dry my hands.
The heat is a major problem. Like a sauna. Is this to encourage us to buy more drinks? Hope not.
All in all this is a decent, safe place. If your with a bunch of good friends your always bound to have a good night. Be prepared to pay a lot at the weekends and queue for drinks. Go to the toilet as little as u can lol Tip and smile at the barstaff and you'll always get served by them quicker. If your having a good night then you'll never be bothered by the stewards and don't waste your time complaining to the management about anything, there are too many floating about and everything falls on deaf ears.

2. bripie30 May 2010, 7:00pm Report

There is good and bad news about this place. The toilets have been sprussed up and the place is far cleanner than in the past. It's a gay club with about 60/40 male to female ratio. lots of fag hags and gay tourist. Why cant Scotland do a Cruz 101 (Manchester) type place. ie all gay, all guys and them just wanting a good time. The security staff are however a problem. I stood on the stage with one foot to get past someone and was promptly told off. I was also patronisingly told to move other peoples drinks off the stage. The singing act had finished for the night and so this was just pathetic. Abuse of power also went on with people going out as they were often pushed out of the doors rather than just walking out. would give this place 7/10 overall.

1. jammaboy7 Mar 2010, 4:12pm Report

The polo Lounge Glasgow..... Very expensive lacking in decor and the music is not the best they seem to be playing all the same tracks they played 5 years ago and the prices for drinks seem to have tripled. Yes its good on a wed as the drinks are cheap but I warn you DO NOT GO in the weekend u will have to take out a small mortgage in this place.

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