Scotch Whisky Experience

Scotch Whisky Experience
354 Castlehill, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 2NE
  • Telephone 0131 220 0441
  • Opening times Daily 10am–6pm; entry is as part of a tour.
  • Admission Silver Tour: £13 (£10.50; children £6.75; family £32. Gold tour: £23.50 (£20).
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Scotch Whisky Experience

Once you have staggered down from the windswept Castle, the warm interior of the Whisky Centre could not seem more attractive. The tour of the centre is, mercifully, mostly seated, and involves a series of films, demonstrations and a 'Barrel Ride' to explain the distillation of Scotland's national drink. Every visitor is given a wee dram to try, and is encouraged to indulge in one of the 300 varieties of whisky available in the bar at the end of the tour.

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Scotch Whisky Distillers' Fair

Meet expert distillers and learn a little of the ancient craft which brings the dram to your glass.

Wed 28 Dec

£14.50 / 0131 220 0441

Thu 29 Dec

£14.50 / 0131 220 0441

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Edinburgh's Royal Mile takes in hundreds of years of history and drama

16 Feb 2011

A haven for tourists and the centrepoint of historic Edinburgh

The Royal Mile begins as you leave the castle. On the right is the Scotch Whisky Experience – the perfect introduction to the history and alchemy of Scotland’s national drink – complete with a dram at the end. On the left, the tower with the…

The Scottish Whisky Experience

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1. Szn31 Dec 2010, 11:23am5 stars Scotch Whisky Experience Report

As one of Scotland's most iconic products, Scotch Whisky is an integral part of our culture, heritage and our economy, and is probably what Scotland is most known for around the world.

Whether you're a tourist or an Edinburgh local; with anything from a mild interest, to an intoxicating appetite for whisky; the Scotch Whisky Experience is superbly presented in a modern, informative, and pleasantly less twee a tourist destination than most. Indeed, we didn't feel out of sorts visiting such a place in our own town.

The tour begins with a short ride through a mock distillery, which explains the distillation process in some detail, so much in fact that I would like to go through again. Potential information overload, but this may be unavoidable, due to the complicated nature of whisky distillation.

Our tour guide then summarised some of what we learned on the tour, which helped drum in a few key pieces of info, before going through a tasting session which begins with a regional scratch test. This allows each person to identify which regional variety appeals to them most, before going on to sample a distinctive dram from the area, and talking through the key characteristics that define a whisky. As a fairly novice whisky drinker, I was pleased to discover that it is perhaps a Speyside malt I am most partial to.

From there, we went on to view the impressive Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection, the world's largest at almost 3,500 individual bottles, before heading into the bar to enjoy a guided sampling tray of 4 regional malts, allowing us to put into practice some of our new-found whisky knowledge. We enjoyed being able to take our time to enjoy the samples - this definitely added a bit of extra charm to the tour.

We'd highly recommend the Scotch Whisky Experience to anyone wishing for a bit of insight into the wonders and mysteries of the world of whisky. A great way to wile away a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon.

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