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Studio 24
24–26 Calton Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8DP
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Studio 24

Studio 24 is an independent nightclub in the heart of Edinburgh. The venue not only showcases live music but is also home to a diverse collection of clubs. We aim to cater for every alternative genre.


Don't believe us? Have a look at the list below to see what we do.

Punk / New Wave/ Mod / Ska / Rockabilly / Surf / 60s / Psychedelia/ Garage/ Folk / Soul / Rock / Metal / Hardcore / Industrial / Balkan / Psy-trance / Balkan / Techno / House / Gypsy

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Post-hardcore band from North Carolina.

Wed 19 Aug

£12 / 0131 558 3758

Animal Hospital

The techno and minimal night outgrows Sneaky's and is forced to move across town to the larger capacity Studio 24, taking their top tunes, sense of humour, decor and live visuals with them.

Fri 19 Jun

£3 before 11.30pm; £5 after / 0131 558 3758

Anything Goes at the Electro Plant

Electro night from housey beats through techno to hard edged electro from Wonksie, Jonrax and Discobaw.

Fri 12 Jun

£5 / 0131 558 3758

Free gift for first 100 punters.

The Asylum

Techno, minimal and bass night.

Sat 13 Jun

£3 before midnight; £5 after / 0131 558 3758


A blend of klezmer, Balkan, gypsy punk and electronic beats featuring live music, bellydancing, Balkan rakija brandy tasting and a live jam session.

Sat 30 May

£9–£11 / 0131 558 3758

Big Fat Balkan Bash as the club celebrates eight years with special guests Kumpania Algazarra.

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Mutant disco, post punk, new wave and 2Tone night hosted by Chris FAST (FASTpunkclub) and Big Gus (the Go-Go).

Sat 30 May

£2 before midnight; £5 (£4) after / 0131 558 3758

Sat 27 Jun

£2 before midnight; £5 (£4) after / 0131 558 3758

Sat 25 Jul

£2 before midnight; £5 (£4) after / 0131 558 3758


Sleazy classic rock.

Sat 6 Jun

£2 before midnight; £5 (£4) after / 0131 558 3758

The Bunker

Alternative/metal/skate social with ping pong, stalls, ramps and live music.

Wed 24 Jun

£2 / 0131 558 3758

The Complete Stone Roses

Stone Roses tribute act officially approved by Roses bassist Mani.

Fri 27 Nov

£15 / 0131 558 3758


A spaced-out night of psychedelic trance and tribal beats, with live percussion and visuals by VisualGnosis.

Fri 5 Jun

£4 before 10pm; £7 after / 0131 558 3758

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Pop punk, emo, metalcore and hardcore club night.

Fri 12 Jun

£5 / 0131 558 3758

Special under 18s edition.

Sat 20 Jun

£2 before midnight; £5 (£4) after / 0131 558 3758


American melodic hardcore band.

Thu 9 Jul

£13.50 / 0131 558 3758

Edinburgh Metal Party 2015

Skindred, Certain Death, MSAT, Dog Tired, Support and Afterparty. Edinburgh's biggest alternative event of the year! A wild night of Scottish metal bands, burlesque and comedy headlined by reggae/metal heavyweights Skindred. Includes the notorious Keep It Steel after party on till 5am! Age category: 14+

Sat 22 Aug

£18.50 / 0131 558 3758

Part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Fall of Troy

Proggy trio from Washington.

Tue 18 Aug

£14 / 0131 558 3758

With Rolo Tomassi and Chon.

The Get Up Kids

Veterans of the emo scene, hailing from Kansas.

Mon 17 Aug

£15 / 0131 558 3758

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The Go-Go

Swinging 60s garage, soul, mod, new wave, surf and sleazy listening from residents Tall Paul and Big Gus.

Sat 6 Jun

Free before 11.30pm; £2 before midnight; £5 (£4) after / 0131 558 3758

The Green Door

A night of rock'n'roll from classics to their mutant offspring. 'For hepcats and squares alike'.

Sat 20 Jun

£2 before midnight; £5 (£4) after / 0131 558 3758

Keep it Steel: Pirate Party

The ultimate pirate party – not only is there heavy metal and booze deals, but throughout the evening there's also competitions, party games, burlesque and rum.

Sat 27 Jun

£5 / 0131 558 3758

Mungo's Hi Fi Soundsystem

Glasgow reggae institution Scotch Bonnet Records present Mungo's Hi Fi and their full soundsystem.

Fri 7 Aug

£10 (more on the door) / 0131 558 3758


Work in progress for this year's Fringe from Bonnie Fairbrass, Will Hodgson, Jay Lafferty and MC Paul McDougall.

Wed 3 Jun

Free / 0131 558 3758

Shake Yer Shoulders

Mixed genre night of minimal, electro, techno and drum & bass.

Fri 26 Jun

£3 before 11.30pm; £5 after / 0131 558 3758


Big bouncing fusion of ragga, dubstep and metal.

Sat 22 Aug

£18.50 / 0131 558 3758

With Certain Death, Mind Set a Threat and Dog Tired.

Edinburgh Metal Party bring a huge lineup of heavy riffs to the Fringe, plus burlesque, comedy and Keep it Steel afterparty.

Touché Amoré

Melodic hardcore band from LA.

Tue 11 Aug

£12 / 0131 558 3758

With Loma Priest, Dangers and Newmoon.

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7. Wulf Millar4 Jun 2014, 4:57pm5 stars Studio 24 Report

I have been going to this venue for about 20 years now. It has always been THE place to go for a very wide variety of music types, has multiple floors, so can host more than one night, so you can get two clubs for the price of one!
It is always the first venue I suggest to anyone in Edinburgh. Hope to meet you's there some time. ;~}x

6. Jonny Kane3 Jun 2014, 8:32pm5 stars Studio 24 Report

In a nutshell... the best venue Edinburgh has. A stalwart for years and to think of this not to be part of Edinburgh's clubbing scene is a travesty. If people who live near clubs/pubs have rights... it's not to complain about noise issues. Pub's & Clubs need all the support the public can give & the council should support them & embrace the good they bring to a city. Not only should we be thanking the people who run these venues, we should be giving them more rights & extending their hours if we are to be considered a capital city which is currently dwarfed by the more liberal views of other cities. I salute the ruling to allow the Studio's to continue being a club & we should be supporting them to create a city where more would come if the laws were a bit more 'festival' like all year round. I for one tip my hat to you & will continue to support you:)

5. Holly Mitchell3 Jun 2014, 7:29pm5 stars Studio 24 Report

Amazing place you can still find unique and emerging clubs, I have had and still have the best and most unforgettable nights ever here.

4. Tom York3 Jun 2014, 6:59pm5 stars Studio 24 Report

Studio 24 is one of the last decent independent nightclubs in Edinburgh. It is one of the few clubs in the country to have a real underground feel and has hosted some of the best nights I have enjoyed since I moved to Edinburgh 8 years ago. Some have been spectacular modern clubbing experiences, or intermit magical live gigs and some nights there could as easily have been at a warehouse rave in the 90's, all have been largely riotous and lots of fun... A firm favourite for me, it has something real about it that you don't find in many other places!

3. Robert Halkett3 Jun 2014, 6:41pm5 stars Studio 24 Report

Simply Edinburgh`s finest venue. I work/play in hundreds of venues in dozens of countries annually, and the studios is definitely up there with the best of them.
If you've never been, you should go!

2. Victoria Watson3 Jun 2014, 5:43pm5 stars Studio 24 Report

The Carlton Studios is one of the last of Edinburgh's proper venues. A legend in its own right, the nights put on there are still alternative and cutting edge and always great fun. You should keep an eye out for the Studios and their upcoming events, you won't be disappointed!

1. halford27 Jul 2010, 1:29pm5 stars Studio 24 Report

After hearing that studio 24 was going to close its doors last weekend I made a point of going down to say goodbye. During the night I asked staff why it was getting closed and heard this horrible story about 1 neighbour who lives nearby going on a soul quest to get the place closed down. I thought that this was shocking and felt terrible that such a cool venue and in my mind the only real place to go for alternative music was having to close its doors because the council would listen to one guy rather than the hundreds that go there every week. Then yesterday I heard from a friend that studio 24 had won its case and was going to stay open!!! finally a success story in Edinburgh for clubbing!! I love going down to this club, there's a real family feel, the staff are great and the tunes rawk. cheap drinks, cheap entry it really is Edinburgh's only alternative nightclub. Check it out.

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